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Containment Style Mats Reaching Equal Popularity With High End Roll Out Garage Flooring

Containment Style Mats Reaching Equal Popularity With High End Roll Out Garage Flooring

Auto FLoor Guard Side View Ground LevelFor over a decade, G-Floor from Better Life Technology has been the most popular product I have sold. Hands down, it still is. But something in the industry has changed. Containment mats such as the AutoFloorGuard or Park Smart Clean Park now represent an equal portion of our sales in the winter months. This month, for example, sales are neck and neck. We base these calculations on the sum of all G-Floor products versus the sum of all containment products –including absorbent mats. So how do you know which type of product is best for you? The answer is in the question. What is best for you? What are you looking to accomplish.

If you are looking for a mat with edging, designed to fully contain fluids and debris under a vehicle, a containment mat is likely the direction you should go –although you do need to give the G-Floor Ribbed Mat serious consideration.

If you are looking for a product that is both decorative and functional and you are considering covering your entire garage floor, the G-Floor garage floor mats are a better option.

VIDEO: How To Install an AutoFloorGuard

VIDEO: How To Install an AutoFloorGuard

NEW Premium Auto Floor GuardThis video will show you just how quick and easy it is to install an AutoFloorGuard. The only tool necessary is something to open the package. Just unroll, unfold and set the mat in place and you are ready to go.

There simply is not an easier to install containment mat on the market that has the edging all the way around it.

The hardest part of the ‘installation’ was getting the product out of the bag. Also since we were trying to have this be a ‘real life situation’ determining which side went up was also troublesome at first.

At the end of the day, it took less than 5 minutes and no tools to install the AutoFloorGuard.

Brick Red G-Floor Install

Thought you might like see my finished garage with the ribbed flooring installed. I am very pleased with the quality, and people are blown away by the great appearance.
Rob in Grand Blanc, MI


We were delighted to get Rob’s pictures of his G-Floor ribbed garage floor mats in brick red and the kind words that he offered along with the photo. Often it is hard to tell what a color looks like based on a color chart or even a sample.

The brick red product while not perfect for every garage, is a great choice for specific customers.


Flying Car

Well it was bound to happen eventually. Some has created a flying car out of a maverick. It did fly but not for long, it ended up crashing at the Central Florida Airport. An ATV machine would be a great vehicle to fly with, apparently they are made to be light. To find out more click here.



9000 Miles Air Flight for a Car Ride

Graeme French and his son traveled more than 9000 mile to take one last ride in the car his grandfather drove. This is not just a car but a 1925 Bean that still runs and is sitting in Black County Living Museum. French remembers sitting it the car as a young boy with his grandfather –never thinking they would see the car again. That was until a family member found an article on the car and matched it to the exact one that was once in the family. The museum offered Mr. French ride around the museum. To read the full story click here.


Now Accepting Amazon Payments

Now Accepting Amazon Payments

Amazon PaymentsGarage Flooring LLC strives to provide our customers with the widest selection of payment options in the industry. Today’s implementation of Amazon Payments allows you to checkout using your Amazon account while making a purchase directly from us!

We continue to accept all major credit cards and PayPal. In making this move no options have been removed, we have simply added new ones.

Shopping online is not something that every consumer is comfortable with. We understand that companies like Amazon garner a tremendous amount of trust from the general consumer base. Working with Amazon to make their payment method available to our customers was a no brainer. While we are confident in our brand and our reputation, our reach is very niche. Partnering with a company that has virtually world-wide recognition simply makes good business sense; According to Justin Krauss of Garage Flooring LLC

We still have a handful of additional options to roll out to the consumer. The end goal remains the same. To make the purchase of garage flooring simple and worry free.

Where the industry is going

Where is The Garage Flooring & Storage Industry Going

Custom Imaged FlooringWhen you are in an industry, there are two options: You can wait and see where the industry is going and try and get there faster than everyone else or you can help drive the destination. Since we are not the manufacturer of many of the products we sell, our innovation is often how those products are presented, or in some cases working with manufacturers to bring new products to market.

When I first got into this industry over a decade ago, everything was new and everything was innovative. Today you have a lot of people selling the same products with a different spin. I wanted to offer you a little insight into tomorrow — and in some cases you can buy tomorrow’s products today. Tomorrow’s garage will only be limited by your imagination!

When you look at the homes we live in we have maximized and customized every product and every square inch of space. From bathrooms that rival high-end spas to kitchens that practically clean themselves our homes are full of innovation. My goal is to bring that same innovation into the garage.

In the past, the look of garage flooring was limited to a select number of colors and patterns. Sure you could purchase some modular tiles and make a pattern, but you were limited to working with the same basic building blocks as everyone else. Today the industry is moving towards a completely customizable floor. At this point it is still only for the high-end customer, but like everything else, volume will bring it into the average consumers price range. While ‘common thinking’ says “would you like that in gray or black?” New technology means if you can design the image large enough, we can make your floor look that way.

In the past, containment mats were fixed sizes and had little flexibility. One of our suppliers recently finished the first (that we are aware of) single piece double car garage containment mat, with a hole for the drain in the middle. Need one? Call us and we can make it for you! Soon you will be able to select the width and length of the containment mat you want, and it will be made to order here in the USA.

In the past, you had to make your own garage shelving units or conform to what ‘the industry’ told you to get. The Garage Rack™ changes that. The product line is complete and is being added as we speak. The Garage Rack™ will be the size you want, with the number of shelves you want and will be stationary or mobile, depending on what you want. Have a narrow garage, We will make you 18″ steel shelving units. Need to store large heavy items? How about 36″ deep, 72″ wide units that will take over 800 pounds per shelf.

Today, the industry is primarily “this is what we have, which one would you like?” Tomorrow, the garage flooring industry and the garage storage industry will be “what would you like? We will build it!

V12 Vantage S

This might be my new dream car. The Aston Martin V12 Vantage S was built for the performance and the looks. The look is what captured me. I’m not a fan of the Ferrari or the Aston Martins or everything similar because of the look, I think they look to busy. This one they did a smooth simple look…. And the specs of the car. Yeah I’m hooked. Here is where to go to find out more and to see what I am talking about:



Tesla’s New Additions

Tesla is jumping in with the new technology for vehicles. The new Tesla is available for sale starting in December. The upgrade options will be the all-wheel drive and the auto-pilot. The all-wheel drive will be run by two motors, one for the rear and one for the front, allowing for better traction. The Auto pilot does not mean that you can drive while sleeping; no it is an auto assistance basically. It will correct your driving, break before it hits anything and control your speed. This new Tesla might be a car to try out, me I’m not one to get the first generations. I like to wait for the kinks to get worked out.



Installing 3 or More G-Floor Mats

DIY TIP: Installing 3 or more G-Floor Mats

Roll Out G-Floor MatsG-Floor garage floor mats from Better Life Technology expand and contract. Most everything does. Instructions have always talked about leaving room for expansion and contraction. One often overlooked is that if you are installing three or more mats, the middle mat has no place to go, even if there is room left around the outer two. In the right set of circumstances this can cause rippling.

Garage Flooring LLC recently discussed the issue with a Supervisor at Better Life Technology. She offered a great explanation and we thought we would share it with you.

G-Floor has a natural expansion and contraction property that is inherent in the material, and it must be allowed to have that movement capability.  When a mat is surrounded on both edges and seams are taped so as not to allow it to expand under or over the neighboring mat, the material has no where to go when it expands other than to create ripples.  In a situation with three mats next to each other, the mats should not be taped and should overlap slightly, or if you want a more finished look center trim (which does allow for expansion and contraction) is a good alternative.  Additionally, make sure the outer edges are trimmed approximately ½” away from the walls or stationary objects to allow the outer mats room to expand and contract as well.  If the seam tape method of installation is selected, it may cause ripples.

Here is a recent installation video and a link to some other installation options


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