Garage Flooring

Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado is an industry leader in quality flooring and storage products. We sell products throughout the United States through our website. At heart, we are a business dedicated to making your ideas and concepts a reality. From our service, to shipment of your tiles, mats & rolls and finally to the transformation of your garage, we will leave you floored. Because we have become so popular, we have the buying power to offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices. In business for nearly two decades. Jealous neighbors are our best customer.™

The management at offers the following products:


Similar to mats, garage floor tiles can be installed with little to no prep, no chemicals or mess and no waiting to use your garage. There are two basic types of tile for the garage: Rigid tiles, which are hard, interlocking tiles and Flexible tiles which are constructed from PVC. Hard plastic tiles are more stain resistant while PVC floors are more seamless in appearance and do a better job protecting the concrete underneath.

Garage Flooring Mats

Garage floor mats are perhaps the most basic and easy to install products we offer. Often they are referred to as roll out or seamless flooring. The advantage of using mats in the garage is you can simply roll out a couple of mats, trim to fit and you are done. Our most popular brand of mats is G-Floor. It is an American Made product that has been proven in the garage environment over the last 15 years.

Containment mats are another type of mat for your garage. In contrast to roll out flooring, they are not designed to cover the entire floor. They simply go under the car to contain moisture, snow, mud and more. Our most popular containment mat is the TruContain® because no assembly is required.


Coatings are the traditional solution to cover a garage floor. Protective coatings such as epoxies require proper preparation. Our team of experts can help you achieve the results you want. A beautiful, chemical resistant floor. Rust Bullet is a urethane based protective coating considered the “base coating” and some of our customers’ “coat to protect and seal” and then “utilize mats and tile zoning” to accent. All Weather Floors Polyurea is our ‘go to’ garage floor coating for most applications. Its performance has been incredibly noteworthy and because of this it is our most recommended coating product Ask us about our quality densifiers and how they factor in to your ideas. In contrast to coatings, they require very little surface preparation.


For the average family, the garage Is 20% of your home’s square footage and it is completely wasted! You don’t need $5,000 metal cabinets or fancy storage racks to create the ideal storage system. We provide high end garage storage options at a common sense pricing point that families can afford. Options above as well as ideas and assistance from our staff, you can make the garage into an impressive and functional space the whole family can enjoy. But if your struggling to come up with the best ideas for your project, check out our articles section and have a look at our customer projects. From coatings to storage, We’ve got it.

One question we get a long is what garage flooring would you use? In many of our product categories we ask and answer that question. You can also see our take on the best of the best here.

Garage Storage

We offer a complete line of garage storage cabinets as well as overhead storage and wall storage products. Due to the tremendous increase in ‘stuff’ the average American family stores in their garage, the importance of proper organisational systems cannot be overstated. Similarly the importance of having a variety of options available at affordable prices is key. As a result we offer multiple storage options and we are happy to help you find the product that fits your needs. Above all, we are committed to making sure you get the right products at the right price. Our favorites are the Ulti-mate cabinets and Hyloft overhead storage system.

Our Difference

When Justin Krauss entered the Garage Flooring industry over 15 years ago, it was in its infancy, hence there were few products and very little competition. Today these products are available online and at major retailers. Finally, what separates us from the competition is our hands on approach, our knowledgeable team of customer service associates and our ability and willingness to treat each and every garage like it is the most important project we have — because we know it is the most important project you have! If you are looking for the guaranteed lowest prices, we have that. But we also have the years of experience it takes to make sure you get the product you need.