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Pictures Not Worth a Thousand Words

 Pictures Not Worth a Thousand Words

Garage Flooring LLC, through its involvement in the forums and posts on its own website, has made to secret of the fact that we believe consumers need to see samples before placing an order. We love pictures of garage floors. Our Facebook page, Pinterest page and our website is full of great pictures of garage flooring. Unfortunately, you can’t tell a lot about a garage flooring product from a photograph.

Let me give you a couple of examples. The two pictures below are two completely different products. Both product are available in both colors. The first picture is of a 1/2″ thick polypropylene garage floor tile where the second image is of a 120 Mil (120/1000th of an inch) thick flexible garage floor mat.


example example3There are a lot of differences that can not bee seen is pictures of the product. It is difficult to understand the thickness. It is impossible to understand that one product is a rigid garage floor tile and the other is a flexible garage mat. It would be difficult to know that the first image has an engineered under structure to allow moisture to evaporate where the second product sits flat on the ground. The first product comes in 12″ squares where the second comes in large rolls. It is also important to note that it is all but impossible to tell the difference in quality base solely on a photo.

The list goes on, but the moral of the story is always get a sample before you order a garage flooring product. When getting samples of garage floor tiles, always request two full sized samples.