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10 Tips to Saving Money On Garage Flooring & Storage Products

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E-commerce has changed the way many manufacturers do business. You no longer have to get in your car and drive around to look for the best price. Because of this, manufacturers of garage flooring and garage storage have implemented a MAP or Minimum Advertised Price.

What does this mean to you? It means that for the most part, if you search around you are going to find that everyone has about the same price on many garage flooring products. If you limit yourself to simply searching the internet, you’re probably not going to save yourself any money at all!

To be clear, manufacturers do not control what price we can sell the product at, only what price we can advertise it for sale. So if you are shopping around for that cheap garage floor and you know what you want, here are 10 Tips to Saving Money On Garage Flooring Products.

10 Tips to Saving Money On Garage Flooring & Storage Products

1. Be specific: I need 10 boxes of your premium garage floor tile shipped to Colorado and I will buy it now if you give me 5% off. In short, how much of what product you need, when you are willing to order it and the discount you would like.

2. Use Live Chat where possible. It’s quick.

3. Group Orders: If you and two friends want products or if you need multiple products at one time order as much as possible.

4. Use the Phone: Some vendors won’t lower their price in writing EVER but if you call them they may give you a better price over the phone or give you a coupon code.

5. ASK for a coupon code.

6. Explain why they want to sell to you. “I race cars and will promote your product and website”

7. Express the fact that you have seen it cheaper at box stores but prefer to buy from small businesses.

8. Follow your favorite companies on Twitter and LIKE their Facebook page.

9. Be reasonable!

10. Be Nice. People are people. They like to help others. If you are demanding you may not get far. If you are sincere, upfront, and honest you are likely to get the help you need.

Please note, that this is not an advertisement to sell at a lower price. This is an informative BLOG post advising consumers about how MAP Pricing works. Garage Flooring LLC honors the pricing policies of all manufacturers.