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Cheap Garage Flooring

Cheap Garage Flooring

Cheap Garage Flooring
Example of Garage Floor Mats From China

There are a lot of keywords I would like my site to rank first for on Google and other search engines, but “cheap garage flooring” is not one of them! Installing a garage floor is time-consuming. Unless you’re moving into a brand new house, chances are you need to take everything out of your garage and clean it up a bit. Then you are going to spend at least a couple of hours installing that “cheap garage floor.” Then you have to put everything back. If your “cheap garage floor” fails, where does that leave you? Are you going to pull it all out and send it back? Try Promo Code 555 At Checkout for an additional discount.

Cheap Garage Floor Epoxy

I think one of the worst offenders is garage floor epoxy. There are so many good brands, even great brands of garage floor epoxy on the market that are professionally installed by a top-notch crew. then there is the $39.99 kit you can buy at your local big box store. Or the $99.95 single-car garage package. That is not affordable, it is cheap garage flooring. Do yourself a favor, take that hundred-dollar bill, put it away someplace, and save yourself the headache.

Cheap Garage Floor Tiles

You can’t talk about cheap garage flooring without talking about cheap garage floor tile.

Live and learn. I made the mistake once. I was buying ‘brand X’ garage floor tiles by the container from China. We were selling the product faster than we could get it in. We would have containers come in and have rolls of pre-printed FedEx ground labels ready to go and just start sticking them on the packages.

At first, the floor was incredibly successful. When it got to be summer and the floor started heating up the tiles started tenting, warping, and everything else you can imagine from a garage floor tile. We got lucky. The manufacturer was an American and he had just outsourced his production. He refunded each and every complaint at full retail price. Our customers were taken care of and let me tell you, I will never recommend a cheap garage floor tile to one of my customers again.

When I look at garage floor tiles I break them down to a good, better, and best. For many of our residential garages, our Truelock HD product is a great fit. It is under $3.00 a square foot, shipping is free, and despite claims by others, it is actually the original modular garage flooring tile.

If I were installing an inexpensive garage floor tile, Truelock HD would be an incredible value. At only $2.99/ Sq. Ft for a quality, American-made product,  I would be hard-pressed to find a better value.  I have personally visited their factory in Utah and I have seen the care that goes into the production of each and every tile. Not to mention they are one of the biggest names in modular sport flooring and they have used that technology with their garage floor tiles.

If you are looking for more colors, more patterns, and a heavier-weight tile our premium tiles and our TrueLock HDXT tiles are a great fit. Again, they are American-made garage floors with a quality manufacturer standing behind them.

Cheap Garage Floor Mats

For an affordable garage floor, there is absolutely nothing that will compete with garage floor mats from Better Life Technology. If I had my way, they would re-brand their product as seamless garage flooring.

While you can buy a single garage mat or parking pad, roll-out floor protection from Better Life Technology is an affordable, attractive, and quality way to cover your garage floor.

If you’re looking for a high-end custom floor they have that too. In fact, if you’re willing to spend the money we can make your garage floor look like almost anything you want!

If you are looking to keep the garage floor mats cheap, stick with sizes that are UPSable. Also TruContain is a good alternative if a containment mat is what you actually need.

Remember when considering what garage flooring costs you almost always get what you pay for.

New products from Better Life Technology make it possible to have a fully adhered garage floor system with an anti-stain top coat for about the price of a high-quality garage floor tile system.

Sumarizing Cheap Garage Flooring

If you’re looking for a cheap garage floor or cheap garage flooring ideas, cheap basement flooring, cheap garage storage, or other cheap garage flooring options,  chances are we are not going to be able to help you. If however, you are looking for a quality garage floor from a company that is dedicated to selling quality garage flooring, then we can help you buy garage flooring. If however you really are looking for cheap garage flooring, another vendor will be your best bet.