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BLT Garage Floor Mat

G-Floor by BLT are the best quality Garage Floor Mats on the market.BLT Quick Ship Garage Floor MatsBetter Life Technology (commonly known as BLT) produces a popular garage product known simply as G-Floor. The BLT garage floor mats offers these advantages:

BLT garage floor mats come in large rolls that allow you to install your flooring in just minutes. The mats can be permanently installed in garages, basements, and trailers. You always have the option of using a permanent BLT adhesive, but most of these mats can be simply rolled out with no adhesive or chemicals necessary. Quick Shipping: There’s no reason to wait 7-14 business days for your order to ship. We ship BLT garage floor mats in 2-3 business days. This includes all colors available in Diamond, Coin, Ribbed, and Levant patterns but does not include specialty, printed and checkered flooring. Keep your G-Floor Looking new with our highly recommended cleaner and finish. Works on G-Floor and Sell-Stick Tiles. NEW Wall to Wall Install Video


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Original Ribbed Garage Floor Mat and Parking Mat

Original Ribbed Garage Floor Mats and Parking PadThe original Ribbed Pattern roll-out mat from BLT was the worlds first large format garage floor parking mat. The ribbed garage floor mat channels water, dirt and debris out of your garage. It also contains spills and helps prevent them from spreading over your garage floors. The ribbed garage floor mat can be using as an individual parking pad or seamed together to cover your entire garage floor. Ribbed pattern garage flooring is now available in our standard residential or commercial grade.

Coin Garage Floors

Coin Garage Floor MatsOur coin pattern garage floor mats are one of our most popular selections. The low profile coin makes garage floors easy to clean using a broom or squeegee. Our coin garage floor mats are available in a commercial grade with a limited selection of industrial grade product available. Car Enthusiasts report that the coin pattern is great for the active garage because it allows them to use a creeper with little resistance.

Diamond Garage Flooring

Diamond Garage FlooringThe Diamond tread garage floor mats from Better Life Technology, which are now available in metallic silver, is perhaps our most stunning and visually appealing garage floor. Once installed, these garage floor mats provide an unmistakable high-end showroom appearance. Our Diamond tread garage floors also provides increased traction and has been used by at least one large corporation for off shore oil rigs.

Levant Pattern Trailer and Commercial Flooring

Levant Pattern Trailer and Commercial FlooringLevant Pattern or Smooth roll out flooring is not traditionally used in the garage. It is used as OEM trailer flooring and in commercial and industrial applications. It has a relatively smooth, leather like appearance with minimal texture. The Levant pattern roll out trailer flooring is available in a 55 Mil residential grade as well as a 75 Mil commercial grade.
Auto Floor Guard

Auto Floor Guard

Auto Floor Guard is our one piece, no assembly required containment mat. – Price & Order

Park Smart

Park Smart

Park Smart Clean Park – 20 Mil and 50 Mil Containment mat with Snap on Edges. – Price & Order



Why BLT G-Floor Garage Floor Mats are the Best Choice for Roll Out Garage Flooring

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to mats for your garage floor. Like any product that has seen the success of the G-Floor garage mats, there will always be imitations. G-Floor is the only wide format, American Made roll out garage flooring on the market. G-Floor is stored flat, not rolled, which allows it to relax and lay flat in your garage. G-Floor mats come in a variety of sizes, patterns and colors and you can even design your own BLT  garage floor mat. G-Floor Warranty and Stop & Read