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Garage as Multi Function Room

Last Saturday Night my wife and I went to a Christmas party at a an acquaintances home. One would think that being in the ‘garage flooring and storage’ business that perhaps I would not be that easily impressed with the ideas people have for their own garages. The truth is I am. Perhaps I am even fascinated by it.

The garage itself was nothing fancy. I believe it may have been a 3 car garage, but it could just as easily have been a two car garage. The right hand side of the garage had all their fishing gear and the left hand side had plenty of storage items and things you would find in almost any garage — a lawn mower, etc.

The rest of the garage was simple and  mind-blowing.  Not simply mind-blowing but a simple kind of mind-blowing. It was mostly empty with a covering on parts of the garage floor where an air hockey table and game table sat. In other areas it was bare concrete with markings of where to stand for the darts, bean bag toss and other games they had set-up. 

At the back of the garage was a small, old school TV with a classic arcade versions of several video games that you can probably get for $20 — just a joystick that plugs into the TV with some classic games built-in.

I do not believe these folks have young children at home and I am guessing on a normal Friday night their garage looks nothing like it did that night. In our case, we are a blended family with 6 kids and space is always at a premium. Our kids spent two hours in their garage that night and they only came out when we made them take a break for some food.

The point is simple. Regardless of if you get some nice garage flooring and storage products from us, or if you use the carpet you took out of the living room,  creating a kid friendly mulch-purpose room does not need to be expensive or fancy. A few games from a yard sale or two, a small TV and a little bit of creativity and you can have the perfect kid hangout or man cave!