Oil-Dri Garage Guard Mat


Oil Dri Garage Guard Garage Floor Protectors & Industrial Rugs. Save on 6 or more!

OIL-DRI® Garage Guard and Poly Backed Industrial Rug shields and protects garage floors and work surfaces by absorbing fluids without allowing them to penetrate the non-slip poly backing. Huge savings when you purchase 6 or more Oil Dri Products.

 Oil Dri Garage Guard Garage Floor Protectors & Industrial Rugs. Save on 6 or more!
Product Price Select Quantity & Order
Oil Dri Garage Guard 3x5 $16.99 ea.     
Oil Dri Garage Guard 2x3 $14.99 ea.     
Oil Dri Garage Guard Poly Backed Industrial Rug 3'x50' $99.99 ea.     
NEW Drymate MAX 7'4"x17 Garage Mat. *** In Stock *** $129.99 ea.     
NEW Drymate Max 7'4"x20 Garage Mat *** In Stock*** $149.99 ea.     
Drymate 7'4"x8'4" Small Vehicle Mat / Motorcycle Mat / ATV Mat/ Golf Cart Mat $68.99 ea.     
Drymate Garage Floor Runner 29"x9' $39.99 ea.     
Drymate Garage Floor Runner 29"x18' $67.99 ea.     

oil dri garage guardThe Oil Dri Garage Guard is a needle punched polypropylene with a poly backing designed to absorb liquids and prevent them from penetrating into the surface below. They are made from a combination of gray, white and black fibers.

Oil Dri Garage Guard Garage Mats are designed to protect your garage floor and guard it from oil, gasoline and other contaminants that leak out of your car, truck, lawnmower or motorcycle.

Oil Dri Garage Guard protects much more than just garage floors! It also protects workbenches, shelves and walkways which can be permanently damaged from spills, liquids and moisture!

Don’t let leaks, drips and spills ruin your day! Oil Dri garage guard products will protect the floor and allow you to park your car, lawn mower, boat, tractor and motorcycle with out the worry of damaging the concrete below.

Oil Dri Garage Guard Product are also great for gas can storage and gas can transport.

The Drymate Garage Floor Mat is a similar product in a larger roll so you can park your whole vehicle on it. Drymate is not an Oil Dri Product.