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Garage Flooring LLC Provides Trade Show Flooring

Trade Show Flooring from Garage Flooring LLC

Garage Flooring LLC recently supplied a Trade Show Booth  Designed by PJ Hummel & Company

The booth is designed using Diamond Silver Better Life technology G-Floor Garage Floor Mats for the trade show booth and a custom Purple and white MotorMat garage floor tile for the stage.

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This shows the incredible versatility of our garage flooring products. Not only was the product used in the USA but shipped overseas and used again. The garage floor mats are easy to roll up and reuse. Our garage floor tile can be separated, repackaged and reshipped. All of this can be done quickly reducing the cost of trade show labor.

All products and marks shown are property of their respective companies. Better Life Technology and Sport Court Flooring provided by Garage Flooring LLC. Note: These Photographs may not be used without written permission of PJ Hummel & Garage Flooring LLC