Containment Mats | Garage Mats for Water & Snow

Containment Mats | Garage Mats for Water & Snow

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containment mats contain water ice snow mudEvery year as cold weather begins to settle in our customer start to become increasingly interested in containment garage mats for rain and snow. Unlike garage flooring, containment mats are not as much for looks as they are for keeping snow melt, rain, dirt and debris where it lands.


I am originally from Long Island New York and now live in Colorado. I have seen first hand the elements that our customers are dealing with. Containment mats are a great option for the customer who does not want to cover their entire garage floor.

 Options for Containment Mats

Although it is not traditionally considered a containment type mat, the BLT ribbed garage floor mat is a great option for containing water, dirt and debris. Unlike traditional containment mats, it does not have any edges. It has small channels which contain the water left to right. So long as your garage is flat or has a slope towards the garage door it is a great option.

Park Smart Clean Park containment mats are another great option. We are not a big fan of the 20 mil product for harsh winter environments. We do however love the 50 Mil Park Smart Clean Park garage mat. Over twice the weight and thickness it is a great product.

The new AutoFloorGuard which came on the containment mat scene last winter has taken the industry by storm. This 25 pound, self-contained, no assembly required mat is by far the easiest containment mat to install. Just take it out of the box and unfold it.


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