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Using Garage Tile Over a Floor Drain

We received a message today from a customer asking how he should install tile in his garage and accommodate the drain. We traded a couple of emails back and forth, and it was determined that he had a 6″ round floor drain in his garage.

one of our goals with our BLOG is to keep our customers up to date and provide in-depth answers to frequently asked questions. Trying to deal with a drain in a garage floor is another great example of a question we are asked very often. Please see this related article about using solid materials over a drain

UPDATE – Best Solution For Garage Floor Drains

All of our TrueLock and RaceDeck garage floor tile systems have a compatible drain tile available. We highly suggest using a flow-through or drain tile over your garage floor drain.

Garage Tiles Are NOT a Watertight system

Most if not virtually all, interlocking garage tile allow moisture to go through to the surface below. Quality tiles like those carried by Garage Flooring LLC are engineered to allow water to flow and evaporate. If you have a drain on your garage floor, you will still be able to take advantage of it.

Method One: Cover It

Many of our customers simply decide to cover the drain with a garage tile that looks just like the tile over the rest of the floor. Because the underside is engineered to allow moisture to flow, chances are any moisture that would have gone to the drain still will.

Method Two: Drain Tile:

If it were my floor, I would use a drain tile over the area where the drain is located. This will allow you to easily clean your floor and still take advantage of the drain. Also, in some areas it is beneficial to pour water down the drain on a regular basis — it helps reduce odors.