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Should I use Double Sided Carpet Tape on Garage Floor Mats

UPDATE0 1/24/24 We have completed testing on a double-sided tape that works great!

There has been a lot of conflicting information on using double-sided carpet tape for seaming and even securing G-Floor garage floor mats. Browsing through videos on the web, we even found some instructions that suggested it should be used.  For the most recent information, always check the STOP AND READ that comes with your garage floor mats.

First and foremost, we always recommend allowing the product to fully relax before installing any seam tape or adhesive. After the mats are relaxed, we recommend the specially designed G-Floor seam tape. We also suggest that you do nothing at the front edge of the garage unless it becomes an issue. If the front edge refuses to lay flat, 3M #80 Spray Adhesive is a great way to secure the product at the leading edge.

Again, the manufacturer is always finding newer and better ways to install their garage


floor mats, so always read the STOP AND READ before proceeding.  This document is packaged with each and every mat that ships from Better Life Technology. A few minutes reading it will save you from the installation mistakes that can be made.

IF you are going to use a double sided tape, we suggest using TrueLock double sided tape.

G-Floor is easy to install, but installing it in accordance with factory suggestions will lend to a better performing garage flooring. We also offer containment mats and garage floor tiles.