MotorMat by Sport Court

MotorMat by Sport Court

Sport Court Motor MatMotor Mat by Sport Court (Tylon) offers several popular patterns. They offer their tire tread pattern which used to be sold under the Daytona name. They offer a circle top or coin pattern tile for the garage as well as a vented sport tile which can be used in garages, on decks, or for retail displays.

Justin Krauss, Co Founder of Garage Flooring LLC started selling the Motor Mat brand over a decade ago. He has sold tens of thousands of square feet of the product with few if any warranty issues. Krauss has toured the factory and witnessed first hand the quality control and care that is taken with the manufacturer of the garage floor tile. They have unique short run custom capabilities as well as a huge selection of ‘special order’ colors for which they already have the materials required.

A lot of customers have asked, given the ever growing popularity of the ‘leading brand’ of garage floor tile why we have decided to stick with Motor Mat by Sport Court. According to the manufacturer:

Motor Mat tiles are made by Sport Court under the Tylon Flooring brand – the original modular garage flooring manufacturer. All Motor Mat tiles are proudly manufactured in our state-of-art manufacturing ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certified facility. We’ve been in the modular surfacing industry since 1976.




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