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Can I use the G-Floor Self Stick Tile?

Raceday Self Stick Garage Floor TilesG-Floor Self Stick Tiles are manufactured by Better Life Technology. Unlike the old vinyl tiles you may have had in your basement as a kid, these tiles have a high-end adhesive that is similar to what we use in commercial applications. But, is it right for your garage?

Regardless of how old or how new your garage is, the first thing you need to know is you need to clean your floor and then apply the recommended primer.

That said this product is not for every application. If you have a floor that has moisture issues or if the floor is heavily damaged or uneven than a self stick tile is not going to be the right option. An interlocking or standard PVC product would be a better choice.

We have not seen heat or humidity be an issue for the self stick tiles when going over properly primed and cleaned concrete. We do not recommend this over wood.

If you decide to go with the self stick tiles, it is important that you protect them from staining. We have the G-Floor stain blocker as a ‘permanent’ protection and we have the acrylic floor finish if you are looking for an easy to use product –with the tradeoff it must be used regularly.



Can I Put a Garage Floor Mat Over My Epoxy Floor?

Can I Put a Garage Floor Mat Over My Epoxy Floor?

Roll Out G-Floor MatsThe situation: You just spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars installing a garage floor epoxy or paint system. The first time you pulled into your garage you noticed that your ‘hot tires’ are pulling up your epoxy and you want to protect it.

We have helped many customers in this exact situation. We have also helped customers who simply wanted to avoid the risk all together and installed a mat before a problem ever occurred.

Products like G-Floor from Better Life Technology, as well as containment mats like the AutoFloorGuard and Park Smart Clean Park (50 Mil or Better) and the Drymate carpet mat provide a great option for protecting the epoxy floor. Generally the mats protect the epoxy from road contaminants and tire wear / lifting. Click here for more information on mats.

There are some things to keep in mind. If your floor is lifting or peeling already, The mats do a great job of hiding that but they are not going to fix the issue. In fact in some circumstances the epoxy may even come off onto the mat.

Generally though, if the epoxy is well adhered and fully cured and is not sticky at all, a mat can be safely applied over. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to check from time to time and make sure the mats are not beginning to stick to the floor below.

The Disclaimer: There is no way we or the manufacturer can test this product with every brand of epoxy and paint on the market. We cannot guarantee compatibility or worry free use, we can only speak in generalities. We can tell you that there are times where mats and epoxy will stick to each other.


FAQ: What is the difference between the Tsunami Seal and the G-Floor Garage Door Thresholds?

What is the difference between the Tsunami Seal and the G-Floor Garage Door Thresholds?

Tsunami SealThere is a pretty large difference in price between the G-Floor branded threshold and the Tsunami Seal. It is not uncommon for a customer to give us a call and ask us what the difference is between the two products. Truthfully the product have more in common, but there are a couple of key differences.

  • Both products are made from a quality PVC as opposed to rubber. This means they will last longer and will not depress over time.
  • Both Product come with Liquid Nails (as of the date of this post) brand adhesive.
  • Both products are from reputable manufacturers.
  • The Tsunami Seal has a limited lifetime warranty where the G-Floor product has a limited five-year warranty.
  • The Tsunami Seal comes with a caulk gun.
  • The Tsunami Seal typically ships the same business day and almost always ships by the end of the next business day. G-Floor ships within 3 days.
  • The G-Floor product provides the same quality material at a lower price point.

Nitro Rolls Will Not Lay Flat 1 Week Later

Nitro Rolls — Made In China Garage Mat Will Not Lay Flat After A Week
Nitro Rolls Made In China Will Not Lay Flat

To be fair, we do not sell the Nitro Roll product and they are a competitor of ours. We do not normally pick on a specific product or brand, but since this appears to be a Made in China Knockoff of G-Floor, we decided to put it to the test — We have filmed a video as well which we will be releasing shortly.

The curl at the ends of the mats are very obvious. They simply do not lay flat. What is a little less obvious and harder to photograph is the symmetrical limps in the mat. They appear to be caused by the length of the they have been rolled and do not show any signs of fading.

We had seen pictures of this before and we worked under the assumption that the product was shipped without a core, but the roll we ordered did come on a core. The only guess we can make is the length of time the product needed to be rolled and warehoused — whereas the Better Life Technology product is stored flat.– the product has simply developed a memory.



What does the American Garage Floor Acquisition Mean for You

What does the American Garage Floor  Website (AGF) Acquisition Mean for You?

American Garage Floor

Let me start by saying that this is not something that has happened overnight. This took considerable planning and effort and included having our team manage sales from the website prior to the public announcement and pending integration. If you have contacted the AGF number recently you will still be talking with the same great team.

American Garage Floor was a fierce competitor for nearly a decade. They established a niche in the marketplace selling quality American Made products at affordable prices. We acquired the website and other intellectual property.

The short answer is you still have access to the same great products at incredibly competitive prices. While we will not be discontinuing products that are not American Made, we will continue to focus on and promote products that are.

In the coming weeks we intend to integrate the AGF logo into our site to highlight and promote American Made products. With one exception the complete line of AGF products have been integrated into our site.

We believe the biggest thing this gives the consumer is a reasonable alternative to ‘big box stores’ and home centers who do not offer the expertise customers of Garage Flooring LLC and have been accustomed to. We believe our combined sales of products such as the G-Floor garage floor mats are greater than any online competitor.

The goal is simple. A company specialized in the product we sell but large enough to have massive buying power and the ability to compete with the big guys — but offering expert customer service and advice.

Gas prices decreasing

Is it going to be possible? Once again low gas prices? According to With the high increase with the crude oil production, they are predicting a lower gas price this fall. The lowest it has been in the past four year. $3.15-$3.25 a gal. I will pay that and not complain. I will even pull out the summer toys to top them up for next year, just in case. Up to 30 states can even get the gas prices down to $3.00 a gal. I know I am not one of those lucky people.

Gas prices affect much more than just gas. Believe it or not the price of your flooring is directly tied to gas prices and almost all goods and services are either directly or indirectly tied to fuel and oil prices.

Who are the rudest drivers?

Have you read my blog on the worst drivers? Well you will never guess where the rudest drivers are. Let me give you a hint, it is not a state with a major well know big city. Alright I will just tell you. Idaho has the rudest drivers. Never would have guested that. I have been there once and yes I thought people where rude but not to classify it as the rudest. There are some days that I can fit in. I guess it does work for them because they are known to be the third best drivers. The District of Columbia is classifies as the second rudest driver state. Just to state for fun, our nation’s capital is the one for speeding tickets.

3D Car made by a printer

I love this. Its simple and little. This is the first car to be made by a printer. With only 50 parts and an electric engine. Granite it can only go 40 MPH but I would drive it. They have named it the Strati, which means “layer” in Italian. I would not want to get into an accident with this.

What is a double cut — and why would I use one?

What is a double cut — and why would I use one?

double-cutA double cut is when you lay one piece of material over the other piece of material and cut through both pieces at the same time. When properly done double cuts all you to match up two pieces of material when you do not have a usable factory edge.

It is important to  mention that double cuts are considered a ‘professional’ skill and are not recommended by all manufactures for DIY applications.

In the photo above, and only for illustrating the point, we placed one ribbed mat over the other. We then made as poor of a cut as we could. The two mats still fit together and with a little seam tape the joint would hardly be noticeable.

Double cuts are idea when you have seams running both directions and are especially helpful for seams that run from left to right. They also come in very handy when you are having to fit one last piece of material in and do not have a factory edge.

Double cuts are not suggested for piecing together a floor from multiple smaller pieces. Although seams are necessary, they should be minimized.



The New F-150 Design

To all you ford fans out there, have you heard about the new F-150 design that Ford is trying to accomplish? Ford is changing the steel body to aluminum and using rivets and adhesive. What do you think so far, will it work? The F-150 is known as their best truck. I’m not a ford fan and now after reading this, I am not sure I want to be. This is a really big risk for them. Yes it works for Jaguar, but they are also a smaller car and not built to with stand the straight that the Ford was built for.

100 Years of Dodge

Here is a little history of the founders of Dodge. John and Horace Dodge that meet eye to eye in life. In 1886 they have made their first bicycle. They even opened up a bicycle shop in 1897, Evans and Dodge Bicycle Company. Shortly after that they went to work for Henry Ford making parts. Once saved up some money they decided to open up their own auto shop in July 1914. The “Old Betsy” rolled of the assembly line on November 14, 1914 making that the first Dodge. The bothers died in 1920, leaving the wives running the place, they sold it 5 years later.

AACA Museum is holding an exhibit to celebrate the 100 years of Dodge. This would be a once in a life time chance go visit all the vehicles that you do not see anymore. They are planning on have the 1915 touring there. I would love to see that.


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