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Garage Floor Epoxy Pro System

garage floor epoxy Our Pro world-class 100% solids garage floor epoxy system isn’t the same kind of epoxy found in your local store or a generic product that can be purchased under many different names. Rather, it is the highest-grade epoxy for garage floor coatings you will find, and we are making it available to the public for use in their homes. For anyone wishing to invest valuable time and money in an epoxy system, it is wise to spend a little more on this kind of system; it is durable, UV stable, and resistant to abrasions and chemicals. A little extra investment now will save you time, money, and hassle later.


What Makes This Garage Floor Epoxy System Superior?

There are a lot of companies out there claiming to have the finest epoxy available on the market, but we have an edge that our competitors can’t match. Any engineer or architect will tell you that the essence of a good building product is the overall system, not its individual components. We have developed a system to epoxy garage floors that, properly installed, will give you a flawless floor with strong resistance to stains, chemicals, and hot tires.

As compared to less expensive systems that you will find on the market, our top coats are 100% solids. These products are 100% VOC free and very low odor. Face it: Installing an epoxy system can be a major headache, but it shouldn’t give you one!

The important features of this epoxy for garage flooring coatings include increased flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance. Most garage floor epoxy products are brittle and hard, but this system has been designed for optimal flexibility, permitting it to compensate for variable conditions.

Not counting the flakes and the primer, your system thickness will be 20 – 25 Mils. The dry coating will be approximately the thickness of five or six sheets of copying paper.

But one of the most important parts is you, the customer. We will arm you with accurate instructions on correct floor preparation. And make no mistake—this is an important stage of the process. If you went shopping for a dog, and you were told that it wouldn’t shed, you might wonder if you were being told the whole truth. That’s the same way we feel about epoxy systems that supposedly need little preparation.

The system consists of the necessary primers, top coats, base coat, and flakes. We recommend using all four of these components, but the decision is up to you.

Pick a Color, Any Color

Our base coat is available in black, tile red, tan, dark gray, and light gray. With every gallon of our base coat that you order from us, we will include one pound of flakes at no charge. This is our Popular Flake Color Chart  OR You can pick and standard blend in any size you wish. Click here for a FULL  flake color chart. If you wish to put together a full broadcast system, you can get the flakes you need. For a full broadcast, we recommend .20 pounds/sq. ft. For a random broadcast, you should find that the free flakes will provide more than you need. Just indicate in the order notes about the size and blend you would like to have. 


Garage Floor Epoxy Options

100 Percent Solids Garage Floor Epoxy Base Coat -- 1 gallon covers 160 Sq. Ft. VOC Free. Low Odor. Remember, includes flakes of your choice. Just tell us the blend number and size you prefer.

Garage Floor Epoxy Options
Product Price Select Quantity, Color & Order
250 Sq. Ft. Epoxy Kit with clear epoxy top coat & free flakes $349.99        
500 Sq. Ft. Epoxy Kit with clear epoxy top coat & free flakes $695.99        
250 Sq. Ft. Epoxy Kit with UV stable clear epoxy top coat & free flakes $459.99        
500 Sq. Ft. Epoxy Kit with UV stable clear epoxy top coat & free flakes $909.99        
100 % Solids Garage Floor Epoxy Base Coat. 1 Gallon. Covers 160 Sq. Ft. $79.99        
Select Your Torginol Flake Blend for Kits $0.00        

Top Coats, Primers and Repair Product

Our top coats are 100% solids epoxy and VOC Free. Very low odor.

Top Coats, Primers and Repair Product
Product Price Select Quantity & Order
1 Gallon Clear Top Coat 100% Solids. No VOC. Low Odor. Covers Up To 120 Sq. Ft. $79.99 ea.     
1 Gallon Clear Top Coat 100% Solids. No VOC. Low Odor. UV Resistant. Covers up to 120 Sq. Ft. Per Gallon $130.00 ea.     
1 Gallon Epoxy Primer 175-200 Sq. Ft per Gallon $76.99 ea.     
Concrete Repair Patch: Covers up to 40 Sq. Ft. $96.99 ea.     
Joint Fill Gel. 1/2 Gallon. Covers up to 75 lft $74.99 ea.     
Vapor Barrier Primer 1 Gallon. Covers 250-300 Sq. Ft. $106.99 ea.     
5 Pounds of 1/8" flakes #411 $19.99 ea.     
5 Pounds of 1/8" flakes #421 $19.99 ea.     
5 Pounds of 1/8" flakes #713 $19.99 ea.     
5 Pounds of 1/8" flakes #714 $19.99 ea.     
5 Pounds of 1/8" flakes #715 $19.99 ea.     
5 Pounds Flakes Other Color/Size $19.99 ea.     
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