Which Containment Mat Should I Buy

Which Containment Mat Should I Buy

Auto Floor Guard Vs Park Smart Clean Park | Which Containment Mat is Right for YOU

One of the questions we get asked all winter long is which containment mat is better, the Auto Floor Guard or Park Smart Clean Park containment mat. First and foremost, we do not recommend the 20 Mil Park Smart product. If you are going to use the Park Smart Clean Park, we suggest 50 Mil. The Auto Floor Guard is much easier to install and to move around, but it is Made in China. The Park Smart Clean Park is Made in the USA and likely provides better protection for an epoxy floor because of its thickness. 

The chart below is designed to give you an overview



Auto Floor Guard

Park Smart Clean Park 50 Mil

Size8′ 6″ x 18′Sizes Range from small mats to 7′ 6″ x22′
Edge Height1″5/8″
Material18 oz. fabric reinforced50 Mil Poly Vinyl
EdgesPre AssembledAssembly Required
Easily StoredYesNo
Protects EpoxyUnknownYes
Warranty90 Days Manufacturer Defects1 Year Manufacturer Defects
Country of OriginChinaMade in USA
Water Capacity10 gallons on flat surface *47 Gallons on Flat Surface *
Shipping Weight of 18′ Mat~ 25 Pounds~ 56 Punds
Returns by %Less than 1/2%Less than 1/2%
Price of 18′ Mat$229.00$272.95
 Product PageProduct Page
  Auto Floor Guard Park Smart Clean Park


* These numbers are non scientific based on manufacturer testing at their own facility and we can not guarantee their accuracy.

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