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BLT Garage Floor Protector

BLT Garage Floor Protector
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If you have a new home, then you need a BLT Garage Floor Protector! I used to work in the building materials industry –to some extent I still do. It would absolutely amaze me how many homeowners would follow every move their contractor made. Every spec of dust removed, paint cleaned, finger prints on glass had to go too. Like a young adult with a new car, everything had to perfect for these new home builders!

Then they close on the home, pull their SUV into the garage and that bright and new garage floor begins to get covered with drips of oil.  Then come the golf carts, motorcycles, dirt bikes and the rest of the toys.

Next thing you know your 440 Sq. Ft. of beautiful concrete is a mess. It is covered with dirt, oil stains and whatever that stuff dripping off…. You get the point. Enter the BLT garage floor protector. Just add it to your cart, FedEx brings it to your door. Unpack, unroll and trim to fit. Your done. The best part is your garage floor is protected!