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Cyber Monday

Don’t Get Cyber Bullied on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Clock Is Running OutThe clock is running out. If you want these huge savings you must buy now! Really? As business owners, page 1 of almost any marketing guide you would read would say to ‘create urgency’ and a reason to get the customer to make a purchase, presumably before they are ready. In the wonderful spirit of, ‘doing what’s best for the customer’ companies across the country have ‘special’ Cyber Monday deals… But you must Buy Now?

As a small business owner, we certainly wanted to have something to offer our customers. We decided on the GIVETHANKS promo code, and we have certainly done our fair share to make sure people know its out there. It really is a good deal. It’s 11% off our already discounted prices. Its site-wide, and our shipping is always free. If you have already made up your mind on what you need. If you have already gotten our free samples and your ready to go, you can save a little money, and that is always great! But what if you didn’t?

I was at a business convention where they were offering the best deal I had seen on Infusionsoft, which in my opinion is the best all around contact management software in the industry. Even better, if I purchased right then and there, I would get three free books. I said to the salesman, “I can’t recall ever making a great business decision because I felt compelled to make that decision right away, so I just don’t make decisions that way.” He smiled and said, I completely understand. Just give me a call when your ready and we will get this deal done. I called him on Wednesday. He got my business.

For us, our deal is slightly higher than what you will see almost every day on coupon sites like RetailMeNot. If you’re not ready just yet, you can use those coupon codes, or just give us a phone call or drop us an email. Taking care of our customer is more important than man-made deadlines.

Beware of huge discounts

This industry is full of good people, as are most industries. That said, when I woke up this morning and checked my competition, as well as some sites that sell product I might buy, I found some great deals and some complete misrepresentations. If you are looking for a new surface to do your work on, Microsoft has the old version on sale for $199 which is a heck of a deal. One of our competitors is advertising 28% off garage flooring. That sounded like an awesome deal too. When I looked a little deeper I found that they offer 25% off coupon codes every day — and they always say they are going to expire. So 25 to 28 percent off of what? As I dug into things I noticed their ‘regular price’ was just an inflated number to allow this nameless competitor to offer huge discounts. It’s a great way to create urgency, but it’s not the way I chose to do business.

The bottom line is this. If you are not ready, don’t buy. If you are ready, look at the bottom line, not the percentage of discount. If you want a great deal on Garage Flooring Mats, just let us know! We are happy to help