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Garage Floor Mats

BLT Garage Floor Mats Review

BLT Garage Flooring ReviewUpdated 2/12/14 Garage Flooring LLC suggests Better Life Technology (BLT) Garage Flooring. Why? Have a look at our BLT Garage Floor Mats  Review below. The BLT garage floor mats are highly rated for those looking for a DIY garage flooring idea that presents a great value and durability. This product easily receives four stars out of a possible five. I have been selling G-Floor for over a decade and it is consistently my best selling product. It is easy to install, affordable and looks great. There are some definite Pros and Cons see our full review below.





BLT Garage Flooring Review

You can’t do a BLT Garage Flooring Review without considering durability. Durability is key with vehicles, bikes, kids and dogs coming and going.  The last thing anyone wants is to have to replace any flooring every couple of years.  The BLT mat is a flexible PVC.  Now don’t miss read flexible as code for soft or flimsy.  This product has been run over by just about every vehicle on the market including forklift and other commercial vehicles.  It’s been left in freezing condition and sweltering heat and put to the test in commercial areas time and time again.  People are often surprised at the over all weight ( ½ – ¾ pound per square foot).  Far heavier than most mat on the market.  

Equally important to a BLT Garage Flooring Review is selection. BLT has created 4 patterns; rib. coin, diamond plate and levant (textured).  Each pattern has its own aesthetics.  All 4 patterns are available in slate gray and midnight black, the 2 most popular colors.  In addition the rib and coin mats are both available in sandstone, brick red, forest green, racing blue and diamond plate mat is available in metallic silver.  While function does play a key roll in choosing the color please keep in mind that this is your home.  Pick the color that best suits you and your family.  

Pricing is an important consideration to reviewing BLT garage flooring. BLT mats are priced to fit almost every budge, starting at $1.50 a square foot.  For the life of the mat you would be hard pressed find a better overall value.  With basic instillation that consist of rolling out the mat and allowing it to relax.  You simply can’t buy and easier install.  Should live in an area with high snow fall and your worried about water getting between seams, just keep in mind that the weight evenly distributed through out the mat holds it well into place.  But for additional peace of mind BLT does make a center trim kit that is user and wallet friendly.

BLT garage floor mats come in a variety of standard sizes. Sizes are based of common garage and vehicle dimensions.  This make the mats available to ship quickly.  Typical delivery time is 5-10 business days.  It could actually take you longer to decide on a mat than to receive and install it.   

Like any product, BLT garage flooring is not perfect. Some precautions need to be taken to keep the product from staining and some tires will leave stains on the PVC. BLT has come up with a top coat that will prevent the stains.

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Garage Flooring LLC takes a look at the features and benefits of the BLT G-Floor Garage Floor mats
Garage Flooring LLC suggests Better Life Technology (BLT) Garage Flooring. Why? Have a look at our BLT Garage Floor Mats Review below. The BLT garage floor mats are highly rated for those looking for a DIY garage flooring idea that presents a great value and durability. This product easily receives four stars out of a possible five. I have been selling G-Floor for over a decade and it is consistently our best selling product. It is easy to install, affordable and looks great. There are some definite Pros and Cons see our full review below.
BLT Garage Floor Mat
Date published: 02/12/2014
4 / 5 stars

Garage Flooring Versus Mats with Edging For Snow

Garage Flooring Versus Mats with Edging For Snow

The basic question you need to ask is simple. Am I looking for a decorative covering for my floor or am I looking for something to contain the moisture, dirt, and contaminants that come off of my car or SUV.

Auto Floor Guard Edge and Corner

The Auto Floor Guard has built-in edging to contain water and snow.

The issue of garage flooring versus a containment mat that has edges to contain water and snow is something that we have talked great length about — yet continues to cause confusion within the industry and for our customer base.

The basic question you need to ask is simple. Am I looking for a decorative covering for my floor or am I looking for something to contain the moisture, dirt, and contaminants that come off of my car or SUV.

For some customers the answer to that question is BOTH. If that is the case than a roll out product like the BLT ribbed garage floor mat is likely your best answer. One thing to keep in mind is a containment mat or roll out flooring product will keep all the moisture on top of your floor where you will inevitably step in it or on it. Other products like the TrueLock ribbed garage tile allow the moisture to pass through so you have a clean and dry place to step.

The important thing to realize is there is no single answer that will be the ‘perfect solution’ in every case. For example if I had an old, beat up garage floor and you are not worrying about protecting it, the TrueLock Plus ribbed tile. The tile will not contain anything, and that is the point. Everything passes through and you can clean it with a Shop Vac. This means you have a dry, slip-free floor.

For others, they have a nice concrete slab they want to protect and the idea of allowing everything to flow through just does not make sense. For those consumers they simply need to identify if they want to cover all or most of the garage floor with a flooring product or if they want a containment mat for under the vehicle alone.

One last consideration is how much effort you want to put into this project. A product like the Auto Floor Guard is the equivalent of ‘Plug and Play.’ Pull the 25 pound package out of the box and unfold it. Your done. By contrast the Park Smart Clean Park requires some assembly and has taken some customer’s a 1/2 hour and others nearly two hours to assemble.

Roll out flooring like the G-Floor garage floor mats are also relatively quick to install. A ‘Parking Pad’ can be installed in 10 minutes and a whole floor in under a couple of hours. Tiles can take half a day for a small garage or a weekend for a large three car garage.

‘We understand that this is confusing. That’s why we have a team of garage flooring people standing by and ready to help. Just give us a call 800-956-4301.



G-Floor Top Coat

G-Floor Top Coat Protects PVC Garage Floor Mats

G-Floor recently released a video describing the advantages of G-Floor Top coat for their PVC. Check out the video below!

 G-Floor is a great product to improve the look and feel of your garage. If there has ever been a downside to the product it is the fact that certain automotive chemicals and high end tires can stain or discolor the product.

While nothing is stain proof, the G-Floor top coat provides a durable stain protection for G-Floor products. In most cases it is applied by the consumer once the floor is installed. On large custom jobs of over 1,000 linear feet, it is possible to have the top coat factory applied.

Additionally the factory top coat is readily available on custom products.

Drymate Replaced With Drymate Max

Drymate Garage Mats Being Replaced with Drymate Max

Drymate Garage MatsOver the next few weeks, the Drymate Garage Floor Mat are being replaced with the Drymate Max garage floor mats. Like most such moves, it will result in a price increase to the consumer in exchange or a noticeably higher quality. In this case, simply holding the product the noticeable difference may not be quite so noticeable. In use though the difference will become clear.

The product was re-manufactured to meet quality guidelines of a major national brand. This brand will offer the product at an even higher price. The new guidelines have resulted in a slightly thicker and much more durable product. 

We have ordered in all remaining inventory that the manufacturer has, and we will begin receiving shipments of the new product the first week of January. Once we have been able to establish what our inbound freight is, we will announce the prices on the new product.


How Does a G-Floor Garage Floor Mat Contain Water and Snow

Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

How Does a G-Floor Garage Floor Mat Contain Water and Snow

You failed to protect your garage floor, and now you have pitted concrete and stains. You want to protect your floor from further damage, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

G-Floor ribbed garage floor mats from Better Life Technology are one of the original ways to protect your garage floor. In an error where there are a lot of containment mats on the market, there is often confusion about why to select a ribbed garage floor mat and exactly how it is going to function. First, lets clear up two other questions:

Two Ways to Use a Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

First, it is important to understand that there are two ways to use a ribbed garage floor mat. You can use it as a ParkingPad under a single vehicle or you can use it to cover all or most of your garage floor. There is no right or wrong, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

When to Opt for a Containment Mat

Auto Floor Guard Containment Mat

If your garage slopes the wrong way, or if it has a severe slope to the center or one side, a ribbed mat may not be your best option. If it slopes towards the center, because of a center drain, we would suggest another pattern such as the G-Floor coin garage floor mats. Why? If you have a drain, use it. If you do not have a center drain and your floor has a slope going anywhere other than out of the garage, you might consider a containment mat such as the Park Smart Clean Part or Auto Floor Guard.

So, How Does The G-Floor Ribbed Mat Contain Water

The simple answer is that the G-Floor ribbed mat is not designed as a containment mat. It is designed to give you an easy to clean floor that helps channel the moisture and debris out of the garage. It also helps to keep water, snow, slush and debris from spreading all over.

Water likes to hang out with itself. It does not want to be in small puddles, water tends to run together into larger puddles, and larger puddles spread all over the floor. The ribs keep the water from creating larger puddles by breaking up its natural bond. This means you have a small amount of water on the floor, and it does not tend to spread all over the garage.

Now, if you have lake effect snow, and you park your car outside where it gets 12″ of snow on it and then pull in to a 7.5′ x 17′ ribbed mat installed as a parking pad, you are probably going to have water on the garage floor! If this is you, use a containment mat, or cover the whole floor. For the rest of us, who, by the time we finally pull into the garage have small amounts of moisture and snow to deal with, the ribbed mat is a great option.


How Much Does It Cost to Cover a Two Car Garage?

granite spek flooringIf I had a dollar for every customer that asked how much material will I need or how much does it cost to cover a two car garage with garage floor mats or garage floor tiles, I would be a very rich man. The truth is every two car garage is different . There is no simple answer, but for the sake of argument, lets assume a two car garage is between 400 and 480 Sq. Ft. Lets assume we are using standard size mats to cover that floor and for tiles we will base it on a 20 x 22 garage with a 16′ overhead door. Disclaimer: These numbers are probably, perhaps even definitely, not 100% accurate for a wall to wall installation in your garage. You should measure first and then call us at 800-956-4301. 

Product Material Needed Approximate Cost (as of 12/2013)
G-Floor Ribbed 55 Mil 2 10′ x 22′ Ribbed Garage Floor Mats. 1 Center Strip $726.00
G-Floor Coin 75 Mil 2 10′ x 24′ Coin Garage Floor Mats. 1 Center Strip $1206.00
G-Floor Diamond 75 Mil 2 10′ x 24′ Diamond Garage Floor Mats. 1 Center Strip $1206.00
TrueLock Diamond 440 Tiles and 16 Male edges $1043.60
TrueLock Plus (all 13″) 399 Tiles and 15 Edge Pieces $1905.30
TrueLock Plus Ribbed 272 Tiles and 11 Edge Pieces $1885.32
MotorMat (All Patterns) 11 Boxes of Tile and 16 Female Edges. *Diamond pattern costs extra. Based on single color *$1351.89
TrueLock PVC 182 TrueLock PVC  Black, Gray or Dark Gray tiles. Colors extra. 16 lft edging $1668.90
Tuff Seal 210 Tuff Seal PVC Tiles and 16 lft Edging $2902.20




Cleaning and Protecting G-Floor Garage Floor Mats

Hilway Direct Plus — Acrylic Floor Finish & Cleaner / Maintainer

Hilway Direct Plus Acrylic FinishAfter weeks of deciding on the best garage flooring for your garage, you take the measurements and place the order for your Better Life Technology (BLT) G-floor garage floor mats. You get the mats unloaded, rolled out and trimmed when it hits you… How in the world am I going to keep these mats looking like new?

I’ve been selling this product since 2001. The best answer is to order G-Floor plus from the outset. But for many of us that is not in the budget, or we are looking for more of a complete floor care system. An acrylic floor finish is a great solution and Hilway Direct Plus is the way to go. It can be applied full strength for the original coat and diluted to create a cleaner.

On average each application will last 3-6 months. Depending on the level of abuse the floor takes you can either apply a thin layer over top or use our stripper to remove the original coat and apply a fresh one.

Frustrated by Garage Floor Epoxy

G-Floor by BLT are the best quality Garage Floor Mats on the market.

Frustrated by Garage Floor Epoxy

So you went down to your local big box retail store and fell for the $99 miracle coating in a box. Or even worse, you purchased a high-end epoxy, and it still failed. You walk out into the garage in disgust, especially when you are accompanied by your wife who gives you that ‘seriously, what were you thinking look’

When you pull out of the garage the bare spots where the tires sit leave a pit in the bottom of your stomach. Would you be surprised to know I have been there myself, as have literally millions of Americans?

This frustration literally inspired the Better Life Technology Garage Floor Mat. The ‘Roll Out’ garage flooring that covers and beautifies almost any garage floor instantly.

  • NO floor preparation, grinding, or acid etching means this flooring product will solve your headache, not create a new one!
  • American Made
  • Requires no adhesives. This means there is nothing to ‘cure’ 
  • Does not lift on contact with hot tires
  • Simply roll it out, trim to fit and drive on your floor the very same day. No waiting, and no mess.

Note: If you want a good garage floor epoxy, start with a lot of elbow grease and a high-end coating.


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prevent oil stains

How do I prevent Oil Stains on My Garage Floor?

Carpet MatsWe get a lot of calls from customers who are looking for ways to prevent oil stains on their garage floor but they do not necessarily want to cover their whole garage floor with a mat. The question becomes is there an effective way to prevent oil from seeping into the concrete without covering the entire surface.

One option would be the use of a good concrete sealer. Sealers are great for protecting the entire floor at a relatively low price, but they do not resist 100% of all the liquid that falls on them.

If you are able to isolate the oil leak, battery acid or other containment, an Oil Dri Garage Guard product may be ideal. They are an inexpensive carpet like mat with a polyvinyl backing. The carpet absorbs the leaking fluids and the polyvinyl keeps the fluid from leaking through the mat. If Oil Dri mats are to small or if you can’t identify where the leak is coming from, then a Drymate mat may be a better solution.

If your like main home owners and your floor is already stained, we have found Pour N Restore very effective for removing different types of stains.

How to Install G-Floor Edge and Center Strips

G-Floor Center Strip Shown in Black

G-Floor Center Strip Shown in Black

In yesterday’s post we discussed the installation of the G-Floor Garage Floor Mat using the seam tape product. While the layout and other tips are still relevant, and we highly suggest reading the article, there is another method to dealing with the edges and seams, or joints where two mats come together.

In early 2012, G-Floor released its center and edge strip products. These products were designed to make for an easy, Do-It-Yourself garage floor mat installation.

While G-Floor can be installed with no accessories at all, many of our customers are looking for an easy way to connect more than one mat and to provide a finished look at the entrance to the garage. These products provide that option.

While installation of the center strips and edge strips in generally common sense, we wanted to cover a few tips that will make your installation more successful.

How to Install G-Floor Edge and Center Strips

  1. Looking at the center strip from above, you will notice that the bottom is wider than the top.  That is how the product should be oriented. The wider portion should be at the base and the narrower portion should be covering your seams.
  2. G-Floor, like almost any flooring product, will expand and contract. When you are doing your installation you want to leave 1/4″ – 1/2″gap at any walls or posts that you are cutting around. Likewise, when you place the mat into the edge strip or center strip, do not push the mat all the way in. Pull it back about 1/4″ to leave room for expansion and contraction.
  3. Professional Tip: Making sure to follow the suggestions above, there is one more optional step that can be done. The edge strips and center strips can be secured to the floor using our QuickStick adhesive or double-sided indoor outdoor carpet tape. DO NOT adhere the mats. This will allow your mats to expand and contract freely while keeping your edge and center strips in place. In many cases the edge strip will only be used at the front entrance to the garage. 
  4. We have included some images below that you can click on to enlarge.



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