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What way do the ribs run on BLT ribbed garage mats

Ribs run the length of the mat

What Way Do the Ribs Run on BLT Ribbed Garage Mats?

The ribs on a G-Floor garage floor mat always run the length of the mat. This is true on garage floor mats but is not true for motorcycle mats and kennel liners. The reason for this is the ribs are designed to help channel water and debris.

7.5×17 Ribs 17′ Long
8×22 Ribs 22′ Long
10×24 Ribs 10′ Long

When you consider the purpose of the ribs and the ability to clean the product, the directionality of the ribs becomes common sense.  When you pull a vehicle into the garage, water and debris fall off the vehicle.

The water is contained by the ribs and channeled towards the garage door. It is easily removed using a push broom or squeegee.  If the ribs were to run left to right, they would channel moisture into the sidewalls and that would create an issue

Drymate Max

Drymate MaxWhen RPM told us they were discontinuing the Drymate Garage Floor Mat and coming out with a new version, I had to admit I was a little skeptical. Now that we have been selling the new Drymate Max for a couple of months, I have to admit I am impressed. We had a conversation with RPM because we wanted you to know what was changed and why it was done. We also want you to know that 100% of the material we ship is the new Drymate Max material even if it is ordered under an old SKU.

We have had extremely hard winters here in the Midwest and know that there was extreme weather all around the country. We knew our mats would take a beating but wanted them to be able to handle even more.

In speaking with RPM, their goals and motives are clear. This is a mid-west, company using American workers to make and American Made product. The goal was to make a product that continued to be affordable, but make it tougher.

“We have had extremely hard winters here in the Midwest and know that there was extreme weather all around the country. We knew our mats would take a beating but wanted them to be able to handle even more.” Explained a company representative from RPM

The mats now have been formulated to handle more wear and tear with little to none pilling EVEN with daily use. The Drymate mat has been hugely successful for us and maintained well over a 4 star rating on several channels. The new and improved product will remove the few problems we had and make a great product even better.

Like the original Drymate product the Drymate Max will hold 5 times its weight in water!

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Jerry C Job Photos

photo 2If you like cars and garages you will love the photos Jerry just sent us. Jerry used the TrueLock Diamond which costs about $2.29 / SF and is available in a wide variety of colors. Each tile measures 12″x12″ and is 1/2″ thick. The TrueLock diamond products are Made in the USA!

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Made in America Push Getting Stronger!

Garage Flooring Made in China

Garage Flooring Made in China

We are very excited to see that the Made in America push is getting even stronger. As shown in this article there are even cases where American companies have gone overseas and brought their manufacturing efforts back to the United States.

Our hope is that as more and more Americans become wise to the quality of American products and the economic benefits of buying American, more and more products will begin to be made here — some garage storage shelves and bike racks for example would be nice!

Ford vs Toyota parking Assist

Ford has finally come out with their own park assist car.  With just a push of the button the car can identify a space to Parallel Park in. Once a light identifies the right space it well notify you to put the car into reverse let go of the steering wheel and let off the break. The car will beep and to announce for you to stop. Then transfer into drive. You have full control of the brakes. The car just drives and steers for you.

Toyota has come out with their park assist car a year or two ago.  The plus side is that you can use it to park in any kind of spot not just Parallel Park.  Toyota is with a push of a button as well, but first you would have to line your car up to the appropriate space to park.  Identify which spot you would be parking in and then adjust the blue box that it gives you to where you the car sit between the other cars.  Now then you can put your car into reverse and start moving, but watch your rear and front for you have to guess on where to stop.

I don’t know about you but I would never trust the assist. That is just me though. I think it is lazy and it takes the fun and experience out of it. There is a lot more to the Toyotas assist then there is with the fords. I guess it depends on how much control you want of the car.

Fixing a Squeaky Garage Door

Fixing a Squeaky Garage Door

Our G-Floor garage mats are installed, Handiwall garage storage items are on the wall and one bike rack is up with a few more to go. Overhead storage is in place and the garage is looking great! You can imagine my frustration when every time I open the garage door I hear this horrid squeaking!

Thanks to some simple pointers in this video, our garage door will no longer squeak. So we suggest you check it out! Check out D and D Garage Doors as well!

How to Recycle those odd things

So you have cleaned out your garage and now you have all of those odds and ends you put in there because like most of us you had no idea how to recycle those odd things. This article gives some great information on how to dispose of common household items that can not go in the standard trash. It is a great article to stash away for that once a year clean up and clean out day. Covering everything from old paint from 3 colors ago to the pizza box from last Saturday this article is very informative and realistic.  Read the full article


Another Recall from GM

To me it’s not a surprise. GM has released another major recall on their ignition systems. 8.2 million Vehicles are being recalled. What is happening is that the key ignition is faulty and causing the switch to turn off while driving down the road. Right now in the stages of the investigation of the accidents that have been proven that this is the cause has been 7 crashes, 8 injuries, and 3 deaths.

GM has just announced 6 new safety recalls for seven different vehicles dating from 1997.  Most of the recalls are due to Faulty ignition switches. That is one big issue. I don’t see how this has come up before now. They do have a list of different vehicles that have been recalled.

American Made Is Making a Comeback

American Made Is Making a Comeback


The Made in America Movement is going strong and we are putting our workforce back in action according to a recent post by the Made in America Movement. From time to time in our industry things do have to be imported. BUT we are seeing on products like G-Floor that not only can we make a better product, we can be competitive.

For example a roll of Nitro Flooring, even though the advertising may be misleading will cost you about 1.95 a square foot for a 7.5×17. The G-Floor small coin product runs less than $1.75 / Sq. Ft.

A lower price is not all that G-Floor small coin offers. It is a better surface for creepers, toolboxes and jacks to roll around on. G-Floor small coin is colored all the way through and stored flat until you place your order. Its made in Emporia KS with the highest quality raw materials — and of course American Workmanship!

Supporting the comeback of the American Worker is not always a choice between affordable and expensive. In many cases you can have your American Made cake and eat it too :-) — or should we say Apple Pie


Protect a New Home’s Garage Floor in 15 Minutes

Protect a New Home’s Garage Floor in 15 Minutes

BLT Garage Flooring

So you purchased a new home and you don’t want the garage floor to look like your old one. How do you keep oil stains and alike off your floor without spending a fortune and take into account that your time is at a premium?

It was recently brought to my attention that we spend a lot of time talking about installing mats over the entire garage floor. How to deal with the seams, special cuts and other issues and that we have not covered how simple it is to protect a home’s garage floor in about 10-15 minutes.

While covering your entire garage floor is  a great option, many, if not most of our customers will buy the mats slightly smaller. There are two basic options:

  1. Purchase two parking pads. Unwrap and unroll one under each car. Obviously if you have a three car garage you would want three parking pads. This will protect the concrete from drips and tires.
  2. Purchase two larger mats like the 10×22 or 10×24. Roll them out and place a center strip between them. In this case you have protected most of the garage floor in an average 2-car garage.

With either of these options you will likely spend more time unpacking the mats than you will installing them! The best part is you could likely do this for between $400 and $100 and 15 minutes of your time. We would suggest the ribbed mat or the small coin mat.


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