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Garage Floor Tile Edges — We Created Them Male and Female

I suppose itGarage Floor Tiles only appropriate the differences between male edges and female edges for garage floor tile causes some confusion. After all, we know that differences between male and female causes plenty of confusion every day! All kidding aside, we get more questions about which edges are which than perhaps any other single subject. The best place to start is at the beginning.

When garage floor tiles were created, they were created with male sides and female sides. Looking at the picture of the tiles to the right, you will note that there is a relatively smooth side and a side that has loops with holes in it. If you look really closely at the bottom edge of the tile (as shown) you can see little ‘pegs’ that stick out from the tile. Those pegs (which would be on the bottom and left hand side of the tile as oriented above) are the reason we call that side of the tile the ‘male side’. The pegs are inserted into the loops on the ‘female side’ and the tile locks together. For additional clarity there are pictures of each of the edges below.

Some customers are still confused by this. If you see the third picture in the gallery below you can see that the Male Peg fits firmly inside hole provided by the Female Loop.



When working in a garage with most garage floor tile, the tile would be positioned exactly as shown above. Standing outside the garage and looking in you would have a male side towards the garage door and a male side to the left. This means you need female edges