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Selecting the Best Installation Method for Your Garage Floor Mats

How to Install a G-Floor Garage Floor Mat

We wanted to update this thread with our most recent installation video.


Garage Floor Mat Adhesive

How To Install Garage Floor Mats

The purpose of this post is to give you a brief overview of how to select the best installation method for your G-Floor garage floor mats for a typical residential installation. Please keep in mind that commercial and industrial jobs, as well as larger residential jobs may require other installation methods. For garage flooring jobs of any size, give one of our garage flooring experts a call for additional assistance. We will briefly touch on other applications as well.

Basic Parking Pad Application

If you are purchasing a G-Floor garage floor mat, or multiple mats, but you will be leaving a space between the mats and simply using them as a place to park your car, we suggest you simply order the mats, unpack and unroll right away. For best results, allow the mats to relax in the garage. They will relax faster in warmer temperatures. No adhesive, edging or other trim pieces are required.

Wall To Wall Garage Flooring Mats

Seam TapeIf you are installing your garage flooring wall to wall over a concrete garage floor, there is typically no need to complicate the process by using an adhesive. We suggest allowing the mats to relax after rolling the floor out into your garage and trimming to fit. Make sure you leave room for expansion and contraction. See the STOP AND READ document for details. Once both mats are set on the garage floor, and you are satisfied with the way they are cut and the appearance of the seam, we suggest some G-Floor seam tape.

At the seam, take the first mat and fold it back 6 inches or so. You can use a second person or some tape to hold it in place. Using the mat that is still on the floor for a guide, draw a straight line where the seam will be. Then fold up 6” or so of the second mat and center the seam tape on the line. Lay both mats into the seam tape being careful not to leave any bubbles. That’s it!

If you have a wood garage floor, potential expansion and contraction issues or other reason to fully adhere the floor, you are welcome to do so. Our first choice is the QuickStick adhesive film from G-Floor. QuickStick film can be used on wood, concrete or aluminum. While QuickStick is our preferred adhesive, it does require wood or concrete floors to be sealed first. Many customers prefer to use a liquid adhesive. On untreated wood floors use our Marine and Outdoor adhesive. On Concrete floors use our pressure sensitive adhesive. All adhesives have very specific instructions and may have flash times. Be certain to follow all instructions very carefully. PVC adhesives are not very forgiving and failure to follow the instructions can result in permanent issues where the whole floor needs to be replaced.

Trailer Floors

It is highly recommended that trailer floors be fully adhered. For aluminum deck trailers the Quickstick film is your best choice –and we would prefer to see it used on all installations.  Our Pressure Sensitive adhesive can be used on aluminum BUT it is much more likely to have issues in intense heat. For wood decked trailers the G-Floor Marine and Outdoor Adhesive should be used. We highly recommend ordering G-Floor plus or using our Stain Guard on all automotive trailer flooring.

G-Floor Trim Pieces

For installations in which mats need to be temporarily joined together, G-Floor offers an easy to use center trim piece. They also offer edge trims. Unlike interlocking garage floor tiles, the edge trim is not required and is for aesthetic purposes only.

In closing, we would like to remind you that a good floor installation is dependent on the skill of the installer and the use of the best products. PLEASE give us a call if you have any questions and make sure you review all manufacturer product information and instructions