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Nitro Rolls Will Not Lay Flat 1 Week Later

Nitro Rolls — Made In China Garage Mat Will Not Lay Flat After A Week
Nitro Rolls Made In China Will Not Lay Flat

To be fair, we do not sell the Nitro Roll product and they are a competitor of ours. We do not normally pick on a specific product or brand, but since this appears to be a Made in China Knockoff of G-Floor, we decided to put it to the test — We have filmed a video as well which we will be releasing shortly.

The curl at the ends of the mats are very obvious. They simply do not lay flat. What is a little less obvious and harder to photograph is the symmetrical limps in the mat. They appear to be caused by the length of the they have been rolled and do not show any signs of fading.

We had seen pictures of this before and we worked under the assumption that the product was shipped without a core, but the roll we ordered did come on a core. The only guess we can make is the length of time the product needed to be rolled and warehoused — whereas the Better Life Technology product is stored flat.– the product has simply developed a memory.



What does the American Garage Floor Acquisition Mean for You

What does the American Garage Floor  Website (AGF) Acquisition Mean for You?

American Garage Floor

Let me start by saying that this is not something that has happened overnight. This took considerable planning and effort and included having our team manage sales from the website prior to the public announcement and pending integration. If you have contacted the AGF number recently you will still be talking with the same great team.

American Garage Floor was a fierce competitor for nearly a decade. They established a niche in the marketplace selling quality American Made products at affordable prices. We acquired the website and other intellectual property.

The short answer is you still have access to the same great products at incredibly competitive prices. While we will not be discontinuing products that are not American Made, we will continue to focus on and promote products that are.

In the coming weeks we intend to integrate the AGF logo into our site to highlight and promote American Made products. With one exception the complete line of AGF products have been integrated into our site.

We believe the biggest thing this gives the consumer is a reasonable alternative to ‘big box stores’ and home centers who do not offer the expertise customers of Garage Flooring LLC and have been accustomed to. We believe our combined sales of products such as the G-Floor garage floor mats are greater than any online competitor.

The goal is simple. A company specialized in the product we sell but large enough to have massive buying power and the ability to compete with the big guys — but offering expert customer service and advice.

The custom showroom / trade show/ garage / boat/ almost whatever you want it to be flooring

Please don't call me a garage floor!

The custom showroom / trade show/ garage / boat/ almost whatever you want it to be flooring

Yes, we still have garage floors, but don’t call G-Floor that. You might hurt its feelings! They have taken PVC flooring products to a whole new level — frankly out of most of our ranges for the garage. Lets assume for a moment you have a $40/sq.ft. retail space in the high rent district in downtown Denver. You have elegant lighting and fancy displays all designed to sell your product. The floor space however, is wasted.

Perhaps you are paying the local union worker to install rental carpet each and every time you do a trade show. Does that carpet help you sell? Perhaps you are a children’s museum and you need to map out where to go next and what each exhibit is. Or maybe you collect awesome cars and you want to label and describe each and every one in their own custom parking spot. You can do that.

Maybe you are a high-powered attorney. You know the ones I am talking about. You see their finger pointed at you on a large billboard as you drive down the road… Now they can have their face on their floor too :-)

In all seriousness, about the only thing G-floor can’t do these days is disappoint you. They can literally print any floor you want for a wide variety of applications. I threw a couple of their samples on my warehouse floor just to show you!

100 Years of Dodge

Here is a little history of the founders of Dodge. John and Horace Dodge that meet eye to eye in life. In 1886 they have made their first bicycle. They even opened up a bicycle shop in 1897, Evans and Dodge Bicycle Company. Shortly after that they went to work for Henry Ford making parts. Once saved up some money they decided to open up their own auto shop in July 1914. The “Old Betsy” rolled of the assembly line on November 14, 1914 making that the first Dodge. The bothers died in 1920, leaving the wives running the place, they sold it 5 years later.

AACA Museum is holding an exhibit to celebrate the 100 years of Dodge. This would be a once in a life time chance go visit all the vehicles that you do not see anymore. They are planning on have the 1915 touring there. I would love to see that.


New chairman in Ferrari

CEO of Fiat Chrysler is going to be replacing Montezemolo spot in the Ferrari chair board. Is this going to be a good thing or a bad thing? The new Chairman, Marchionne, is wanting to Ferrari to start being a bigger role inside Fiat Chrysler. Is He going to try to push more cars a year with Ferrari. Montezemolo only allowed 7000 car sales a year.

These are  the question that popped into my head when I found out. I guess the only thing to do is wait to see what happens. Is he going succeed or over do himself with this new position. Click here if you would like to learn and read more about the plans for Ferrari and there new chairman.


Repairing your driveway

DIYRepairing your driveway is easier than you think. Small cracks and imperfections can easily be handled by most homeowners. This article has great step by step instructions along with great photos of each step. Now you can start repairing your driveway and get rid of those cracks, divots and other nasty little blemishes. This is a great time of year to get this repair done as concrete loves weather above 50 degrees and under 90 degrees!

Full Article Here

Not sure if the issue is too big to handle on your own? This article gives some great guidelines as to whether you should be repairing your driveway or picking up the phone.


Now that the cracks are filled in the next step is to resurface.

Nitro Rolls Not Colored All The Way Through

Nitro Rolls not Colored Through

Nitro Rolls Not Colored Through

As we were shooting our video today comparing the G-Floor product and the Nitro product, we pulled out a still that we felt was worthy of its own post. When you flip the Nitro Roll over you can see that it is a completely separate color on the underside.

In the upcoming video we will show you just how thing the actual layer of color is. In the meantime, it is important to understand what this means to you as a customer. With G-Floor if your floor is cut or nicked, it is not going to be all the viable because the color goes through the product.

With Nitro Rolls the difference becomes very clear once the thin color layer is damaged. The color layer is only the beginning of the differences between the the products. We will be highlighting those differences over the next couple of weeks.

Police cars equipped with GPS Bullets

The police force is in testing of a new way to save accidents on highway speed chases. Iowa and Florida Police are testing out the new equipped cannon, mounted on the front grill. This cannon is designed to shoot a GPS tracking device, allowing it to stick to the vehicle   they are chasing.

They are calling this starchase. hoping for less trouble, accidents, and get aways on those high-speed chases. Giving the cops a better, easier way, this might work if they can get it to stick. Plus with the aiming, I don’t quit see how that can be easy, it will be a challenge.

Changing your doors

DIYSo you are thinking of changing your doors? This article gives some basic instructions on how to change out 3 common types of doors, French, multi-paneled hinged patio doors, and sliding doors. Changing out your doors can give your room a new look and seems to be a Saturday afternoon project. The article gives some good illustrations to help guide you during installation.  Full Article

Still want to see more before you start? Check out these videos on changing your doors:

French Doors -More Info

Sliding doors – More Info

Both – More Info


Water Spots On Floors Protected With Hilway Direct

Water Spots On Floors Protected With Hilway Direct

Acrylic Floor FInish by Hilway DIrectHilway Direct is an acrylic floor finish designed to protect floors. It works best when three coats are applied at the initial application. It is not a permanent finish and it does need to be maintained.

From time to time if the floor gets wet, water spots can appear on the floor. If you are looking for a quick resolution just mop that area real quick and that will typically resolve the issue.

A better solution when using the Hilway Direct Plus product is to add one ounce of the cleaner to a gallon of water and mop the floor with the new solution. It will restore the entire floor including the areas affected by water spots.

It is important to note that at some point you will need to strip the floor and start again. Exactly when is a judgement call. I have had my floor down since ~April and have not even come close yet.

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