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How to Install G-Floor PVC Garage Floor Mats From Better Life Technology

How to Install G-Floor PVC Garage Floor Mats From Better Life Technology

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How to Install G-Floor PVC Garage Floor Mats From Better Life Technology

UPDATE 5/13/14 New Install Video

How to Install a G-Floor Garage Floor Mat

It seems like almost every day we are asked how difficult it is to install garage floor mats from Better Life Technology. I started selling garage flooring over a decade ago and I have been in the Home Improvement business my whole life. It simply does not get any easier than installing a G-Floor from Better Life Technology.

A lot has changed since this video was made. We now recommend our seaming tape as opposed to carpet tape. We also have fully adhered systems for someone who wants to glue or stick the floor down. We even offer new trim pieces and center molding for joining two or mats together. That said, 90% of the G-Floor I sell  is still installed the same way it was when I started in this business.

  1. When you get your G-Floor carefully open and unroll it. I would suggest you do this even if you are not ready to install it. Just make sure it lays flat.
  2. Read the Stop and Read for Specific Directions. We’ll post the new one as soon as it is released.
  3. Cut and trim the mats in their desired locations.

Is it really that easy. YES! I tell all my customers to try it this way first. We don’t charge for shipping so if you need a roll of seam tape down the road it is not going to cost you any more –and your mat will be properly relaxed.

That said, were going to start a series about different installation methods for G-Floor so stay tuned and you’ll be an expert on G-Floor installation!

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