Give Your Garage Flooring a New Look

From small projects to high end garage flooring, we are the official source of garage enthusiasts everywhere. We carry a wide selection of quality garage flooring, tile, sealers and coatings at the lowest prices, guaranteed. We offer quality garage flooring products with a helpful team of experts to give you ideas and simplify the process of designing, ordering and installing your project. We also offer storage products and provide you with free samples and helpful information that can help you achieve your ultimate garage – or just make better use of the space you have. Give us a call and talk to a garage flooring expert today.


We stock a wide variety of garage flooring products with customer service that is second to none. Here are just a few of our garage flooring products.

  • Flooring
  • Tiles
  • Mats
  • Garage Sealers & Coatings
  • Garage Storage

So Just What is Garage Flooring?

Garage flooring is anything you use to cover, coat, and protect the floor in your garage. Until recently, there were only limited choices available, such as epoxies, concrete paints, and sealants or carpet remnants. Every garage and every customer is different. When we discuss garage flooring ideas with you, we will go over your specific needs and help you find the best garage flooring options for your residential garage or commercial flooring project.

Here are just a few of the things we will ask you to consider:

  1. Other than parking your car, how do you use your garage?
  2. Will you be working on cars, welding or constantly rolling heavy items?
  3. What chemicals will your garage floor be exposed to?
  4. Who will be installing the garage flooring and what is their skill level?
  5. What do you want your garage to look like?
  6. What type of weather will your floor be exposed to and what would be your ideal way of dealing with it?

What are the Benefits and Advantages?

Consider the size of your garage relative to the size of your home. Most of that space is wasted. Our garage storage and flooring turns the garage from wasted, disorganized space to a living area that can be used as a garage, a game room or workshop. Garage flooring protects your garage from elements such as water, snow, and automotive oil that then gets tracked in to your home via the garage. If your budget is limited and you are frustrated with how your garage floor looks, we provide many affordable garage clean-up solutions that are sensible and affordable.

Show Us Your Garage

Customers send us their garage flooring before and after project photos. Please send us your and we will feature it in our garage flooring section and on social media.