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Jerry C Job Photos

photo 2If you like cars and garages you will love the photos Jerry just sent us. Jerry used the TrueLock Diamond which costs about $2.29 / SF and is available in a wide variety of colors. Each tile measures 12″x12″ and is 1/2″ thick. The TrueLock diamond products are Made in the USA!

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Protect a New Home’s Garage Floor in 15 Minutes

Protect a New Home’s Garage Floor in 15 Minutes

BLT Garage Flooring

So you purchased a new home and you don’t want the garage floor to look like your old one. How do you keep oil stains and alike off your floor without spending a fortune and take into account that your time is at a premium?

It was recently brought to my attention that we spend a lot of time talking about installing mats over the entire garage floor. How to deal with the seams, special cuts and other issues and that we have not covered how simple it is to protect a home’s garage floor in about 10-15 minutes.

While covering your entire garage floor is  a great option, many, if not most of our customers will buy the mats slightly smaller. There are two basic options:

  1. Purchase two parking pads. Unwrap and unroll one under each car. Obviously if you have a three car garage you would want three parking pads. This will protect the concrete from drips and tires.
  2. Purchase two larger mats like the 10×22 or 10×24. Roll them out and place a center strip between them. In this case you have protected most of the garage floor in an average 2-car garage.

With either of these options you will likely spend more time unpacking the mats than you will installing them! The best part is you could likely do this for between $400 and $100 and 15 minutes of your time. We would suggest the ribbed mat or the small coin mat.


Should I use a garage door threshold

If I am Purchasing Garage Flooring, is it a Good Idea to Purchase a Garage Door Threshold?

Garage Door ThresholdUnfortunately there is no simple answer to the question. Lets have a look at a couple of key factors that will help determine if a threshold is necessary.

Do You Need One?

Do you have a visible gap between the concrete and the bottom of the garage door, or do you have a problem with moisture, bugs or rodent getting into the garage via the garage door. If the answer is no, stop reading and don’t worry about buying a threshold.

There is a Problem, Now What?

If you are still reading, my assumption is that there is a problem with your garage door –either you can see through the space or water, bugs etc can make it through. If that’s the case, a garage door threshold may help fix the problem, but there is something you need to consider.

A garage door threshold is just as good at keeping water and dirt inside your garage as it is keeping it out. If you have a problem, but you need to be able to sweep out your garage or get moisture out via the garage door, a garage door threshold may not be the answer for you.

If you have a garage drain or if you simply do not sweep things out of your garage than a threshold is a good choice. Otherwise you may want to just consider replacing the seal.

How thick is a garage floor mat (really)

How thick is Your Garage Floor Mat Really?

G-Floor Small CoinWe published an article about FAQ‘s for garage floor mats, but the issue of thickness requires a blog post of its own. Unlike many industries there is no industry standard for measuring this type of thing. It is also important to understand that on products we do not sell, our numbers are an estimate.

Starting with G-Floor Because they are the Clear Industry Leader

G-Floor offers grades from 55 Mils to 85 Mils. Their commercial product is 75 Mils while their residential products range from 55 to 60 Mils. G-Floor measures their thickness at the base of the product. They do not include the height of the pattern.

Mils mm Inches
55 1.397 ~1/16th
60 1.524 ~1/16th
75 1.905 ~5/64th
85 2.159 ~5/64th

Diamond Deck Thickness

Diamond Deck is about 1/200th of an inch thicker than the G-Floor product in the commercial grade and about 1/200th thinner than the G-Floor in the industrial grade. They measure about 2.0 millimeters at the base.

Nitro Roll Thickness

Nitro Rolls claim to be about 2.5 millimeters  thick. Our measurements shows that this number is actually based on the top of the pattern — as opposed to the base. We measure the base at about 1.5MM or just slightly thinner than the G-Floor small coin product.

Size Does and Doesn’t Matter

When comparing apples to apples, thickness is somewhat important. A 75 Mil G-Floor garage floor mat will weigh more and lay flatter and be less likely to move than a 55 Mil. For most residential garages we believe you reach a point of diminishing return. A 60 Mil small coin garage floor mat performs just fine in my garage.

When you are comparing apples and oranges, you have to consider other factors. G-Floor is substantially harder than the Nitro product for example. The G-Floor appears to be much higher quality and we know it lays flat. While a thicker Nitro product would be preferable when compared to the thin product they are offering, I would still take the G-Floor Product.
How Thick Is Your Garage Floor Mat Really

Clearance: G-Floor 9×20 75 Mil Coin 5 Colors

Clearance: G-Floor 9×20 75 Mil Coin in 5 Colors

coin garage floorsWhen Better Life Technology Offered us the chance to buy some clearance 9×20 75 Mil coin garage floor mats, we jumped on the opportunity! Now we are passing the savings on to you! The offer is good while supplies last, and unfortunately they do not have any gray. They do have lots of black.
One important note. Please do not mix this product with other coin product. They were manufactured at different times and the colors may not match. ‘Why are these mats on clearance?’ you ask…. The size simply is not a regular size. These are first quality mats with a full manufacturers warranty. View all coin garage floor mats


Clearance 9x20 Coin Mats -- Do Not Mix with Regular mats

First quality, just a different size than we normally sell. These 9x20 75 Mil coin garage mats are a steal. They may not match other sizes, so we do not suggest mixing. All sales final. Clearance, no returns. 30 Day Money Back guarantee does not apply

Clearance 9x20 Coin Mats -- Do Not Mix with Regular mats
Size Single 2 or More Select Quantity, Color & Order

Standard Size
$330.00 $313.50        

Drymate Max

Drymate MaxWhen RPM told us they were discontinuing the Drymate Garage Floor Mat and coming out with a new version, I had to admit I was a little skeptical. Now that we have been selling the new Drymate Max for a couple of months, I have to admit I am impressed. We had a conversation with RPM because we wanted you to know what was changed and why it was done. We also want you to know that 100% of the material we ship is the new Drymate Max material even if it is ordered under an old SKU.

We have had extremely hard winters here in the Midwest and know that there was extreme weather all around the country. We knew our mats would take a beating but wanted them to be able to handle even more.

In speaking with RPM, their goals and motives are clear. This is a mid-west, company using American workers to make and American Made product. The goal was to make a product that continued to be affordable, but make it tougher.

“We have had extremely hard winters here in the Midwest and know that there was extreme weather all around the country. We knew our mats would take a beating but wanted them to be able to handle even more.” Explained a company representative from RPM

The mats now have been formulated to handle more wear and tear with little to none pilling EVEN with daily use. The Drymate mat has been hugely successful for us and maintained well over a 4 star rating on several channels. The new and improved product will remove the few problems we had and make a great product even better.

Like the original Drymate product the Drymate Max will hold 5 times its weight in water!

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Another Recall from GM

To me it’s not a surprise. GM has released another major recall on their ignition systems. 8.2 million Vehicles are being recalled. What is happening is that the key ignition is faulty and causing the switch to turn off while driving down the road. Right now in the stages of the investigation of the accidents that have been proven that this is the cause has been 7 crashes, 8 injuries, and 3 deaths.

GM has just announced 6 new safety recalls for seven different vehicles dating from 1997.  Most of the recalls are due to Faulty ignition switches. That is one big issue. I don’t see how this has come up before now. They do have a list of different vehicles that have been recalled.

American Made Is Making a Comeback

American Made Is Making a Comeback


The Made in America Movement is going strong and we are putting our workforce back in action according to a recent post by the Made in America Movement. From time to time in our industry things do have to be imported. BUT we are seeing on products like G-Floor that not only can we make a better product, we can be competitive.

For example a roll of Nitro Flooring, even though the advertising may be misleading will cost you about 1.95 a square foot for a 7.5×17. The G-Floor small coin product runs less than $1.75 / Sq. Ft.

A lower price is not all that G-Floor small coin offers. It is a better surface for creepers, toolboxes and jacks to roll around on. G-Floor small coin is colored all the way through and stored flat until you place your order. Its made in Emporia KS with the highest quality raw materials — and of course American Workmanship!

Supporting the comeback of the American Worker is not always a choice between affordable and expensive. In many cases you can have your American Made cake and eat it too :-) — or should we say Apple Pie


Who are the worst drivers in America?

OK, we didn’t come up with this data or write the story. We are just the messenger :-)

Multiple Massachusetts Cities are ranked to be the worst drivers. Well at least according to Allstate at least. How they have come up with that is by putting average years between accidents, accidents likelihood and comparing that to the national average, population and weather. The city that is ranked the highest is Worcester. These drivers are 134.8% more likely to crash a car more than the average American driver. Also can you believe this is the second year in a row that they have been known as the worst? There for they are known as “Mass holes”. For their curb jumping, cut offs, and ignorance to use traffic signs and signals as suggestions and not mandatory. This video below says it all.

Fort Collins, Colorado is known the best drivers of the year. Sitting at 30% less than the nations average to get into an accident. Way to go Colorado. Click here to find out more.

DIY Country Kitchen Remodel

Earlier in the year we showed you images from a recent kitchen remodel in our own home. Some white paint and steady hands and my very crafty wife made our kitchen look amazing! Better Homes and Gardens has a great article about making your kitchen look a little more country. We’ve got the white cabinets and the bead board and definitely need to check out some of these other ideas



Fix a door in under 30 minutes

How to Fix a Door In Under 30 Minutes

DIYHave a door that squeaks, opens itself or won’t shut? This article gives you solutions that anyone can understand. Even better it tells you how to fix a door in under 30 minutes. Who knew most common door issues can be taken care of during a commercial break. This article gives simple quick solutions to common door issues such as the drifting door. You know the one the ghost keeps closing ( a different ghost than the one who leaves the back door open all summer but moves out when school starts). You can also learn how to quiet that mouse that lives in the hinge to the pantry door that keeps telling when you sneak a snack and how to make sure the sliding door stops jumping the track onto your big toe. Don’t worry no one has to know that you can fix a door in under 30 minutes, ” I need to fix the door” is just as valid and excuse to get out of something as ” I have to wash my hair”

Read the full article here


The New Harley Davidson

The New 2015 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic Low has the lowest seat setting in the motorcycle market yet. The seat sits 5’7” from the ground. Along with a narrower drive housing and derby covers. By doing that provides more leg and movement space.

The Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic Low has the same high output twin cam 103 as the regular model. Which everyone knows motorcycles are the best way to go to get the best mileage per gallon.  They also came out with the Ultra Glide Low that comes with a twin-cooled engine giving 3750 RPM, and 42 MPG.

Wow this is a Motorcycle that sound built for people like me. Little with short arms and legs. They have moved the handle bars closer to the rider. With the seat being closer to the ground I might just be able touch the ground with sitting.

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