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Part 3: How Well Does Rust Bullet Stand Up to Abrasion

How Well Will Rust Bullet Coatings Stand Up to The Abuse it Will Take on Your Garage Floor

Taber Abrasion tests are an industry accepted method of determining how well a paint or coating will hold up to the constant wear and tear and abuse it will suffer in various applications. This particular test is very appropriate to  the abuse a garage floor will take. Rust Bullet coatings stand up incredibly well, especially when compared to the competitors.


Classic Cars on G-Floor Garage Flooring

Martin L recently installed G-Floor under some pretty awesome cars. It looks great now and we can’t wait to see how it looks after the flooring relaxes!

Hi Samantha,


I have to tell you that I was very impressed by the service and quality of the flooring and the delivery schedule.  It was much better than I ever hoped for and other than trying to get the rolls separated on the truck and up to the garage (kind of a challenge as the truck firm called and asked me if I had a fork lift.  LOL)  whatever the case they were very kind to help at Yellow Freight and deserve a huge compliment.

I did cut a roll totally length wise and put the seams under the cars and I am glad I did.  More work but I think it was worth it as it left a clear walkway between two of the cars out of the double side of the garage. This project was big enough to almost use up 3- 10×24’ rolls  If there is ever a next time I would do a couple things different as I had the inner part of the roll unrolled at the front of the garage so it takes a little longer to settle but not a big deal.  I used seem tape on a few of the seams going around a post and only where the material was a little short in order to fill in.

It made a 1000 percent difference in the garage and I could not be happier.

Anyway, I was very impressed and have already forwarded your info to another friend whom is thinking about doing it.

Here a few photos of before and after.

Thanks again,



Rust Bullet Testing — Part 2

How Well Does Rust Bullet Stand Up TO Freeze Thaw Cycles

Like a lot of the country, here in Colorado, we can go from below freezing and snowing to warm and sunny in less than a day. Freeze thaw can destroy concrete and many coatings products. This test takes a look at how well Rust Bullet does when exposed to harsh temperature extremes. This give us an idea of just how well it will perform when you coat your garage floor with it.


Rust Bullet Testing — Part 1

Rust Bullet Adhesion Testing

Few things are more important when it comes to a coating product than how well it sticks. Rust Bullet has some of the most impressive test results we have seen were a major contributing factor to bringing on the line.

In this test Rust Bullet adhesion is tested after being scored and an adhesive tape being ripped off. Rust Bullet tested at 100% as did some of the competitors. As you will see in the coming posts. Rust Bullet was the only product that consistently performed.

Drymate Maintenance Mat

Drymate Maintenance MatI am hardly a home mechanic. The truth is I don’t even change my own oil. It never seems to fail that when I do sit down to tinker with something I end up making a mess on the garage floor. Drymate just added the Drymate Maintenance Mat to its offering. Its made very similar to their other mats, but it is sized (54×72) to be portable.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to keep oil and gas off your floor or just something to put under your lawn equipment, this highly absorbent mat is a great idea!

Easy Garage Floor Coating? Forget Paint and Garage Epoxy

Read This Before You Paint or Epoxy Your Garage Floor

garage floor coatingFor over a decade, I have been quoted as saying garage floor coating cannot be easy. I have been very upfront in stating that the big box store $99 garage floor kits in a box won’t work and that frankly nothing would. I was right about the cheap garage floor coatings and paints you find at a home center.  I was WRONG when I said coating a garage floor can’t be easy. All this time a better coating product has been right under my nose. It was just created for a different industry. Very frankly, this post is going to upset a lot of people in the industry. It might even upset our largest epoxy supplier. You can very very easily coat your residential, commercial or industrial garage floor starting at under .83 cents a square foot.

It all started when I was skeptical about an article published by another industry insider. I was curious enough that I fired off an email to the manufacturer. An email lead to a conference call with their CEO and technical guru. Then some samples and some additional research.

Learn More About Rust Bullet Garage Floor PaintHonestly. I am floored. The product was originally designed for abrasion resistance on the wings of aircraft. It quickly spread to automotive and other applications. What has been greatly under-realized, or perhaps better stated under sold is how ridiculously effective the product is over concrete.

It does not lift from hot tires, it was formulated with magnesium chloride in mind and, it generally does not require you to mess with harsh acids, caustic chemicals or break your back grinding the floor. There are also no complicated mix ratios and no need to worry about the stuff hardening in the can.

How easy is it? Just get your floor clean and dry. If you have some oil stains, you need to use a degreaser and make sure they are removed enough that the coating can penetrate. Stir the stuff for three minutes, BY HAND, and roll it on. Then put on another coat, 2 -48 hours later.

.83 cents is based on two coats. I like the looks of three for my own garage. If I was doing an industrial or commercial application, it would require four.

The clear coat is an option that gives it an amazing, ultra glossy look. Another option is the top coat. I like the look of the base material and I personally would have no need to use a top coat.

Highlights of this Coating for Me:

  • Hot tires are simply not an issue
  • Sticks to concrete
  • No mixing of different parts. Believe it or not this step is one of the biggest factors in failed coating projects and projects that don’t cure.
  • I HATE acid and I don’t like the dust or work of grinding a floor. I just won’t do it. This product does not require it, but it still performs.
  • Creates an outstanding seal to keep anything from penetrating the concrete. If your garage has a room below it, please contact us so we can discuss the best methods of install.
  • Product was designed for much harsher UV exposure than any garage would ever see. It will not yellow.
  • It is resistant to Oil and many other chemicals, including chemicals found in snow-melt that destroy your concrete.
  • Good traction
  • Very flexible and less likely to crack or chip from impact
  • Easy to clean with little maintenance


Additional Thoughts:

  • We have not tried the product with flake. We do not know of any reason you can’t use flake, but we have not tried it. If you use flake you need to top coat it with their clear coat.
  • If you use clear coat or any of the color coats it is really glossy and slick. You HAVE to use non slip additive or someone will get hurt.
  • Epoxy products still have their place. We have a full line of DIY and Professional grade garage floor epoxy products.


Learn More About Rust Bullet Garage Floor Paint






Go Responsive, or Go Home



Here at GFLLC, it seems that we’re always playing catch-up on the tech side of things. While I suspect this is just the norm for anyone who has to maintain/develop web sites (especially e-commerce sites), it just never ceases to amaze nonetheless.

The latest mind-bending force upon anyone with a Web site now is to incorporate a “mobile-first” strategy. Google seems to be ready to ostracize any site that is not there (or close) yet…which, I hate to admit, happens to be our status as well.

All well and good. That is the direction things are headed of course — in the very near future, desktop-only PC users just might well be dinosaurs. At the very least, they will most definitely be in the minority of Web surfers.

Google: “To improve the search experience for smartphone users and address their pain points, we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users”
Google & Mobile Mistakes

We have a plan in place as well of course…soon GFLLC will be running under what is called a “Responsive Framework”. Responsive, in this context (for those who don’t know, or don’t really care about keeping up with the latest in Web-tech buzz-words), basically means that a site will adapt itself to “fit” (not miniaturize itself) to the computing device’s screen size. Whether that be a desktop PC, smart phone, tablet, or maybe even one of the new “wearable” computing devices, our site will present itself in an easy-to-use manner.

Will this be good for our customers? Definitely. One thing about our “mobile-first” strategy, it will never come before our “customer-first” strategy. However our site changes, it will always just simply be about serving our customers better. If our site happens to look good on your pair of Google Glasses, even better.

Should I Use Garage Floor Paint

Should I Use Garage Floor Paint

failed paint-OptimizedParaphrasing a question I get a lot:

Justin, I have a garage floor and I want to coat it with something. Garage floor epoxy systems appear to be really expensive and we are on a tight budget. Should I just use a garage floor paint and perhaps even upgrade later?

You can walk into almost any hardware store, home center or paint store and buy some inexpensive garage floor paint. At one point in my career, I was so caught up on the price these products were being offered at, I decided we should offer them too. What a mistake!

My suggestion would be that you use Rust Bullet urethane based garage floor coating as an alternative to cheap paint or epoxy. You can install the basic system for around 83 cents. Unlike the cheap stuff you will find in the stores, the product works and works well. It is especially effective against hot tire lifting and chemicals found in the garage.

But what is wrong with a good old-fashioned garage floor paint? Everything! First of all, they never cover what they say they are going to cover and you always end up needing multiple coats. Now there is noting wrong with multiple coats, unless you only had one in the budget.

The next issue is the peel, fade and lift from hot tires. They also do not protect the floor as well as our Rust Bullet systems. An often overlooked fact is that once the product fails, you are going to need to completely strip it before you can coat the floor with something else.




Stolen Cars

Cars are stolen all the time around the world, not all are found. Police have failed to recover 12% of the vehicles that have been stolen between 2012 and 2014. The number one vehicle that has been stolen and not recovered is the Ford F- series truck. There has been 1290 stolen and 206 where never found. Now I know Ford is a popular vehicle and it makes sense to me. Fords are everywhere making it easy to blend in. By clicking here you will be able to see if your vehicle is on the top 10 list of stolen and unrecovered list.



7.5 x17 Ribbed Garage Floor Mat Slate Gray by G-Floor

7.5 x17 Ribbed Garage Floor Mat Slate Gray by G-Floor

BLTWe sell a ton of parking pads, but one product sells more than all the others for installation as a parking pad. The G-Floor 7.5 x17 Ribbed Garage Floor Mat Slate Gray from Better Life Technology helps to keep water, dirt, snow and debris off your garage floor and protect your concrete from oil, anti-freeze and other substances. It is manufactured from 55 Mil PVC. The product is always stored flat and shipped rolled to help it relax faster once it gets to you. Please note the color is a mid to dark slate gray. It often looks lighter in photographs than it is in real life. The product is also available in additional colors, patterns and sizes.

7.5 x 17 Slate Gray Garage Floor Mat

Standard Grade Mat - Rib - 7.5' x 17' - Slate Gray
$206.00 ea. (2+ @ $196.00 ea.)
BLT Garage Floor Mat - Standard Grade - Rib - 7.5' x 17' - Slate Gray
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