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Questions About Garage Floor Tiles

We get a lot of questions about garage floor tiles. Understand there are a lot of different products on the market and they are definitely not all created equally. Also, keep in mind that we can’t speak for every garage floor tile in every situation.

We have a new tile instruction page that covers much of this.

Do Garage Floor Tiles Slide?

We get asked if garage floor tiles slide all the time. The best answer I can think of is Yes and No. Garage Floor Tiles are simply extruded plastic of one sort or another. Given the right set of circumstances, yes they will slide.

If you use a quality garage floor tile, they will be heavy and that will reduce the risk of sliding. Additionally, the bigger the floor the less chances there are of sliding because there is more mass.
Using the proper edging also reduces sliding.

If it is something you are very concerned about ask one of our garage flooring experts about underlayment.

Using a good underlayment is cheap and greatly limits the risk of sliding. That said, most garage floor tiles floors we sell will not experience that issue.

Will the Locks Separate or Come Apart

Tiles are generally designed to be driven on. They are not designed for three-point-turns. If you need to turn your wheels, it is important that you do so while moving. If you have a unique situation we can walk you through installation adjustments.

Will Garage Floor Tiles Stain | Will My Tires Stain These Garage Floor Tiles

Some tires will leave marks on anything. Our premium garage floor tiles can easily be cleaned and will not permanently stain when properly taken care of –under appropriate use and care. Generally, TrueLock HDXT and Racedeck tiles will not stain tires.

Can Garage Floor Tiles Be Cut

ABSOLUTELY a circular, table, or jig saw can cut this product without any issue. The best way to cut garage floor tiles is with a laminate floor cutter.

What is the Best Brand of Garage Floor Tile

We believe our tile to be superior for many applications, BUT each and every application is different. There are times we will have to recommend a product we don’t sell. We are more concerned about you getting the correct product than “one more sale.”

For general sue we reccomend TrueLock HDXT tiles. For shop use we suggest RaceDeck.

Can a Tile be Removed from the Center of the Floor

Yes, using a flathead screwdriver, some patience, and some elbow grease a tile or section of tiles can be replaced. Check out this video