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Options for Garage Floor

garage flooring optionsWhen it comes to garage flooring, you have a lot of options. Garage Flooring LLC has a wide selection of garage flooring options and we have an expert staff to help you make the best decision.

Garage Flooring Options

Roll Out Garage Flooring: Roll out garage flooring such as the garage floor mats from Better Life Technology are hands down our best seller. They are easy to install, require no adhesive, no floor prep and can be driven on the same day. Roll out garage flooring comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Garage Floor Epoxy: Garage floor coatings are the most difficult to install and has the widest range of products available. We generally recommend a professional installer, but if you are going to do the floor your self, floor prep is as important, if not more important than the product itself. While acid etching a floor has its benefits  , the best way to prepare a garage floor is by grinding it. We offer a full line of garage floor epoxy, garage floor sealers and Rust Bullet Garage Floor Coatings.

Garage Floor Tiles: Interlocking tiles for your garage floor are also a popular and easy to install option. They come in various grades, patterns and colors. For the purpose of this post we separate garage floor tiles into garage floor tile, self stick tiles and pvc tiles. Standard PVC garage floor tiles are easy to install and interlock on all four sides. They are made of a polypropylene plastic and can vary greatly in quality.

Self Stick Garage Floor Tiles: Raceday PVC garage floor tiles are a self adhesive 95 Mil PVC that adhere directly to your concrete garage floor. We generally recommend a primer and your floor will need to be in relatively decent shape. If the concrete is crumbling or worn down to the aggregate, self stick tiles may not be the best choice. Aside from that limitation, our customers have been very happy with our self stick tiles and we have had no reports of them coming up. They are made from the same PVC as the mats, just a little thicker and a little more rigid.

PVC Garage Floor Tiles: PVC garage floor tiles are generally a little more expensive than a standard garage floor tile. The PVC provides a quieter surface then is more forgiving. PVC tiles are also good for industrial applications and in certain conditions can be glued down.