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Garage Floor Tiles at Great Prices from Garage Flooring LLC

Garage Floor Tiles from Garage Flooring LLC: The best selection at the guaranteed lowest prices. Like all of our products, these are delivered free of charge. Remember, Garage Flooring LLC offers free full size samples of most garage tiles in our catalog. Important industry information on expansion and contraction.  NEW Design your Garage Floor using our floor tile design tool! Click ‘Design Your Floor’ at the top of the page.







Rubber Interlocking Floor Tiles

Interlocking tiles are perfect for many applications. From home gyms to corporate fitness centers, rubber flooring is the answer.

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Premium Garage Tile

Premium TileOur premium Garage Tiles are available in our Coin Pattern, Diamond Pattern, Ultra Flat Style, and our Sport and Drain tile. Our premium tiles start at $3.00/SF and all include a 15-year warranty. They are made from the highest quality raw materials, are resistant to stain, and feature five locks per side.

BLT Self Stick PVCTiles

BLT Self Stick BLT Self Stick tile flooring is a great alternative to VCT. They require no special prep and never need to be waxed. They are available in a variety of colors, 12? x 12? or 24? x 24?. We have BLT Self Stick Raceday tiles in Diamond tread and Levant pattern.

Norsk-Stor PVC Tiles

Norsk-Stor PVCNorsk-Stor PVC garage floor tiles are a great alternative to traditional tiles and mats. They allow moisture to evaporate from the underside like polypropylene, but the seams allow less moisture to flow through like a garage floor mat. They can be installed in a solid pattern, a checkerboard, or other pattern of your choice.

AutoDeck Interlocking Tile

AutoDeck Interlocking AutoDeck interlocking garage tiles—an American-made flooring system with an unparalleled locking system and state-of-the-art drainage system to prevent moisture from accumulating underneath. AD5 Diamond Tread flooring is our most popular garage tile.

Garage Floor Tiles

A great way to customize the premises. Like garage floor mats, these tiles come in a variety of colors and patterns. They also add a range of additional benefits. We now offer Norsk-Stor PVC and Sport Court MotorMat in Coin, Tread, and Vented.

They Fit Any Space

Unlike garage floor mats, these do not need to be custom-ordered to fit available space. They diamond patterninterlock to cover virtually any size. There are several installation methods that can provide the perfect fit. The easy Do It Yourself Installation method is to work from left to right and front to back. You cut only the tiles on the right hand side and the back of the garage.

If you want everything perfectly centered, you can run your tiles until you cannot fit any more. Then slide the row over so it is centered. Cut a starter tile and cut a garage floor tile to finish your row. You will still need a full depth tile at the front of the garage so you can attach the edges.

Moisture Can Evaporate

Unlike garage floor mats, interlocking products do not trap moisture underneath them. This provides an ideal solution in areas where moisture is a constant issue. Many customers in Florida, for example, have found that interlocking products provide a better solution than garage floor mats or coatings.

Less Work & Less Mess Than Coatings

Coin garage floor tiles clean easy

Garage floor coatings require a ton of preparation and are often very messy. Tile requires virtually no preparation and forms an instant floor that does not need to cure. What’s more, there is no need for acid etching with garage tile flooring.

Selecting a Product

While many manufacturers and retailers would like you to believe that they have a product for your every need, it is simply not true. Every garage is different and every concrete slab is different. Selecting the correct product for your application is key to your success and your enjoyment. We believe that TrueLock Diamond. TrueLock PVC  or Sport Court MotorMat in Coin, Tread, and Vented will meet the needs of most consumers for many garage flooring applications. We also highly Recommend the TrueLock Plus Ribbed garage tile for any situation where expansion and contraction is of concern.

In selecting a tile, the first thing you need to consider is the application you are using it for. If you are using the product for a basic garage where you pull straight in and straight out and that doesn’t have a moisture issue, virtually any covering for your concrete will work. If your situation is more complex, however, there are many factors to consider:

  1. How many locks does the product have?
  2. What is the product constructed of?
  3. How does the product handle expansion and contraction?
  4. What is the warranty?
  5. How thick is the product?
  6. Is the manufacturer and retailer reputable?
  7. Do you have a moisture issue?
  8. How easy is the product to clean?

Of course, there are many other factors, but these are just a few to consider before purchasing garage tile flooring.

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