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Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber Floor TilesRubber Floor Tiles have been a hot conversation of topic lately. First let me state to be clear that you absolutely should not use rubber floor tiles for garage flooring if you are pulling your car in and out of the garage. They are just not designed for that.

Garage Flooring LLC sells a complete line of rubber flooring tiles for other applications. For example if you wanted to put a home gym in your garage or in your basement, they are an affordable and attractive way to create a gym floor.

Rubber floor tiles are not only for the home gym. They are often used by corporate fitness centers as well as mega gyms for their flooring. For large areas give us a call about rolled rubber flooring as well as special pricing.

Rubber flooring tiles are easy to install. Just interlock them together and you are done. For a more permanent installation you can glue them down, but for most installations that is simply not necessary.

Pricing Rubber Floor Tiles

Prices on rubber floor tiles can be very confusing. Some places advertise very low prices with very expensive shipping. Others, like us, include the shipping in the cost. If you are installing a large rubber floor, your best choice is to give us a call. We can help you figure out exactly how much material you are going to need and after obtaining a freight estimate, we can often lower the price because of freight savings. Rubber Floor Tile Prices

You also need to be aware that cheap rubber tiles fall apart. Take the tile and fold it over in your hand. If it starts to break apart it uses cheap binders and will not hold up for any length of time.

Our rubber garage floor tiles are proudly made from the best ingredients and manufactured in the USA!