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Using Your Garage As A Work Shop

The garage is second to the man cave in usefulness for downtrodden husbands everywhere. Most men love power tools, so the idea of using flooring to transform part or all of a garage into a tool shop is a dream come true.

Locking floor tiles slide in place over your existing floor. No tools required, just your hands and a little elbow grease. If he really wants to use tools to get the job done, you can easily purchase roll out flooring. A little adhesive and the ugly concrete flooring is instantly covered by beautiful smooth flooring. Of course both our garage floor tiles and our garage floor mats can be installed with only minor cutting tools and no adhesive at all.

If you have a large, heavy tool chest, you may want to use non-skid product. Equipment with casters can easily roll over this type of workshop flooring, perfect if your garage workshop incorporates lots of moving things around. It’s also perfect for rolling your lawn mower or snow blower over without tripping.

To combat foot fatigue, you may want to buy padded foam matting, anti fatigue mats or rubber tiles for non-vehicular areas. Just be sure that it has a non-slip backing with beveled edges to roll your equipment over, plus it should be heavy enough to not slide around.

Built To Last

What is the best part about our products? They are built to last. If he likes to use lots of oils and paints when he works, chances are good that something is going to be spilled somewhere along the line. Some products withstand almost everything you can throw at it-it’s used in the biggest garages and showrooms with total success, after all!

No workshop is complete without a set of high end wrenches and  of course a nice flooring product.