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How Does a G-Floor Garage Floor Mat Contain Water and Snow

Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

How Does a G-Floor Garage Floor Mat Contain Water and Snow

You failed to protect your garage floor, and now you have pitted concrete and stains. You want to protect your floor from further damage, but you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

G-Floor ribbed garage floor mats from Better Life Technology are one of the original ways to protect your garage floor. In an error where there are a lot of containment mats on the market, there is often confusion about why to select a ribbed garage floor mat and exactly how it is going to function. First, lets clear up two other questions:

Two Ways to Use a Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

First, it is important to understand that there are two ways to use a ribbed garage floor mat. You can use it as a ParkingPad under a single vehicle or you can use it to cover all or most of your garage floor. There is no right or wrong, it’s just a matter of personal preference.

When to Opt for a Containment Mat

TruContain ® Containment Mat

If your garage slopes the wrong way, or if it has a severe slope to the center or one side, a ribbed mat may not be your best option. If it slopes towards the center, because of a center drain, we would suggest another pattern such as the G-Floor coin garage floor mats. Why? If you have a drain, use it. If you do not have a center drain and your floor has a slope going anywhere other than out of the garage, you might consider a containment mat such as the Park Smart Clean Part or TruContain ®.

So, How Does The G-Floor Ribbed Mat Contain Water

The simple answer is that the G-Floor ribbed mat is not designed as a containment mat. It is designed to give you an easy to clean floor that helps channel the moisture and debris out of the garage. It also helps to keep water, snow, slush and debris from spreading all over.

Water likes to hang out with itself. It does not want to be in small puddles, water tends to run together into larger puddles, and larger puddles spread all over the floor. The ribs keep the water from creating larger puddles by breaking up its natural bond. This means you have a small amount of water on the floor, and it does not tend to spread all over the garage.

Now, if you have lake effect snow, and you park your car outside where it gets 12″ of snow on it and then pull in to a 7.5′ x 17′ ribbed mat installed as a parking pad, you are probably going to have water on the garage floor! If this is you, use a containment mat, or cover the whole floor. For the rest of us, who, by the time we finally pull into the garage have small amounts of moisture and snow to deal with, the ribbed mat is a great option.