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Cleaning Out The Garage

Cleaning Out The Garage

Cleaning out the garage has to be one of the most frustrating experience there is. Just ask my wife. I’ve been in this industry for 12 years, yet a lot of junk seems to accumulate in my garage.

One thing for certain, think of your younger friends, especially with things for babies. Again, I have to confess, I am not the best at this. If you yard sale a used car seat or baby swing, you might get $10 – $15 for them. You can take it to a second hand store and likely earn substantially more. My favorite choice is to donate those items to friends. I am not saying your friends are poor or need a hand out, I am just saying we all know younger families that are going to put thousands of dollars of baby goodies on their new credit card. The truth is you can save a young family hundreds of dollars today, and maybe help save them from themselves and a debt nightmare in the future.

Last year, we also did a garage sale. Again, I have to be careful with the word ‘We’ because it was really my wife and the kids. The kids had a blast with it and they earned money that we used for family fun. Some items were also donated to Habitat for Humanity and other community organisations we felt could use them.

Finally, we tend to keep a lot of old paperwork in the garage. Make sure you shred it, and then check to see if it can be recycled before you throw it in the trash.