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Frustrated by Garage Floor Epoxy

G-Floor by BLT are the best quality Garage Floor Mats on the market.

Frustrated by Garage Floor Epoxy

So you went down to your local big box retail store and fell for the $99 miracle coating in a box. Or even worse, you purchased a high-end epoxy, and it still failed. You walk out into the garage in disgust, especially when you are accompanied by your wife who gives you that ‘seriously, what were you thinking look’

When you pull out of the garage the bare spots where the tires sit leave a pit in the bottom of your stomach. Would you be surprised to know I have been there myself, as have literally millions of Americans?

This frustration literally inspired the Better Life Technology Garage Floor Mat. The ‘Roll Out’ garage flooring that covers and beautifies almost any garage floor instantly.

  • NO floor preparation, grinding, or acid etching means this flooring product will solve your headache, not create a new one!
  • American Made
  • Requires no adhesives. This means there is nothing to ‘cure’ 
  • Does not lift on contact with hot tires
  • Simply roll it out, trim to fit and drive on your floor the very same day. No waiting, and no mess.

Note: If you want a good garage floor epoxy, start with a lot of elbow grease and a high-end coating.