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Garage Floor Tiles

Garage Floor Tiles are a great solution for the customer looking to design his own garage floor and is not overly concerned about the number of seams. There are two basic types of garage floor tiles Flexible (PVC) and rigid (Polypropylene). PVC tiles are quieter and do a better job protecting the floor. Polypropylene tiles are harder, more stain resistant, have smoother lines. Garage Flooring LLC offers free full size samples of most garage floor tiles in our catalog. NEW Design your Garage Floor using our floor tile design tool! Click ‘Design Your Floor‘ at the top of the page. We also offer a free .xls spreadsheet and an online tile calculator to help you order your garage tile.






Rubber Interlocking Floor Tiles

Interlocking tiles are perfect for many applications. From home gyms to corporate fitness centers, rubber flooring is the answer.

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Polypropylene Vs. PVC Garage Floor Tiles

Selecting a Tile for Your Garage Floor

There are so many garage floor tiles and so many different manufacturers that it can be very confusing to the average consumer.  Important industry information on expansion and contraction.   We field hundreds of calls asking us what the difference is between a tile that costs $2.29/ Sq. Ft. and a tile that costs $3.96 / Sq. Ft. They key here is it depends on what you are looking for. There are a lot of gimmicks that are used to sell garage floor coverings that are much more expensive than what the consumer actually needs. There is also a growing trend of sending very small samples which make it difficult to make a decision. We offer free, FULL SIZE garage floor tile samples, free shipping and a low price guarantee. That is NOT the reason you should buy from us though. Garage Flooring LLC’s very simple difference is putting the consumer first and offering best in class customer service and one on one advice on the best tiles for your garage floor!

In selecting a tile, the first thing you need to consider is the application you are using it for. If you are using the product for a basic garage where you pull straight in and straight out and that doesn’t have a moisture issue, virtually any covering for your concrete will work. If your situation is more complex, however, there are many factors to consider:

  1. What do you do in your garage?
  2. What are you trying to achieve?
  3. Are there expansion and contraction concerns?
  4. How many locks does the tile have?
  5. What are the garage floor tiles constructed of?
  6. How does the product handle expansion and contraction?
  7. What is the warranty?
  8. How thick is the product?
  9. Is the manufacturer and retailer reputable?
  10. Do you have a moisture issue?
  11. How easy is the product to clean?

Of course, there are many other factors, but these are just a few to consider before purchasing garage flooring of any type!

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