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Garage Flooring Sale | 35% Off | Don’t Be Fooled

Recently, Garage Flooring LLC, in response to misleading advertisements which have been posted all over the net, posted a banner of our own.

We wanted to call attention to the practice of some in the industry of selling the product at or above MSRP and then having a phony promotion each and every day. If you forget to enter the promo code you wind up paying a lot more than you would anywhere else.

Our banner accurately states that we sell at 30% off or Below MSRP. We are not offering a new discount because we already sell at the lowest prices. Anyone who can take 25% to 35% off their advertised prices are selling there product at a falsely inflated price.

We have been asked to name names and we are not going to do that. While we are perfectly comfortable calling attention to practices we consider unethical we will not bad mouth our competitors.

Most of us sell product at what is referred to as MAP pricing. This is our minimum advertised price which is set by the manufacturer. We can advertise a lower price and maintain our contracts. These prices are generally very fair to the consumer.

Don’t be fooled by fake garage floor sales and ridicules discounts. We sell at the lowest price guaranteed, today, yesterday and tomorrow!