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Why Customers Love TrueLock PVC Garage Tiles

TrueLock PVC Garage Tiles Become a Customer Favorite

TrueLock PVC Tile
Actual Customer Install TrueLock PVC

We can’t say we are surprised that our TrueLock PVC tiles are quickly becoming a customer favorite. About a month ago we announced that we were lowering the price on the Black and Gray PVC garage floor tiles to under $3.50 / SF and sales have skyrocketed!

TrueLock PVC provides some essential benefits over traditional garage tiles and also possesses some of the incredibly popular features of our garage floor mats. Simply put with the new pricing, TrueLock PVC may just be one of the best values in the garage flooring industry.

  • Quieter than traditional garage floor tile
  • Larger pieces means faster installation
  • Locking system does not allow moisture and dirt to ‘pour through’ the gap at each tile.
  • Flexible like a garage floor mat but at 1/4″ thick they are substantially thicker. In fact each PVC tile is 3-5 times thicker than the garage floor mats on the market.
  • While damage is not common, individual tiles are easy to replace compared to large roll out flooring products.


[pc skus=”TLPVCCN|TLPVCSM|TLPVCRS” std_product_grid_w_color_options=”1″ std_product_grid_title=” True Lock PVC  Garage Tile” std_product_grid_description=”Our True Lock PVC garage tile is our top of the line T Lock garage tile.”]

Like any garage flooring product TrueLock PVC is not perfect for every application. That is why we have a staff of garage flooring experts to help you find the best product for your needs. We also offer free samples and a 30 day money back guarantee.