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How Many Edge Pieces Do I need

garage floor tile edges
In wall to wall application edges are only used ‘track to track’

We probably get 30 calls a month from customers who are confused about edge pieces for garage floor tiles and how many they need. It is really pretty simple, but we welcome our customers calls any time. You may also want to read this article about selecting male or female edges.

You will need one edge piece for each tile that terminates at the garage door or other area that is open. For example in a wall to wall application with a 16′ overhead garage door, you would need 16 edges, and no corners. Where many of our customers get confused is they think that they need additional edges along the entire perimeter of the floor. As you can see, this is not the case. Tiles are simply cut to fit and no additional edges are used.




No edges at sidewall
No edges at sidewall


 HINT: If you are ordering MotorMat, Sport, or TrueLock Diamond simply order 1 FEMALE edge piece for each foot of garage door. For TrueLock Plus order 1 edge piece for each foot of garage door — no need to specify male or female.

In most cases PVC tiles have roll out edging. Follow the same basic rules, just order 1′ for each foot of garage door. There is no need to specify male or female.

What if I am not doing a wall to wall install?

The same basic rules apply. One edge piece for each tile that is not against a wall. Lets take an example. Lets assume you want to do an 8′ x 20′ in TrueLock Diamond.

Option 1: No side is against a wall. In this case you would need edging for 2-8′ sections and 2-20′ sections. Since half the locks are make and half are female you will need enough male edges for a 20′ section and an 8′ section, so you will need 28 Male edges and the same number of female edges. You will also need four corners.

Option 2: What if the back section which is 8′ wide was against the back wall. The easy part is you are going to need 8′ less of one type of edge, but which one? That depends on how you orient the tile. For ease of installation we suggest putting the male (smooth) side towards the left and towards you (standing outside the garage looking in) That means a female side will be facing to the right and rear of the garage. Female sides of the tile use male edges so you would need 8 less edges. You will also need two fewer corners.

In the end it is really simple. Order your two free sample tiles and set them in the garage. You will maintain that orientation throughout the entire install. Simply order edges for any exposed edge and corners for any exposed corner.