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How To Finish and Maintain VCT Tile

How To  finish, Clean and Maintain VCT  Tile?

Hilway DIrect Allsafe StripperSo you just spent hours or even days installing your VCT floor tile. Perhaps you had it professionally installed. The task of waxing and maintaining the VCT tile is daunting and perhaps part of you did not realize what you were getting into.

Your not alone. The low price of VCT tile lures many into installing it in their commercial building or industrial application. Many even install it as their garage floor — a practice not recommended the VCT tile manufacturers.

Fortunately there is a solution. Even better, the solution will not cost you an arm and a leg. First use Hilway Direct Allsafe stripper to remove the factory applied wax film that is on the VCT tiles. Then use a Hilway Direct Acrylic Finish to finish the floor. We suggest two to three coats.

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