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Park Smart Clean Park or TruContain®

UPDATE: Park Smart Clean Park mats are no longer available. We highly suggest the Trucontain containment mat for mud and snow!

We are asked this question each and every day. What is better the Park Smart Clean Park or the TruContain®. In reality you are picking from three different containment mats:

  • 20 Mil Park Smart Mat
  • 50 Mil Park Smart Mat
  • TruContain®

Park Smart Clean Park Versus TruContain®(TruContain®)

First, I would never use the 20 Mil Park Smart Clean Park. It serves a purpose, I suppose, but it is not a product that we like to sell because most people feel it is to thin.

In my mind it comes down to a choice between the 50 Mil Park Smart Clean Park and the TruContain®. What I like about the 50 Mil Park Smart Clean Park is that it is shipped rolled, not folded. It is nice and thick and it holds up very well. What I do not like about it is the snap on edges and that you can not drive over the sides.

What I like about the TruContain® is I just unpack it and roll it out. No assembly and no snap on edges. I like the fact that if the edge does wear out it can be replaced with items available locally. I like the reinforced material it is constructed from. I wish the material was slightly thicker. Not because it would perform better, but because people are stuck on the idea that they want a thick mat. I also wish it had less wrinkles in it.

To purchase an TruContain® or Park Smart Clean Park go here: https://www.garageflooringllc.com/product/auto-containment-mat/