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Drymate Garage Floor Mat Video Review

We are going to take a brief break from our G-Floor project to show you a quick introduction to the less expensive Drymate Garage Floor Mat. This is a great alternative for someone looking to use an inexpensive carpet type mat over their garage floor.


Working from Master Rolls of Garage Flooring

We did it! We got our garage floor installed this weekend and we will be publishing a lot of video and images shortly. We still have some work to do in the garage and we continue this series.

Before we proceeded, we wanted to let you know how we felt about working from master rolls. To summarize it simply: I would not do it again if I had a choice. Working from a master roll of garage flooring added a lot of work and time to the overall installation. Sometimes it is a necessary evil, but if you can avoid it, you will be better off. Here are a couple of concerns:

  • The master rolls are 8.5 x 100′ and they come on a large freight truck. Getting the roll off the freight job is the responsibility of the person receiving the flooring. We had a great driver from Yellow Freight who was more than willing to help. He and I got the 600 pound roll off the truck by ourselves. BUT I could see where it could be a challenge.
  • We cut every piece twice. Master rolls can’t be  left sitting rolled. We rolled it out and cut off in 20′ sections and did our final trim later.
  • We  only had two pieces with factory edges.
  • Master rolls come pattern out. this mean when we rolled it out the pattern was face down on the concrete. It took some extra care and some extra cleaning.

If we had a huge garage or a commercial location this probably would have been the way to go. Working in a 600 sq.ft. residential garage, we would definitely not recommend working from master rolls for the average DIY consumer. That said when we were all done, it was a little extra work but its a beautiful garage. We WOULD recommend the small coin to anyone!

TrueLock Diamond Second Video Review

One of our customers just published his second review of our inexpensive TrueLock Diamond garage floor tile. This review is published after some long-term use and abuse in an environment that is much harsher than what most of us would expose our floors to.


A Two Year Old Can Install It

Jonathan Decides to Take Over G-Floor Installation

Last night we were working from the master roll we had ordered. Since we were dealing with a 100′ roll of G-Floor small coin, we had to cut it down into smaller workable pieces. Apparently I was working to slow and needed some additional assistance

Part 1: The Before Video of Justin’s Garage

Justin’s Garage Before G-Floor and Garage Storage Products


As promised here is some before video so you have a good idea of what we are up against and perhaps how impossible this garage flooring project might be with some of the products on the market.

Those are some large saw cuts for expansion joints and there are a lot of oil and other unknown stains on the floor. For epoxy, as an example we would have to grind the floor, get rid of all the oil stains and we would probably want to go ahead and fill the expansion joints with an epoxy expansion joint filler.

Customer Service Means Learning From Your Mistakes

We Must Always Improve How We Service Our Customers

Seam Tape

This little roll caused big problems for one of our customers.

So many companies talk about servicing their customers and learning from their mistakes. My personal belief is those who truly apply it to what they do will be successful and those who don’t will suffer. Sometimes ‘bean counters’ look at the cost of servicing a customer and conclude it is too expensive. At the very core of our company is a belief that first it is not about counting the pennies and second, in the long run, it is far more economical to take care of every customer.

This morning, I received a call from a customer who simply put did not believe we honored our word when it came to this policy. The freight company lost her roll of seam tape and her installers were not able to install their garage floor mats. Her husband had called several times and did not understand why this issue was not resolved.

Calling the Customer Back

Sometimes situations come up where we simply cannot resolve the problem then and there. One thing I have always stressed to my staff is even if we can’t resolve the issue yet or even if we do not have the answer yet, every customer should be contacted back before we leave for the day to let them know we are working on it for them.

In investigating this issue, what we found was that the phone number on the packing list for the material has the manufacturers phone number. The customer thought they were contacting us and in fact they had been speaking with the manufacturer. 

Being Prepared to Fix The Problem

Stuff happens and as a business you need to be in a position to resolve issues as soon as possible. In discussing the situation with the manufacturer, part of the solution became clear. We are bringing some rolls of seam tape into our offices so if an issue comes up we can personally send it out right away. They are going to do the same. We are also working on packaging ideas to find ways to make sure that a small roll of seam tape does not get lost on a 10′ pallet.

The Resolution

For this customer, our long-term resolutions was not going to fix their short-term problems. The simple solution was to overnight a replacement roll and that is what we did. Sometimes overnight shipping is not an option. Here it was. We also credited them back for the cost of the roll since they did not have it when they wanted it.

Why point out our flaws?

First, we are not perfect. Like any company issues happen from time to time. This particular issue pointed out a way that we could place future resolutions within our direct control –as opposed to someone at a warehouse hundreds of miles away. We believe our customers will appreciate the fact that we are willing to look at better ways to solving the problems that can arise from time to time.


Our Garage — Justin’s Garage Flooring and Garage Storage Project

Our Garage Flooring and Garage Storage Project

Outside of Garage Looking In

Outside of Garage Looking In

One of the fun things about being in this industry is having the chance to use the products we sell. Our Family is moving into a new home in Fruita, CO and we thought we would share our project as it goes along.

I know some people are probably thinking that this is going to be a high-end house with a set of garage flooring and garage storage products that most people could not afford, if they were not ‘in the business.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. We have invested in a modest 2,400 Sq. Ft. home with what the real estate listing calls a three car garage. I would consider it a large 2 car garage.

We are a relatively large blended family. Space and storage are at a premium. Just like everyone else, we are looking for ways to maximize our space while spending as little money as possible.

I have attached some before pictures. Our next entry we will talk about what garage flooring we selected and why.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Cracks and Expansion Joints

What do I do with Cracks and Expansion Joints in My Garage Floor before Installing Garage Floor Mats or Tiles?

The simple answer is absolutely nothing. Most garage floor mats and tiles were designed to be installed over your existing garage floor with little or no prep work. In most cases a simple push broom will do the trick.

Expansion joints are present in many if not most garage floors. They are intentional grooves that are placed in the concrete such that when the floor expands and contracts it does as little damage as possible. If you decide you are going to fill the expansion joints you need to be very careful. Why? Because if you fill the expansion joints with a material that is not flexible you may actually damage your floor.

Hairline cracks will have no impact on your typical garage floor tiles or mats and there is really no need to fill them. If you have developed extremely wide cracks, you should consider having the slab looked at before applying any garage flooring — just to make sure there is not an issue with your concrete. In most cases the floor can be rolled out directly over the floor without worrying about it.

If you decide that your expansion joints or cracks to need to be filled or repaired, we have accessories from our epoxy lines that will help with that. Just give us a call at 800-956-4301 so we can direct you to the best product 

Small Coin Versus Large Coin

Small Coin Garage Floor Mats Versus Large CoinGarage Flooring LLC announced today the ability to Pre Order the new G-Floor Small Coin garage floor mats from Better Life Technology. The garage floor mats offer a substantial cost savings over the original Coin Pattern garage mats. Many customers are curious as to the difference between the two products.

First and foremost, as the name might suggest, the Small Coin garage floor mats have a smaller coin pattern. They are about the diameter of a dime. The original coin mats have a larger circumference — a little larger than a quarter. Also as you can see from the picture the small coin has a texture to it for increased traction.

There is a thickness difference between the products as well.  The original coin has a base thickness of 75 Mils where the new Small Coin is slightly thinner at 60 Mils. That accounts for roughly 1/67th of an inch difference in the thickness measured from the bottom of the mat to the bottom of the coin — and no I can’t find that on my tape measure either.

The difference in the amount of material does show up better on the scale than it would on a tape measure. The original Coin would weigh about 170 pounds for a 10 x 24 mat where the new Small Coin weighs about 140 pounds.

By popular demand we have added a second size at 24′ long in the small coin product. There have been more requests for material capable of covering 22-27′ wide garages and the new product combinations make that easier than ever.

We have also found that the new Small Coin pattern provides a better working surface for rolling toolboxes, creepers, jacks and other items. The coins are closer together and the wheels tend to glide from coin to coin.

While there is no ASTM testing as of yet to back this up, we feel the Small Coin pattern mat provides a clean advantage in traction as well. More surface area in contact with your foot along with the light texture provides a great grip.

Why We Are Launching Diamond Deck

graphite rollFor over a decade I have been a huge supporter of the G-Floor garage flooring product from Better Life Technology — and I still am. I have also written many articles and blog posts about staying away from less expensive garage floor mats out of China, and in general I still believe that is good advice.

That said there is still room in the market for a lower priced diamond garage mat. The Diamond Deck has been on the market for some time with little or no issues. Further, because they bring the product in on large master rolls, many of the issues that have shown up with other imports, have not been an issue.

We still believe G-Floor to be the best American Made garage floor mat on the market. If however you are looking for a less expensive alternative, Diamond Deck is the way to go! We are also getting ready to launch a new, less expensive small coin garage floor mat from G-Floor. If you are looking for an inexpensive coin pattern product, this is clearly the way to proceed.

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