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When It Comes to PVC Tiles NORSK May Be The Best Choice


When It Comes to PVC Tiles NORSK May Be The Best Choice

If you follow Garage Flooring LLC at all, one thing you will be clear on is we have never believed a single product is the best product for each application. We still do not. But, for the majority of our customers we believe NORSK is going to be the best choice going forward — When it comes to PVC Tiles!

In sitting down and meeting with representatives of NORSK and in conference calls with their senior management, one thing became clear: The company is about solving problems.

PVC flooring is traditionally sold as the quieter and more durable alternative to hard plastic tiles. One potential issue with PVC has been drainage. Unlike their hard plastic counterparts, most PVC tiles do not adequately deal with moisture. NORSK was able to patent and Air-Dry system that maintained the strength and integrity of the tile while still allowing water to evaporate. While this is important in all areas, it is especially important in Southern and Coastal areas where moisture may come from below. It is also important in cold and Mountain regions where extreme amounts of water can melt and leak to the concrete floor below.

Value: Quality PVC materials come at a relatively fixed price. In order to reduce the sell price, many manufacturers either have to add in filler material that costs less or reduce the thickness of the tile as a whole. NORSK is 30% thicker than many other products on the market. It is a full 6.5 mm or 1/4 of an inch.

Mushroom Locks have been used in everything from wall and concrete anchors to door knobs. While it may appear to only be a slight variation from the “T” Lock design used my many, the NORSK Mushroom tooth design is strong and interchangeable.  The tiles will not separate when a car tire is turned on them and they have been designed so all four sides are the same. That means less waste. Take a piece of tile cut from one side and use it on the other.

Strength and Flexibility have found a single home. When it comes to a garage floor, people want a floor that feels like rubber underfoot and wears like iron. There are plenty of flexible products on the market and plenty of strong ones too. One thing that differentiates NORSK PVC is the ability to offer good anti-fatigue properties while maintaining incredible strength. Feels great to walk on, but is more than tough enough to drive a fork lift on. That’s the NORSK difference. The product is also tough on UV. All the NORSK products have UV inhibitors so they look great years down the road.

Installation is Not Rocket Science, we save that for product design. Lay them out and tap them together with a rubber mallet. No glue, not even on the edge piece. Need to remove a tile, no problem and there is no need for adhesive or costly floor preparation.






Garage Flooring & eCommerce ReDefined

eCommerce Redefined by a Small Colorado Garage Flooring Company
eCommerce redefined

When you hear the word eCommerce, you likely think one of two things. You think of the online Superstores that are trying to compete with ‘everything local’ OR you think of some guy (or gal) hanging out in their pajamas pretending to be legitimate business. You shop at the first at the expense of small business and when you shop at the second you are concerned just how small they really are and if you are like me you probably wonder if your credit card information is safe.

We have plenty of competition that falls into those categories. So what makes us different?

First and foremost, let me say that we are a real company with real employees and a real location. We have state of the art technology to protect your privacy and we have first class people that power that technology — on the sales side and on the programming side. We never store your credit card data and our website is scanned daily to make sure it is PCI compliant and safe from hackers. In my book, that is just a starting point. That still does not qualify my company to earn your business.

Its our people and what we/they  do. We are a very ‘traditional’ company who happens to sell online. While the ‘trend’, even in retail, is to get people to ‘help themselves’ we believe the power of small business and especially the power of niche small business online is to… wait for it… Actually help our customers!

We have a core belief that we should be experts in the field and walk our customers through the process. In many cases this is counter intuitive to what they teach. Instead of pushing you to make a purchase quickly, we like to slow you down, ask how you are using our products and in many cases get you some free samples to look at before you make a purchase. This is the way I was taught business was done. When someone came into my Grandfather’s lumberyard, you would help them at the counter then walk them out and make sure they got the best material — a far cry from an orange cart and self checkout. In many cases, first, we would help them figure out what it was they really wanted.

When a customer has a floor plan that they are not sure how to cover, I believe it is our job to help them figure it out. When they need to know what adhesive is best, even when it does not come from us, that is our job too. Turning down sales that do not make sense for the customer, that is more than our job, it is or responsibility!

My goal, as a business owner who happens to sell online is to take the feel of a traditional small business and bring it online. We do that by building strong relationships with our customers, and our vendors. That leads into the second part of the equation:

You can’t have a strong relationship with your customers if they are not getting a great product at a fair price. That means we have to do everything above, while selling a large amount of product and maintaining leverage in the industry.

We have a containment mat that we buy for considerably less than anyone else. We have a carpet mat that we do the same. We bring in large amounts of inventory, we visit with our vendors, and we do everything we can to avoid inventory running out.

We recently had a five-fold increase in sales in a specific line. That lead to shortages in-house and at their plant. Because of the mutual respect we had for each other, we worked together to fill the sales and never went into a back-order situation. Companies much much larger than us were cut off so our sales could be filled. Why? We committed to stocking the product for one and we have a face to face, long term relationship with the supplier — You know just like a small business is supposed to!

On another line we did get into a back-order situation. As the inventory comes available they are shipping it by the pallet to us. Why? We sell more, we handle our own returns and we keep the product on hand and don’t expect them to be our order fulfillment. In short, we take care of the customer and we take care of them.

We don’t have a ‘marketing department,’ no janitor or cleaning company, and believe it or not the ‘head of our shipping department ‘  is writing this blog post.  What we do have is a core group of dedicated individuals who are empowered to work with customers and suppliers alike. We have a web team (I am on that one too) that is second to none, mostly because our developer is amazing — as a side note, he is also an American, based in the US and a full-time salaried employee.

Our social media…. That is myself and one other employee responding directly to our customers. Not a social media company and not a guy hired to do marketing — because we thought SOCIAL media was supposed to be SOCIAL. :-)

All of this comes together and give you the customer, or even you the vendor, the best of both worlds. You are dealing with a small business. A very niche small business that knows the product they sell. But you are dealing with a small business that for many of our vendors is the largest independent customer — and for our key vendors we outsell the big guys. Bottom line you get the best of both worlds.

That is my unedited, say it how it is basic business model. It’s very simple, but it’s very different from where the online market has gone in recent years.

Let me take this opportunity to make one semi-political comment. Our congress has made several attempts in the last couple of years to pass the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act. It would hold a business like mine to the same standards as big business that has locations across the country — and to a different standard than the average business owner on Main Street. It would force us to be a company centered around taxes and accounting and cost us tens of thousands of dollars to implement. We have no interest in taking Main Street’s business. In fact we just purchased our corporate gifts downtown. But, small business online will never be able to compete if it is held to the same standards as the big box stores. The standard needs to be what it has always been. Physical presence.












What Size Containment Mat Do I Need for My Car and Garage?

Confused about what size containment mat you needWhat Size Containment Mat Do I Need for My Car and Garage?

The rule is simple. I call it 211. It’s not a perfect acronym, but it helps me remember.

  • Best Case: Order a containment mat that is at least 2′ longer and 2′ wider than your car.
  • Acceptable: Order a containment mat that is at least 2′ longer than your car and 1′ wider than your car.
  • Minimum:  Its going to be tighter. If you have snow on your roof or hood that slides off, I can guarantee you some is going to overshoot the mat. Order a containment mat that is 1′ longer and 1′ wider than your car.

So lets use an example. If you search the word dimensions and your vehicle name, for example Dimensions 2012 Honda Civic you will come up with a list of sites that may have that information. For this example I will use the results because I know they give the information I want. They list this vehicle at 5’9″ wide and 14′ 7.5″ long. Note: Use exterior dimensions, not wheel base.

If I have the room, the best case scenario would be to use a mat at least 7’9″ wide and at least 16’7.5″ long. For example, either of the two stock AutoFloorGuard products would work great. I could also get by with the narrower products on the market that measure 7.5′ wide — technically I could go narrower but they are not readily available. Using the formula above, I would never go less than 15’7.5″ long or about 16′

To put this in perspective, you need to look at the size of a typical parking spot. According to the Code in various places, they range from 7.5′ for compact cars all the way to 10 feet wide. Most are about 18′ long, depending on the applicable code.

So for ease of parking, parking space sizes offer a good guideline. Of course your garage is a little different so you have some flexibility. But another consideration is the height of your vehicle and where the snow might go if it slides off. Your goal is to keep it on the mat. We find that 2′ in the length will do just that. The width is still important but not as much.

Not to state the obvious, but you need to consider your garage as well. I drive a Suburban. I have to park as close to the rear wall of my garage as possible just to get the door to shut. I have to sacrifice on the length of the mat, otherwise it won’t fit in my garage. A containment mat in my garage would be a maximum of 2″ longer than my car. It is far from ideal, but it is what it is.






How To Get Discount Garage Flooring Using Coupon Codes

How To Get Discount Garage Flooring Using Coupon Codes

Nothing frustrates me more than going to check out, knowing there has to be a coupon code someplace and not being able to find it. We simply believe you should not have to look!

Garage Flooring LLC offers several ways to get the latest discounts and coupon codes. Watch the video above to learn more

Rubber Floor Tile Video

We just published our latest video. This video provides a brief overview of our TrueLock rubber floor tiles, how to install them and the three different types of tiles you may see in any given installation.

Although this video was filmed in a garage, rubber floor tiles are not designed for automotive use. They are great for creating a fitness center inside the garage, just don’t park on them.


Thanksgiving Through Cyber Monday Sale

As a business we could not be more thankful for our customers and our employees. As people, like everyone else, we are thankful for our family and friends. Frankly we are a little sad that Thanksgiving has become so commercialized. Our staff will be home with our families. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I do not plan on doing any shopping either.

So why start our sale on Thanksgiving day? Because I don’t want to come in and update the site :-) The sale is good through and including all day Monday. Don’t feel like you have to neglect your family to buy from us ‘TODAY”

One quick note: Since our staff will be home with their family on Thursday we obviously will not be shipping. Many orders will not be processed until Monday. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are fairly certain you will understand.


Thank You Again,



Justin Krauss

Is Your Car Ready for the Cold Snowy Weather

Is Your Car Ready for the Cold Snowy Weather?

Here is a list of ways to prep your car for the cold snowy season.

CarsOur resident car enthusiast gives you some of her insights into what she does to keep her car running well in the winter.

  1. Check your battery. Cold weather is tough on batteries. It takes a lot more to start your car in colder weather. Just make sure your battery is good to go.
  2. Check your tires. Your tires are very important in any weather, so make sure you have good tread to help with the traction on those slippery roads. Also you would want to check your tire pressures. The colder it is the more you will lose pressure.
  3. Check your fluids. The fluids in your car can get thicker in the winter. Make sure they are topped off and looking clean. Also this is a big reason on why you want to warm up your vehicle for 10-15 minutes in the cold weather as well. Forcing that thick liquid through can cause an issue later on.
  4. Change out wiper blades. Check to make sure your wiper blades are in good shape. What I do is replace them in the fall and if the ones I took off where still good I store them in my trunk for back up. It’s never fun to replace wipers in the cold and it hurts your hands!
  5. Get a brake check. Checking your brakes is a something that should be done at least once a year, but with icy roads you would not want them to fail. Also another thing to keep in mind, the road salt and sand that they put on the road can cause damage.
  6. Talking about the road salt and sand not being good for vehicles you also want to wash the vehicles every so often to get that off. The sand and salt can eat at the paint and cause rust spots.

I hope this help to get ready for this cold. It is going to be one cold winter!


How do I Create a Workout Area in the Garage

How do I Create a Workout Area in the Garage

gym flooring for fitness centersThe question of creating a workout area in the garage came up (again) on one of the forums we frequent. The garage is becoming so much more than just a garage and the question of how to make the most out of the space you have is coming to the forefront.

When it comes to the idea of building a gym in your garage, there is really one major question you need to answer before you proceed. Where are you going to park your car? Click on the sentence below that best describes you.

I am not going to park my car in the garage at all.

If you are truly converting your garage from a place to park to a place to workout, interlocking rubber tile is definitely the best option. TrueLock rubber tiles are the same tiles you can purchase under a major national brand at a fraction of the price. They are made in the USA and are substantially higher quality and lower odor than most competitors. Have a look at this video.

I am not going to park my car where I workout and I am not worried about the rest of the garage

TrueLock rubber tiles are still the best option for you. Have a look at this video. I would install the rubber tiles in the area of your home gym. You can do something in the rest of the garage if you need to later.

I am not going to park my car where I workout and I AM worried about the rest of the garage

This becomes an interesting problem. You have two basic options. The first option to treat them like two completely separate areas. Install the Garage Flooring of your choice in all of the garage, except the area where you are going to have your gym. In the gym area install the TrueLock rubber tiles . The upside of this option is you get to pick the best flooring for your needs in each area. The downside of this option is you have what appears to be two completely different floors. One way to get the best of both worlds is to use TrueLock Plus tiles in the main garage area and Rubbertrax in the workout area. If you use the same tile, the change will not be easily noticeable.

The other option is to cover the whole floor with a single multipurpose product. We cover that option in the next section.

I need to be able to park my car, work out, change a tire and drink a beer all in what little space I have.

There are a lot of options. We have had customers use the G-Floor small coin product and even the G-Floor levant product. While both those options can work, we believe Norsk Tile is the best solution for this application.

While traditional polypropylene tiles are rigid and unforgiving, Norsk Tile provides considerably more give than even its other PVC counterparts. The patented design deals with common issues like noise, ease of installation and allowing the substrate to dry if it gets wet.

The product has been proven in the garage environment, but the unique design offers a distinct advantage. It puts up with weights being dropped on it, has better anti fatigue qualities and is just quieter than the average floor.

TrueLock Rubber Flooring Video






Morgan Roadster being built

Watch as a Morgan roadster is being built by scratch. They are not lying when they say they are built by hand. I thought this was interesting to watch.


Happy Veterans Day


May God keep our soldiers safe, bring peace to the families of the fallen and bring blessings beyond imagination to all those who have served. I simply can not find words of my own that better express the sacrifice of those who have served, that are better than those that have already been written (above)

Veterans Day

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