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Why Vendors and Manufacturers are Choosing Garage Flooring LLC

Garage Flooring LLCGarage Flooring LLC is a customer and employee centered company but we offer tremendous benefits to the manufacturers and suppliers we work with. For products that have already established a reputation, we offer a safe way to build market share online. While there are many online retailers only interested in a quick buck, our reputation is built on being a real company, with real staff, dedicated to assisting our customers. Our staff learns the ins and outs of a product so they can discuss it intelligently with the customer — and we never use call centers. We also re-brand and private label products with manufacturers that are concerned about competing with their traditional market.

For manufacturers with new or emerging markets or for those who want to take an existing product and re-market it to the DIY garage consumer, we offer a level of exposure that is second to none. Given accurate product information and imagery, we can provide virtual instant access to consumers via our website and millions of additional consumers through our third-party partners and integrations.

For those who chose not to do business with the big box stores — our favorite kind of manufacturer — securing partnerships with e-commerce companies that can negotiate search engine results becomes a major concern. For competitive products, the large retail outlets often dominate the top ten listings regardless of content. In those situations we have the ability to leverage our third-party partners while still maintaining control over pricing and even inventory.

One example is a product that is manufactured overseas (a very small percentage of what we sell). They keyword phrase is dominated by chemical companies and others. We were able to secure the listing with a major third-party who almost instantly took over the number one position of the most important keyword. We were then able to fill those orders via our inventory, the manufacturers inventory and even using their third part fulfillment services. This strategy has brought this new product from relative obscurity to one of our best sellers and has helped the manufacturer build its business.

At the end of the day, for us to sell a product it needs to be good for the customer, good for the manufacturer, good for us as a company and good for our staff. If a product does not meet all four of those criterion, any success it sees will be strictly temporary.


How Important Is The Locking System on a Garage Floor Tile

How Important Is The Locking System on a Garage Floor Tile

True Lock And MotorMat Locking Systems

TrueLock (Black) and MotorMat (Gray) have time test locking systems.

In the world of hard plastic garage floor tiles, the locking system is incredibly important. How do you think the name TrueLock came about?  Let’s face it. Most of the products are made from the same basic raw materials and they are all designed to do the same thing. If you weld on them they will all melt and if you beat them with a hammer (yes we tried) they will all dent. The locking system is what keeps the tile together and it is what keeps them from separating when you drive on it.

There are a lot of cheap tiles from China that have terrible locking systems. Although we would love to sell a tile for $2.00 / Sq.Ft. , we are simply not willing to take the risk on quality.

On the other end there are claims of ‘patented’ locking systems from one major manufacturer that in our opinion are a little exaggerated. The same basic locking system has been used by modular tile manufacturers for decades. Each has their own little twist, but in at least two cases you can take two ‘fierce competitors’ and lock their tiles together.

We have deliberately worked with multiple manufacturers so we are not tied to one. This means that we do not have to claim ‘this brand is the best’ because we offer more than one. Each and every brand has a place. We have gone to several manufacturers so that we can offer you the best fit in each and every price point. We are committed to telling you how it is and what will work best for you.





G-Floor Overlap Questions

Questions About Overlap on G-Floor

How to Overlap G-FloorWe get a lot of questions about the ‘overlap flap’ on the G-Floor garage floor mats. We thought we would take a second to clear them up. We have discussed this with the manufacturer to make sure that all of this information is current as of 10/28/2014.

What Products Have the Overlap Flap

ONLY The original coin and ribbed patterns in 10′ wide material will have the overlap. It is not available in narrower widths or other patterns.

When Should the Overlap Flap be Used

The overlap method of installation is a great way to combat expansion and contraction issues. The floor can simply be rolled out to fit. No glue, tapes * or adhesives are used. As the temperature changes, the material can expand and contract.

* We have used a piece of double-sided acrylic tape on the overlap after the floor is fully acclimated. It worked very well, but any time you secure a portion of the floor and leave the other part as a floating floor, you increase the risk for expansion and contraction issues.

Center Strip & Overlap Flap Alternative

If you are joining two mats together, you can put the overlap flap into the center strip. Some customers prefer this look and the floor can still freely expand and contract.

How Big is The Overlap Flap

Although there is some fluctuation, generally speaking the smooth portion of the mat is about 2″ . It can be less or more in any given run. It is included in the width of the roll. The entire roll will still be 120 inches — with the smooth portion.

Can Products Without The Overlap Flap be Overlapped?

Yes. But keep in mind that it is going to be at least twice as thick in that area. It would not be our first choice and could result in other issues.

The Inside Story On Garage Floor Epoxy

Roll Out Garage Floor poxy MatSo you want a $99 garage floor kit in a box that requires very little floor prep, looks great, will not lift from hot tires and has a great warranty, perhaps even a lifetime warranty. The truth is it’s not going to happen!

We all want instant gratification. Win the lottery; have that online business that we manage from the beach; an amazing body without working out from some magical pill; a perfectly behaved child from a 6-week course and now an instant garage floor coating that magically preps and coats your garage floor. The old  saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” still applies.


It is human nature to want to believe these things, but we all know it is simply not possible. The first time I walked past an end cap at my local big box lumberyard I literally turned around, jaw dropped, and took a picture. I have to admit for a moment I thought, we need to order some and sell it. Like I said, its human nature.

A little bit of reading revealed the product was more water than epoxy and did not even include a top coat. That was ‘optional.’ The little or no prep was the equivalent of pouring orange juice and pixie dust on the garage floor and the warranty, is not a whole lot of help.

Let’s pretend for a second that you purchased and installed two of these kits for your two car garage. You emptied everything out, prepared the floor as instructed, left your car off for a week and then pulled in. Let’s say 6 weeks down the road, or even 6 months, the floor starts to fail. You call the toll-free number, and the warranty entitles YOU to do it all again. They will gladly ship you a couple of containers, containing mostly water so you can take all that effort a second time, only to have the same results. My opinion is they are taking your $99/kit and betting you will not bother to do it again.

The issue does not stop with the $99 kits. You can go online and find all types of garage floor epoxy kits. Many of us make it out to be easy. A few of us even present it as cheap. The truth is, done properly, it is neither!

When a customer calls me and asks what I think of garage floor epoxy, I let them know that I think it is a beautiful floor, when properly installed but that it will take a lot of work and likely be way more expensive than they thought.

Most customers respond by saying “why do you sell it then?” Well, because you think you want it and my job is to make sure you know what you are getting into. If you do, that’s awesome and we have an outstanding product. If you don’t, you are going to think we are over priced and making it sound harder than it is.

While many in the industry would sell a cheaper product and make it sound like less work, to get a sale; I would prefer to sell a quality product and let you know exactly what is involved. It’s really that simple.

To properly do an epoxy floor, you will need to clean out the garage. Acid etch or grind the floor. Make sure you got the profile you needed and if necessary repeat. Then clean and or neutralize it. Moisture test it. Prime it. Coat it. Broadcast flakes. Coat it again. Let it sit for 7 days and then move everything back in.

To properly do an epoxy floor you will want a 100% solids, high build base coat that is chemically resistant to the things in your garage. Then you will need flake, maybe even lots of flake. And of course a top coat.

At the end of the day, when you use a quality distributor, do the work and buy a quality product, you are going to have an unbelievable and long-lasting floor that your friends and neighbors will drool over.

I LOVE epoxy and we sell a decent amount of it. We just prefer to sell good product to people who are educated about exactly what they are getting into. We would prefer to lose a sale than lose your trust.



History of The Garage Rack

The History of The Garage Rack and Why We Brought it From The Firehouse To The Garage

racking-savingA little over a year ago I received a call from a company that made customized shelving for stone, glass and the firehouse. They called to order some modular tiles for their display floor. We sold them the flooring and I had a look at their Facebook page and their website and thought if we could take this product and customize it for our customer’s garage we could solve their problem — and in doing so resolve my 13 year search for the perfect garage shelving system.

I am from NY and was in NY on 9/11. Firefighter’s and all those who serve this country, domestically or abroad, are some of the people I admire most. I also know the firehouse places demands on storage that go well beyond what you and I see in the garage. If this product was tough enough for people who run into burning buildings, I was convinced it was perfect for the garage.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over a year later, we have a completely customizable shelving system that you can configure for your garage. Now when I first saw the product I thought this looks like the ‘monkey racks’ I buy in the club stores. I could not have been more wrong. Long story short, high quality steel, with each of the ‘wires’ being closer together and thicker, means you get a shelf that will not bow under load.

The other big difference is you get your shelf, how you want it. If you want casters, we give you casters. Need Two shelves — Done. Actually, you want six shelves, no problem. You want to attach a second shelf to the first one; piece of cake.

What did we change? Nothing. Just the way the product is presented. It is the same product, configured in ways that make sense for your garage. Not ‘my garage’ or our concept of the ‘perfect garage’, but configured how you want it.

You can absolutely go to your local club store or home improvement store and buy a cheaper version of what we sell. Truth is if you are storing plastic bins with clothing you may never notice the difference. BUT, if your garage is like my garage, design the shelf the way you want it and get a shelf that will last. That is where The Garage Rack comes in. Build for the Firehouse and Customized for Your Garage!

Vote for green car of 2015

There is a poll going to see which car should be the 2015 Green car. The nominees are the 2015 Audi A3 TDI, 2015 Honda Fit, 2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco, and 2015 Kia Soul EV. Along with the 2015 Volkswagen Golf Range. If you have an opinion on which one should be, click here to go vote. This can be a tough choice.




Colorado fire destroys classic cars

A fire in Erie Colorado has destroyed 70 classic cars that were being stored in a series of barns. That’s about 2 Million Dollars worth of cars!  What a nightmare! 33 of the cars belonged to one person — including a 1955 Cadillac. This Fire is under investigation , but foul play is not suspected at this time. To Read more click here.



Containment Style Mats Reaching Equal Popularity With High End Roll Out Garage Flooring

Containment Style Mats Reaching Equal Popularity With High End Roll Out Garage Flooring

Auto FLoor Guard Side View Ground LevelFor over a decade, G-Floor from Better Life Technology has been the most popular product I have sold. Hands down, it still is. But something in the industry has changed. Containment mats such as the AutoFloorGuard or Park Smart Clean Park now represent an equal portion of our sales in the winter months. This month, for example, sales are neck and neck. We base these calculations on the sum of all G-Floor products versus the sum of all containment products –including absorbent mats. So how do you know which type of product is best for you? The answer is in the question. What is best for you? What are you looking to accomplish.

If you are looking for a mat with edging, designed to fully contain fluids and debris under a vehicle, a containment mat is likely the direction you should go –although you do need to give the G-Floor Ribbed Mat serious consideration.

If you are looking for a product that is both decorative and functional and you are considering covering your entire garage floor, the G-Floor garage floor mats are a better option.

Flying Car

Well it was bound to happen eventually. Some has created a flying car out of a maverick. It did fly but not for long, it ended up crashing at the Central Florida Airport. An ATV machine would be a great vehicle to fly with, apparently they are made to be light. To find out more click here.



VIDEO: How To Install an AutoFloorGuard

VIDEO: How To Install an AutoFloorGuard

NEW Premium Auto Floor GuardThis video will show you just how quick and easy it is to install an AutoFloorGuard. The only tool necessary is something to open the package. Just unroll, unfold and set the mat in place and you are ready to go.

There simply is not an easier to install containment mat on the market that has the edging all the way around it.

The hardest part of the ‘installation’ was getting the product out of the bag. Also since we were trying to have this be a ‘real life situation’ determining which side went up was also troublesome at first.

At the end of the day, it took less than 5 minutes and no tools to install the AutoFloorGuard.

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