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Permanent Installation of Garage Flooring

Permanent Installation of Garage Flooring

Update: 10/08/2023: New Installation Instructions

Since I entered the industry back in 2001, there have always been questions about the permanent installation of roll-out garage flooring. While we continue to believe that permanent, fully adhered installation is not necessary for the vast majority of garage flooring installs, new options from Better Life Technology make a fully adhered floor more practical than ever before.

With the release of new high-end custom garage floor mats such as the roll-out garage floor epoxy mat and roll-out garage floor tile mat, Better Life Technology released two additional products. While these products were originally intended for their high-end garage flooring, it has been noted by many customers and garage flooring installers that they are perfect for standard garage floor mats as well.

These new products now allow for a permanent, cost-effective garage floor that will not be permanently stained by high-performance tires. A homeowner or commercial building owner can install any of our BLT roll-out garage flooring products using our new roll-out Pressure-sensitive adhesive and anti-stain top coat. In addition to our roll-out garage floor mats, consumers can use the anti-stain top coat with our self-stick garage floor tiles.

The process is simple, especially when compared to the labor-intensive process of installing garage floor epoxy. First, simply clean your garage floor and repair any areas that you are concerned may telegraph through to the flooring above.

Next, roll out your BLT Garage floor mats and allow them to relax. The longer they sit, the easier they will be to install. Get your mats cut to size and if applicable, seam multiple mats together using BLT Seam Tape.

Now, using the cores the mats were shipped on, roll the mats back up and set them out of the way. Roll out the PSA leaving the release film on the top. Make sure you remove any air bubbles.

The next step is to attach the first two feet of the garage flooring and then remove a small area of the PSA film at a time and roll out your garage floor. See the manufacturer’s instructions for complete details.

Now simply roll on our top coat in accordance with the instructions on the lid. Let it dry. When you’re done you have a high-end, affordable, shiny garage floor that will last for years to come.