Auto Floor Guard Containment Mat

You pull out of the snow and into your nice warm garage. It should be that easy, right? Instead you are left with a huge puddle and a mess that spreads all over the garage floor. Please note the Auto Floor Guard does not have any other colors available. For decorative flooring see our garage floor mats page and click on BLT garage floor mats. Canadian Customers Order Here Please note: These are the same edges as last year. 1.18″ foam creating a total edge height of about 1.25″. Spring is here, and if you are off playing in the dirt like we are, containment mats are perfect for containing mud and grime from the trails — and off trail action.

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Standard Auto Floor Guard 7ft.9in x16 Quick Ship 1.18 Inch Edging *** In Stock ***
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Premium Auto Floor Guard 7ft.9in x18 Quick Ship 1.18 Inch Edging *** In Stock ***

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Delux Auto Floor Guard 8.5x20 1.18″ Edge Quick Ship *** In Stock ***
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No Assembly Required

The Auto Floor Guard garage containment mat is a heavy-duty mat that requires no assembly and is made to protect your garage floor. This containment mat is not your typical lightweight mat with snap-on edges. The Auto Floor Guard contains a heat welded fabric with built-in edges. Please note all sizes are approximate and may vary slightly. This same material is used by the trucking industry and now it is available for use in your own garage.

Easy to Clean & Store

Cleaning is simple. If you have a helper, have one person stand on the front edge and use a push broom to sweep everything out. No helper? No Problem! Just use a good wet dry vacuum. What about storage. Clean it, let it dry, roll it up and save it for later. Try doing that with snap on edges.

In Stock

We bring in nearly 1,000 units at a time. We know you need it and we know you need it now. The next big storm is right around the corner. The snow is going to melt and we know you want to protect your garage floor — and everything you store in the garage. We have you covered.

Light But Tough

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The AutoFloorGuard is generally under 25 pounds (exact weight varies based on size) but that is 25 pounds of PVC impregnated material originally designed for protecting industrial over the road loads. We have literally sold thousands of these products and have had very very few returns and almost no damage. In fact the demand in Canada is so high we had to launch a separate site just handle those sales.The trick is in the material. Yes, we know it looks like a tarp. Guess what. It kind of is. But not the kind of tarp you are thinking of. The manufacturer of the AutoFloorGuard was looking to solve a problem in his own garage. He owned a company that made high end tarps for truckers. Long story short, he wrapped it around some foam when people saw it, everyone wanted one. THe material has been tested in high abuse environments for decades and now three years plus in garages from Alaska to Canada and Michigan to New York.

She Said It!

Just have to say… Your mat is awesome. I know I told you it was good but it really has been a relief. I have a 1 car garage and live in Buffalo. The snow, sludge for the last few months had made the kids and I miserable. It would soak the garage floor, everything that was in it, and we always had to put boots on just to run into the garage to grab something, track through deep water and then bring it in the house… The mat contains it ALL now and we just know to walk around the mat to get whatever we need. Best part, we can just go in the garage in our socks and also it’s not tracked all through the house… Again, love the product, thanks.. I have recommended this already to everyone I know that parks in their garage and doesn’t have a drain like they should… (which seems no one up here does have a drain in their garage)… Also, you have been amazing at answering my questions, shipping, etc.. Thanks!

Snow, Water Mud, And More

Everything you drag into your garage, falls off your car and onto the floor. The AutoFloorGuard catches it all.

How Tall Are the Edges Really???

The foam itself is 1.18″. Once the material is wrapped around the foam it creates a total edge height of about 1.25″ . We have not reduced the side of the edges from last year, we have simply had to change the way we advertise it because of a technicality. When we talk about the edge height we mean total. One customer thought we meant the height of the foam itself. Important Note: These mats come rolled & folded and take time to relax, especially in cooler weather. But don’t worry you can use them immediately.

Garage Flooring LLC is not longer distributing the AutoFloorGuard Product. We are clearing out inventory that was purchased through them. We are not affiliated with Auto Floor Guard, LLC . We were simply a distributor and we are selling off our remaining inventory as we are no longer a distributor of this product.

We are no longer offering custom size Auto Floor Guards