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Visual Comparison of Garage Tiles

Visual Comparison of Garage Tiles

The best way to look at a garage tile is to get a sample and review it. We decided to take some quick ‘non marketing’ photos of the top and bottom of each of the tiles. You can click on any of the images below for a larger image. Notice how our TrueLock PVC (and Tuff Seal) tiles are solid with only minor waffling on the underside. More explanation below the images.

One of the first things I notice when I look at the top of any garage floor tile is the ‘fit & finish.’ What I mean by that is I look to see how cleanly the product is produced and what visual imperfections are present.


It comes as not shock that the TrueLock Diamond is perhaps the least ‘perfect’ of all the tiles in terms of appearance. When you look at the enlarged shot, you can clearly see markings from the production. It’s important to understand that while these marks are clear in a high-resolution close up shot, they go pretty much unnoticed on an installed floor.

The MotorMat products are definitely cleaner than the TrueLock, although it is interesting to note that they are less glossy in appearance. While this may be perceived by some as a negative, we have found that they show less wear and tear.

The TrueLock plus has an exceptional gloss level and fit and finish. What can’t be seen in the photo is it is also larger and heavier than the other two competitors. While we  love the TrueLock plus product, it has such a tight locking system and so much mass, it can have expansion and contraction issues when part of the floor is exposed to direct sunlight or the whole floor is exposed to massive temperature swings.

The underside of the tiles are equally revealing. The TrueLock Diamond has substantially less support, but is more than adequate for vehicle loads up to 10,000 pounds. The MotorMat product uses cylindrical, time proven support systems that have worked very well in the sport and garage flooring industry. The TrueLock plus has a massive under-structure designed to support heavy rolling loads and point loads.