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Garage Floor Mats

G-Floor Small Coin Versus Nitro Garage Flooring

G-Floor Small Coin Versus Nitro Floor Mats: Why Pay More for an Imported Chinese Imitation than The American Original!

G-Floor Small CoinI suppose at first glance the Nitro floor mats available from a handful of related stores may look like a great deal. Before you place your order, we would highly suggest you request a sample first! According to the website Garage Flooring Inc (not to be confused with Garage Flooring LLC) the Nitro product is the deal of the month at only $1.95/ Sq. Ft. Compare that to the everyday low price of the Original G-Floor Brand in the new small coin pattern garage floor mats  for between $1.70 and $1.75/ Sq. Ft. (or as low as $1.55 in master rolls)  Whats even better is in a head to head comparison, we believe its clear that the new G-Floor Coin is a much better choice for reasons that go well beyond price.

Lets start with appearance. Holding a sample of the Nitro product in your hand it is very quickly apparent that the color layer is a very very thin layer that can easily be peeled away from the base layer. The G-Floor Small Coin material is the same color all the way through.

G-Floor Small Coin is manufactured in Emporia, KS. The Nitro product is made overseas, we believe it is made in China.

G-Floor small coin is stored flat and shipped rolled after you place your order. Nitro products come from China wrapped nice and tight. Similar product have had major issues at national chain stores and have been removed from the shelves. It was reported that these products did not lay flat and often were not the size advertised.

G-Floor small coin is designed for enhanced traction. The pattern is embossed while the base layer remains smooth. The coins are closer together allowing greater surface area in contact with your foot.

The small coin layout in specific means that creepers and jacks roll effortlessly. G-Floor small coin also has a reliable and proven seam method. G-Floor Small Coin is available in 8.5 and 10′ widths which means less seams and better coverage.

The bottom line is for less money you can have the time proven G-Floor product in a new and innovative pattern that is designed to give you the best of both worlds. How much did I like it? Check out our YouTube channel over the next few weeks and see what I am putting in my garage!



Customer Service Means Learning From Your Mistakes

We Must Always Improve How We Service Our Customers

Seam Tape

This little roll caused big problems for one of our customers.

So many companies talk about servicing their customers and learning from their mistakes. My personal belief is those who truly apply it to what they do will be successful and those who don’t will suffer. Sometimes ‘bean counters’ look at the cost of servicing a customer and conclude it is too expensive. At the very core of our company is a belief that first it is not about counting the pennies and second, in the long run, it is far more economical to take care of every customer.

This morning, I received a call from a customer who simply put did not believe we honored our word when it came to this policy. The freight company lost her roll of seam tape and her installers were not able to install their garage floor mats. Her husband had called several times and did not understand why this issue was not resolved.

Calling the Customer Back

Sometimes situations come up where we simply cannot resolve the problem then and there. One thing I have always stressed to my staff is even if we can’t resolve the issue yet or even if we do not have the answer yet, every customer should be contacted back before we leave for the day to let them know we are working on it for them.

In investigating this issue, what we found was that the phone number on the packing list for the material has the manufacturers phone number. The customer thought they were contacting us and in fact they had been speaking with the manufacturer. 

Being Prepared to Fix The Problem

Stuff happens and as a business you need to be in a position to resolve issues as soon as possible. In discussing the situation with the manufacturer, part of the solution became clear. We are bringing some rolls of seam tape into our offices so if an issue comes up we can personally send it out right away. They are going to do the same. We are also working on packaging ideas to find ways to make sure that a small roll of seam tape does not get lost on a 10′ pallet.

The Resolution

For this customer, our long-term resolutions was not going to fix their short-term problems. The simple solution was to overnight a replacement roll and that is what we did. Sometimes overnight shipping is not an option. Here it was. We also credited them back for the cost of the roll since they did not have it when they wanted it.

Why point out our flaws?

First, we are not perfect. Like any company issues happen from time to time. This particular issue pointed out a way that we could place future resolutions within our direct control –as opposed to someone at a warehouse hundreds of miles away. We believe our customers will appreciate the fact that we are willing to look at better ways to solving the problems that can arise from time to time.


Small Coin Versus Large Coin

Small Coin Garage Floor Mats Versus Large CoinGarage Flooring LLC announced today the ability to Pre Order the new G-Floor Small Coin garage floor mats from Better Life Technology. The garage floor mats offer a substantial cost savings over the original Coin Pattern garage mats. Many customers are curious as to the difference between the two products.

First and foremost, as the name might suggest, the Small Coin garage floor mats have a smaller coin pattern. They are about the diameter of a dime. The original coin mats have a larger circumference — a little larger than a quarter. Also as you can see from the picture the small coin has a texture to it for increased traction.

There is a thickness difference between the products as well.  The original coin has a base thickness of 75 Mils where the new Small Coin is slightly thinner at 60 Mils. That accounts for roughly 1/67th of an inch difference in the thickness measured from the bottom of the mat to the bottom of the coin — and no I can’t find that on my tape measure either.

The difference in the amount of material does show up better on the scale than it would on a tape measure. The original Coin would weigh about 170 pounds for a 10 x 24 mat where the new Small Coin weighs about 140 pounds.

By popular demand we have added a second size at 24′ long in the small coin product. There have been more requests for material capable of covering 22-27′ wide garages and the new product combinations make that easier than ever.

We have also found that the new Small Coin pattern provides a better working surface for rolling toolboxes, creepers, jacks and other items. The coins are closer together and the wheels tend to glide from coin to coin.

While there is no ASTM testing as of yet to back this up, we feel the Small Coin pattern mat provides a clean advantage in traction as well. More surface area in contact with your foot along with the light texture provides a great grip.

Why We Are Launching Diamond Deck

graphite rollFor over a decade I have been a huge supporter of the G-Floor garage flooring product from Better Life Technology — and I still am. I have also written many articles and blog posts about staying away from less expensive garage floor mats out of China, and in general I still believe that is good advice.

That said there is still room in the market for a lower priced diamond garage mat. The Diamond Deck has been on the market for some time with little or no issues. Further, because they bring the product in on large master rolls, many of the issues that have shown up with other imports, have not been an issue.

We still believe G-Floor to be the best American Made garage floor mat on the market. If however you are looking for a less expensive alternative, Diamond Deck is the way to go! We are also getting ready to launch a new, less expensive small coin garage floor mat from G-Floor. If you are looking for an inexpensive coin pattern product, this is clearly the way to proceed.

simple garage flooring options

Simple Garage Flooring

simple garage flooringWith so much information about garage flooring on the market, there is one very  basic concept that is overlooked. Simple garage flooring. When I started selling garage floor mats from Better Life Technology in 2001 that was the simple premise of the floor. A fast easy way to cover your garage floor without the work or preparation involved in an epoxy or tile floor. I was reminded of that today when my partner who focuses on the programming side of the business made this comment:

I’m just saying…with the all the options we have for floor covering, roll out mats are just the dead-simple option.

There are so many more options today then when we first started in this industry. When we first got into this business in 2001 we had one pattern of roll out flooring in two standard colors and four premium colors. Things have changed since then. One thing has not. The reason to go with a BLT G-Floor roll out garage floor mat is simple. Literally. Unpack it, roll it out and trim it to fit. No prep, no adhesive and most of our customers don’t even use a seam tape.

Please don’t misunderstand this post. We sell a lot of garage floor tiles and garage floor coating products and we love them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either option and to the contrary for some of our customers, they are a much better fit. They are just more work.

The up side to the amount of choices you have in garage flooring is that you can get exactly what you want and in many cases you can get it when and where you need it. Unfortunately, sometimes those of us in  the business spend so much time comparing the technical aspects of the product that we forget some of the most basic things. In this case that basic thing is there is not a simpler, easier to install garage floor protection product than the BLT G-Floor garage floor mats


The Front Edge of My Garage Floor Mat Will Not Stay Flat

The Front Edge of My Garage Floor Mat Will Not Stay Flat

Every once in a while we get a call from a customer who has a front edge of a garage floor mat that will not stay flat on the concrete. This issue is much more common when the product is purchased via a club store or home center that stores the product rolled OGarage Floor Mat Will Not Stay FlatR when a customer does not install the product right away and it stays rolled for a long period of time.

Another cause for garage floor mats not staying flat is when the leading edge is exposed a higher temperature range than the rest of the floor — in other words too much cold or hot air coming under your garage door. First, make sure the mat is NOT installed under the door but a 1/4″ – 1/2″ short of the door. If the problem persists you can consider replacing the seal on the garage door itself and / or adding a garage door threshold. I am not a fan of the garage door threshold in conjunction with the ribbed mat because it makes it difficult to push moisture and dirt out.

If the problem persists, we have had great success with 3M # 80 spray adhesive applied to the front edge of the mat itself.  For best results, apply this when the mat is relaxed.

What Do I Do With My Containment Mat in the Spring?

What Do I Do With My Containment Mat in the Spring?

Containment mats like the Auto Floor Guard and the Park Smart Clean Park are used mostly in winter months to catch the snow, ice and water that comes off your vehicle. Many consumers overlook the fact that they are also very effective year round for catching mud, rain and grime that comes off your vehicle.

If you decide that you do not want to keep your containment mat installed in the summer, the product can be stored. For the 50 Mil Park Smart Clean Park we suggest carefully removing the edge pieces and rolling the product up the way it came. The Auto Floor Guard can be folded and stored until you are ready for use.

Our experience with the 20 Mil Park Smart Clean Park is that constantly removing and attaching the edge pieces can damage the mat.

Studded Tires on Garage Floor Mats

Will Studded Snow Tires Damage Garage Floor Mats?

In a word YES!

Studded Tires on Garage Floor Mats

Click to Enlarge

One of the most popular questions this time of year is how will garage floor mats do with studded tires. The bottom line is this. If you take tires with metal studs and run them over a plastic floor, they are going to do some damage, that is just common sense.

We have had some customers use studded tires with the commercial grade BLT garage floor mats. Those customers who make turns and adjustments in the garage do significantly more damage to the floor that customers who simply pull in and out slowly.

The Auto Floor Guard and the 20 Mil  Park Smart Clean Park products will be very quickly destroyed by studded snow tires. The 50 Mil Park Smart Clean Park used in conjunction with the floor runners from the same company have held up well. The runners will need to be replaced every few years.

We are working on a runner for the G-Floor Products.

BLT Garage Floor Mats Review

BLT Garage Flooring ReviewUpdated 2/12/14 Garage Flooring LLC suggests Better Life Technology (BLT) Garage Flooring. Why? Have a look at our BLT Garage Floor Mats  Review below. The BLT garage floor mats are highly rated for those looking for a DIY garage flooring idea that presents a great value and durability. This product easily receives four stars out of a possible five. I have been selling G-Floor for over a decade and it is consistently my best selling product. It is easy to install, affordable and looks great. There are some definite Pros and Cons see our full review below.





BLT Garage Flooring Review

You can’t do a BLT Garage Flooring Review without considering durability. Durability is key with vehicles, bikes, kids and dogs coming and going.  The last thing anyone wants is to have to replace any flooring every couple of years.  The BLT mat is a flexible PVC.  Now don’t miss read flexible as code for soft or flimsy.  This product has been run over by just about every vehicle on the market including forklift and other commercial vehicles.  It’s been left in freezing condition and sweltering heat and put to the test in commercial areas time and time again.  People are often surprised at the over all weight ( ½ – ¾ pound per square foot).  Far heavier than most mat on the market.  

Equally important to a BLT Garage Flooring Review is selection. BLT has created 4 patterns; rib. coin, diamond plate and levant (textured).  Each pattern has its own aesthetics.  All 4 patterns are available in slate gray and midnight black, the 2 most popular colors.  In addition the rib and coin mats are both available in sandstone, brick red, forest green, racing blue and diamond plate mat is available in metallic silver.  While function does play a key roll in choosing the color please keep in mind that this is your home.  Pick the color that best suits you and your family.  

Pricing is an important consideration to reviewing BLT garage flooring. BLT mats are priced to fit almost every budge, starting at $1.50 a square foot.  For the life of the mat you would be hard pressed find a better overall value.  With basic instillation that consist of rolling out the mat and allowing it to relax.  You simply can’t buy and easier install.  Should live in an area with high snow fall and your worried about water getting between seams, just keep in mind that the weight evenly distributed through out the mat holds it well into place.  But for additional peace of mind BLT does make a center trim kit that is user and wallet friendly.

BLT garage floor mats come in a variety of standard sizes. Sizes are based of common garage and vehicle dimensions.  This make the mats available to ship quickly.  Typical delivery time is 5-10 business days.  It could actually take you longer to decide on a mat than to receive and install it.   

Like any product, BLT garage flooring is not perfect. Some precautions need to be taken to keep the product from staining and some tires will leave stains on the PVC. BLT has come up with a top coat that will prevent the stains.

Email us your BLT Garage Flooring Review

Garage Flooring LLC takes a look at the features and benefits of the BLT G-Floor Garage Floor mats
Garage Flooring LLC suggests Better Life Technology (BLT) Garage Flooring. Why? Have a look at our BLT Garage Floor Mats Review below. The BLT garage floor mats are highly rated for those looking for a DIY garage flooring idea that presents a great value and durability. This product easily receives four stars out of a possible five. I have been selling G-Floor for over a decade and it is consistently our best selling product. It is easy to install, affordable and looks great. There are some definite Pros and Cons see our full review below.
BLT Garage Floor Mat
Date published: 02/12/2014
4 / 5 stars

Garage Flooring Versus Mats with Edging For Snow

Garage Flooring Versus Mats with Edging For Snow

The basic question you need to ask is simple. Am I looking for a decorative covering for my floor or am I looking for something to contain the moisture, dirt, and contaminants that come off of my car or SUV.

Auto Floor Guard Edge and Corner

The Auto Floor Guard has built-in edging to contain water and snow.

The issue of garage flooring versus a containment mat that has edges to contain water and snow is something that we have talked great length about — yet continues to cause confusion within the industry and for our customer base.

The basic question you need to ask is simple. Am I looking for a decorative covering for my floor or am I looking for something to contain the moisture, dirt, and contaminants that come off of my car or SUV.

For some customers the answer to that question is BOTH. If that is the case than a roll out product like the BLT ribbed garage floor mat is likely your best answer. One thing to keep in mind is a containment mat or roll out flooring product will keep all the moisture on top of your floor where you will inevitably step in it or on it. Other products like the TrueLock ribbed garage tile allow the moisture to pass through so you have a clean and dry place to step.

The important thing to realize is there is no single answer that will be the ‘perfect solution’ in every case. For example if I had an old, beat up garage floor and you are not worrying about protecting it, the TrueLock Plus ribbed tile. The tile will not contain anything, and that is the point. Everything passes through and you can clean it with a Shop Vac. This means you have a dry, slip-free floor.

For others, they have a nice concrete slab they want to protect and the idea of allowing everything to flow through just does not make sense. For those consumers they simply need to identify if they want to cover all or most of the garage floor with a flooring product or if they want a containment mat for under the vehicle alone.

One last consideration is how much effort you want to put into this project. A product like the Auto Floor Guard is the equivalent of ‘Plug and Play.’ Pull the 25 pound package out of the box and unfold it. Your done. By contrast the Park Smart Clean Park requires some assembly and has taken some customer’s a 1/2 hour and others nearly two hours to assemble.

Roll out flooring like the G-Floor garage floor mats are also relatively quick to install. A ‘Parking Pad’ can be installed in 10 minutes and a whole floor in under a couple of hours. Tiles can take half a day for a small garage or a weekend for a large three car garage.

‘We understand that this is confusing. That’s why we have a team of garage flooring people standing by and ready to help. Just give us a call 800-956-4301.



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