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Top 10 Ways You Know Its Time To Buy a Containment Mat

Top 10 Ways You Know Its Time To Buy a Containment Mat

Top 10 Ways You Know Its Time To Buy  a Containment Mat

All in fun of course! But water damage to your garage floor is no laughing matter. Consider a containment mat today!

  1. You have to buy plastic Christmas Ornaments to make sure they do not get water damage in your garage when not in use.
  2. You keep your scuba equipment stored close to where you park, just in case you need it to get out of the garage.
  3. You have to put life preservers on your kids before getting in and out of your car.
  4. You no longer need an indoor swimming pool.
  5. Your wife asks you to borrow your fishing boots to pull the car out of the garage
  6. The local TV station asks if they can use your garage floor for a commercial they need to shoot that is supposed to take place on the moon.
  7. You need 4WD just to get over the damaged concrete
  8. You don’t want your wife to read this blog post
  9. You look outside your window and there is that white fluffy stuff
  10. Your epoxy floor is so wet and slick in the winter the local hockey team comes and practices in your garage.

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