Garage Floor Mats

Garage floor mats are perfect for the customer who is looking for a quick and easy installation. We generally recommend The BLT Garage Floor mat for wall to wall installation and most parking pads. We have additional options for customers looking to contain dirt, snow and moisture and Drymate absorbent mats for customers looking to simply absorb oil and other spills.

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BLT Garage Floor Mats


BLT G-Floor garage floor mats are our most popular roll out product. Cover your entire floor or just a small section. Available in four patterns and 6 colors. Custom imaged products and checkerboard products available as well. Made In The USA

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Diamond Deck Mats


An imported, less expensive alternative to the G-Floor Diamond garage floor mats, DiamondDeck is the only foreign garage floor mat we trusted enough to sell. The product is cut to size when you place your order. Available in the diamond pattern in a graphite or pewter color.

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Drymate Absorbent Carpet Mats

DryMate Max

The look and feel of the original Drymate Garage Floor Mat, only better! More absorbent, better raw materials and the material relaxes faster than the original product. A great option for a soft floor that absorbs moisture, oil and other fluids.

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AutoFloorGuard Containment Mat


Our favorite, one piece, no assembly required containment mat. Keeping snow, ice and grime off your garage floor just does not get any easier than this. Open the box, unroll, and your floor is protected. Constructed from a PVC infused commercial tarp like material and foam edges.

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Park Smart Clean Park


We have been containing fluids, snow and dirt with the Park Smart Clean Park product for over a decade. The 50 Mil product is a high quality PVC with snap on edges. While assembly is required, the final product is outstanding. Best installed before temperatures get low

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Imaged Mats from G-Floor

G-Floor Imaged

The look of a checkerboard garage floor, or a granite garage floor, without the work. These imaged mats from G-Floor allow you to instantly transform your garage and make it look like tiles or epoxy coatings in a very short period of time. Made in the USA. Limited quantity Camaro Mats still in stock!

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Garage floor mats provide a great way to beautify and protect your floor. From BLT G-Floor mats to containment mats and Drymate Max, we have you covered! We also continue to offer two free samples of the products we sell. We believe it is important that you see the product before you make a purchase.

G-Floor is a great option for your floor. Unlike epoxy or tile, our mats can be rolled out in minutes. If you are covering the entire floor, these mats can be trimmed to fit.

Garage Flooring LLC is more than just a low price and free shipping. Our Colorado offices are staffed by industry experts that are dedicated to helping you find the best product for your specific needs.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, our management team is 100% dedicated to providing quality product at an affordable price with incredible service and honest advice. We know you have a lot of options and we are pleased to serve you.