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BLT Garage Floor Mats

BLT Roll-Out Garage Flooring

BLT Roll-Out Garage Floor Mats

BLT roll-out garage flooring (G-Floor) is hands down the most popular garage flooring we sell. Roll-out garage flooring is considered by many to be much easier to install than garage floor tiles and without any doubt easier to install than a garage floor coating.

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BLT Roll-Out Garage Flooring has no American Competition

For a long time, BLT roll-out garage flooring was the only choice for large garage floor mats. Recently some foreign products have hit the market. To date, they have proven to be considerably lower quality and are often not carried by reputable garage flooring companies. Further, BLT roll-out garage floor mats have a distinct advantage over the competition. They are made in the USA and are large enough to cover the average garage with a single seam. Two 10×24 garage floor mats easily cover most two-car garages.

Better Life Technology roll-out flooring is available in ht original ribbed pattern, attractive coin pattern, rugged diamond tread pattern, and lightly textured Levant pattern  BLT Floors are available in Residential grade, Commercial grade, and Industrial and Trailer grade in select sizes.

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As with all of our products, we offer free shipping, a low price guarantee and a thirty day money back guarantee on BLT products as well as most other products we sell. Most of the orders are shipped via FedEx ground but some larger orders and all 10′ material is shipped via freight.

Residential customers receiving garage flooring on a freight truck need to pay special attention. The freight company will usually call a day or two ahead of schedule. You will need to be home and able to assist in unloading the truck.