AutoFloorGuard Containment Mat

AutoFloorGuard Containment Mat

AutoFloorGuardAre you’re a no assembly required person?  If so this can often stop you before you ever get started on project.  When it comes to protecting your garage floor the Auto Floor Guard is the no assembly required solution.  Light weight and durable containment mat that you remove from the box and lay down, it’s that easy.

The average full size car in the United States is approximately 196” or 16.33’.  Auto Floor Guard is 8.5’ x 18’, perfect to fit most vehicles including several SUV’s since it’s about a 1’ wider than the average containment mat.  The Auto Floor Guard fits inside a standard size garage easily and provides 153 Square feet of floor protection.

Auto Floor Guard is a unique containment mat system that doesn’t have any edge pieces to snap on.  For convenience and overall product durability of the floor mat, the Auto Floor guard has foam edges inserted by the manufactured.  Each foam edge has been wrapped in the woven PVC material with heat sealed seams for as continuous edge that prevents water, snow, mud and other gunk from spreading across your garage floor unlike snap on plastic pieces that can leak if not assembled correctly.  The foam edging is flexible enough to allow the product to be easily shipped, durable enough to maintain its shape and strong enough to withstand a vehicle pulling on and off.

Best of all the Auto Floor Guard foam and woven PVC material won’t crack over time.  Unlike some containment mats the Auto Floor Guard has been tested under some of the toughest conditions across the United States, including -40 degree weather.  IF that wasn’t tough enough the Auto Floor Guard has been Ultraviolet treated making it fade resistant.  Auto Floor Guard is also mildew and rot resistant as well.

Garage Floor protection can’t be made easier!

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