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What Acrylic Floor Finish and Cleaner for Tuff Seal Tiles?

Acrylic Floor FInish by Hilway DIrectWhat Acrylic Floor Finish and Cleaner for Tuff Seal Tiles?

Tuff Seal PVC tiles are an industry leader in terms of an industrial strength garage tile that is perfect for industrial, commercial, and high-end residential garages. After the installation itself, the key to a beautiful tuff seal floor is the right acrylic floor finish.

Tuff Seal, in their installation guides recommend  an acrylic floor finish and a neutral cleaner. We recommend the Hilway Direct products. They offer a long-lasting, industrial strength finish that exceeds the manufacturers specifications. While it is industrial quality, it can be easily applied by a homeowner using a mop.  In fact, if you ask the manufacturer what they would use on their Tuff Seal floors, this would be the product they would recommend.

Tuff Seal tiles do not have a release agent on them, however, it is advisable to clean them well prior to application of the finish. We would recommend the following procedure:

1. Remove all surface soil, debris, sand and grit by
sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming

2. Scrub the floor with Hilway Direct neutral pH (7-8.5)

  • Apply Hilway Direct cleaning solution with a mop/bucket, scrub with rotary scrubber with soft nylon brushes or automatic scrubber with soft nylon brushes. We like a ‘deck brush’ from the local hardware store
  • Pick up solution with wet-vac or mop/bucket
  • Rinse with clean water, allow to dry

3. Then apply option 3A or 3b

option 3A: Apply floor finish

  • Apply 3 thin coats of Hilway Direct Plus acrylic floor finish with clean finish mop or applicator 
  • Allow 30 minutes dry time between each coat

Option 3b: Dry maintenance method

  • Spray, clean and buff using a rotary machine (175-1500 rpm) with an appropriate pad and spray buff solution.

If using Hilway Direct Plus, we recommend using a diluted solution (1 ounce to 1 gallon of water) on a regular basis for cleaning.