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Garage Floor Mats

Types of Containment Mats

There are so many types of containment mats on the market, which one is best for me?

There are a lot of different types of containment mats on the market, and it is beginning to cause some confusion. Lets take a quick look at the different types.

Oil & Spill Containment

oil dri garage guardIf you are looking to contain small amounts of oil and other automotive fluids that leak from a specific point on your vehicle, many folks will just use a cardboard box. Others prefer the small and cheap Oil Dri mats. They come in 2×3 and 3×5. Put them over the spot on your floor where you usually find the leak. At under $20 delivered they are not going to break the budget. They also do absolutely nothing for large amounts of fluids.

Larger Carpet Mats for Some Rain & Snow as Well as Leaks

If the Oil Dri mats are a little small for you, Drymate Max makes large ‘full vehicle’ absorbent mats. They come in 7’4×17 and 7’4×20′ sizes and a few additional sizes for small vehicles and vehicle maintenance. The larger mats go for $129 – $149 and are definitely budget friendly.

They hold a considerable amount of water, and you can hose them off to clean them up. They also keep oil and gas from getting into the concrete. At some point, if they do not overflow, the become a wet mess to walk on. I love the product for warm climates and small amounts of occasional snow, but for heavy snow fall areas, it would not be my first choice.

Roll Out PVC Parking Pads or ‘Garage Mats’

Traped in Your Garage

Trapped in Your Garage

G-Floor makes a wide variety of parking mats that you roll out on your garage floor. They are not containment mats and they do not have edges. The ribbed mats will contain small spills and a decent amount of rain, but large amounts of snow will run off.

They are higher priced than the carpet mats. A 7.5×17 will be just under or just over $200 (depending on how many your order.)  They can be installed over the whole floor and the provide an attractive option for moderate spill protection.

I use G-Floor in my own garage, but I have covered the entire floor. In a lot of cases the standard ribbed garage mats provide more than enough protection. If you are in Boston in the winter of 2015, it’s not the right product :-)

Typical ‘Snap On Edge’ Containment Mat Systems

Auto Care Products manufacturers the Park Smart Clean Park product is a 20 Mil PVC and a 50 Mil PVC with snap on edges. We do not recommend the 20 Mil product, but the 50 mil product performs exceptionally well. On average you will spend $200 to $300 for one of these, depending on the size and thickness you select.

While we do not like the 20 Mil product, the only real downside to the 50 Mil product is the installation. It takes a lot of work to put one together. That said the 50 Mil has an awesome warranty.

One-Piece Full Containment Mat Systems

auto_floor_guard_07In Recent years the AutoFloorGuard has gained substantial market share and popularity. It’s so easy to install, it took my wife only minutes the first time she saw it. Generally priced at $229 for the standard and $279 for the premium, the AutoFloorGuard is not cheap but works very well.

People’s first reaction when they see one is wow that’s cool. Unless they are the perfectionist type in which case they say ‘boy that’s wrinkled.’ If there is a downside to the product, that’s it. Originally we were concerned about the thickness of the mat, but after a couple of years and thousands of mats, we just are not worried about it.





Classic Cars on G-Floor Garage Flooring

Martin L recently installed G-Floor under some pretty awesome cars. It looks great now and we can’t wait to see how it looks after the flooring relaxes!

Hi Samantha,


I have to tell you that I was very impressed by the service and quality of the flooring and the delivery schedule.  It was much better than I ever hoped for and other than trying to get the rolls separated on the truck and up to the garage (kind of a challenge as the truck firm called and asked me if I had a fork lift.  LOL)  whatever the case they were very kind to help at Yellow Freight and deserve a huge compliment.

I did cut a roll totally length wise and put the seams under the cars and I am glad I did.  More work but I think it was worth it as it left a clear walkway between two of the cars out of the double side of the garage. This project was big enough to almost use up 3- 10×24’ rolls  If there is ever a next time I would do a couple things different as I had the inner part of the roll unrolled at the front of the garage so it takes a little longer to settle but not a big deal.  I used seem tape on a few of the seams going around a post and only where the material was a little short in order to fill in.

It made a 1000 percent difference in the garage and I could not be happier.

Anyway, I was very impressed and have already forwarded your info to another friend whom is thinking about doing it.

Here a few photos of before and after.

Thanks again,



7.5 x17 Ribbed Garage Floor Mat Slate Gray by G-Floor

7.5 x17 Ribbed Garage Floor Mat Slate Gray by G-Floor

BLTWe sell a ton of parking pads, but one product sells more than all the others for installation as a parking pad. The G-Floor 7.5 x17 Ribbed Garage Floor Mat Slate Gray from Better Life Technology helps to keep water, dirt, snow and debris off your garage floor and protect your concrete from oil, anti-freeze and other substances. It is manufactured from 55 Mil PVC. The product is always stored flat and shipped rolled to help it relax faster once it gets to you. Please note the color is a mid to dark slate gray. It often looks lighter in photographs than it is in real life. The product is also available in additional colors, patterns and sizes.

7.5 x 17 Slate Gray Garage Floor Mat

Standard Grade Mat - Rib - 7.5' x 17' - Slate Gray
$206.00 ea. (2+ @ $196.00 ea.)
BLT Garage Floor Mat - Standard Grade - Rib - 7.5' x 17' - Slate Gray

AutoFloorGuard : Is It Just a Tarp?

AutoFloorGuard Keeps your belongings from taking a Bath

This would not be a good time to have her say ‘I Told You So!’

The AutoFloorGuard is hands down the best-selling and highest rated containment mat system I have ever sold.  I have done this since 2001 and this specific product has been one of the best received products I have seen.

In spite of its success, or perhaps because of it, we get a lot of people commenting of Facebook or YouTube stating that the product is just a tarp. First let me state that none of these are customers, just critics and perhaps in some cases competitors.

The truth is, they are almost correct. Toledo Tarp manufacturers high-end, PVC infused custom tarps for the trucking industry. One of their sister companies has the creative idea of adding edging to the ‘tarp’ and the AutoFloorGuard was born. The product has maintained incredibly high reviews on our site and sites like

The basic idea is this. You take the high-end, water-tight PVC material and thermally weld it over foam edges. You get a product tough enough to park on yet it is still able to be easily shipped and installed.

This year there have been some major improvements to the product. The release of the premium products with higher edges has been well received and sales are now outpacing the original.

The product has also been on the market long enough now that we are comfortable with the longevity of the product. I have absolutely no second thoughts about recommending the AutoFloorGuard as a containment mat for your garage!







What Size Containment Mat Do I Need for My Car and Garage?

Confused about what size containment mat you needWhat Size Containment Mat Do I Need for My Car and Garage?

The rule is simple. I call it 211. It’s not a perfect acronym, but it helps me remember.

  • Best Case: Order a containment mat that is at least 2′ longer and 2′ wider than your car.
  • Acceptable: Order a containment mat that is at least 2′ longer than your car and 1′ wider than your car.
  • Minimum:  Its going to be tighter. If you have snow on your roof or hood that slides off, I can guarantee you some is going to overshoot the mat. Order a containment mat that is 1′ longer and 1′ wider than your car.

So lets use an example. If you search the word dimensions and your vehicle name, for example Dimensions 2012 Honda Civic you will come up with a list of sites that may have that information. For this example I will use the results because I know they give the information I want. They list this vehicle at 5’9″ wide and 14′ 7.5″ long. Note: Use exterior dimensions, not wheel base.

If I have the room, the best case scenario would be to use a mat at least 7’9″ wide and at least 16’7.5″ long. For example, either of the two stock AutoFloorGuard products would work great. I could also get by with the narrower products on the market that measure 7.5′ wide — technically I could go narrower but they are not readily available. Using the formula above, I would never go less than 15’7.5″ long or about 16′

To put this in perspective, you need to look at the size of a typical parking spot. According to the Code in various places, they range from 7.5′ for compact cars all the way to 10 feet wide. Most are about 18′ long, depending on the applicable code.

So for ease of parking, parking space sizes offer a good guideline. Of course your garage is a little different so you have some flexibility. But another consideration is the height of your vehicle and where the snow might go if it slides off. Your goal is to keep it on the mat. We find that 2′ in the length will do just that. The width is still important but not as much.

Not to state the obvious, but you need to consider your garage as well. I drive a Suburban. I have to park as close to the rear wall of my garage as possible just to get the door to shut. I have to sacrifice on the length of the mat, otherwise it won’t fit in my garage. A containment mat in my garage would be a maximum of 2″ longer than my car. It is far from ideal, but it is what it is.






Containment Style Mats Reaching Equal Popularity With High End Roll Out Garage Flooring

Containment Style Mats Reaching Equal Popularity With High End Roll Out Garage Flooring

Auto FLoor Guard Side View Ground LevelFor over a decade, G-Floor from Better Life Technology has been the most popular product I have sold. Hands down, it still is. But something in the industry has changed. Containment mats such as the AutoFloorGuard or Park Smart Clean Park now represent an equal portion of our sales in the winter months. This month, for example, sales are neck and neck. We base these calculations on the sum of all G-Floor products versus the sum of all containment products –including absorbent mats. So how do you know which type of product is best for you? The answer is in the question. What is best for you? What are you looking to accomplish.

If you are looking for a mat with edging, designed to fully contain fluids and debris under a vehicle, a containment mat is likely the direction you should go –although you do need to give the G-Floor Ribbed Mat serious consideration.

If you are looking for a product that is both decorative and functional and you are considering covering your entire garage floor, the G-Floor garage floor mats are a better option.

New Auto Floor Guard Premium Photo Gallery

Check out the new Auto Floor Guard Premium

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We thought you would enjoy the new photos of the AutoFloorGuard premium with the taller edges!

Which way do the ribs go — Part Two

Do the ribs on my garage floor go up or down?

ribbed garage floor matThose of us in the industry have a problem. We are so embedded in the industry that sometimes we miss very obvious questions or we write them off as being silly — until we find out a lot of people have the same question — then we blog about it so we can look like an expert :-P

The ribs on a BLT G-Floor mat go up and they run towards the garage door NEVER wall to wall.

It really is that simple. Here is an example just o make sure. For the sake of argument lets assume you have a garage that is 20 feet wide and 24 feet deep. When we say it is 20′ wide we mean the garage door is on the 20′ wall.

You would install two 10×24 mats. The ribs would be up and they would be 24′ long and run back to front not left to right.

Having many kids at home, I know the next question. WHY? First of all if you put the smooth side that has absolutely no pattern up you are going to get hurt when it is wet. Second the ribs are not structural. Third they are designed to go up so they catch water, dirt, etc.

Why back to front? So when you take a broom or a squeegee you can push the water and dirt out of your garage instead of into your drywall. If it runs on its own due to the slope, we certainly would prefer it goes out of your garage than to the side.

Note: There is no difference back to front or front to back, just being descriptive.





Custom Cut Lengths of G-Floor

Custom Cut Lengths of G-Floor

You go online, perhaps you checked 10 different sites and you just can’t find the size you need to cover your garage floor. Perhaps your garage is 20×29 anDodge on Diamondd you need two 10×29 mats. All you can find are 10×24 mats. Now what?

We have always had the ability to offer custom cut lengths when a customer contacts us by phone. By the end of the week you will be able to order custom cut lengths online. No phone call, no freight quotes and no waiting to find out what the cost will be.

Simply select the pattern, then the color and the length of the mat you would like. We will run the custom mat for you and ship it in about 4-6 weeks.

In addition to custom cut solid G-Floor products, we also offer a full line of custom printed and cut garage flooring. If you can imagine it and your artist can give us a high res image scaled to size, we can print it on a floor for you!

Call 800-956-4301 for more information.


Nitro Rolls Not Colored All The Way Through

Nitro Rolls not Colored Through

Nitro Rolls Not Colored Through

As we were shooting our video today comparing the G-Floor product and the Nitro product, we pulled out a still that we felt was worthy of its own post. When you flip the Nitro Roll over you can see that it is a completely separate color on the underside.

In the upcoming video we will show you just how thing the actual layer of color is. In the meantime, it is important to understand what this means to you as a customer. With G-Floor if your floor is cut or nicked, it is not going to be all the viable because the color goes through the product.

With Nitro Rolls the difference becomes very clear once the thin color layer is damaged. The color layer is only the beginning of the differences between the the products. We will be highlighting those differences over the next couple of weeks.

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