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Printed Custom Flooring for Trade Shows, Retail and Garages

trade show flooringIf you’ve done a trade show recently, no doubt you noticed that nothing is cheap. In some cities it costs more money to have them bring your stuff out than it did to ship it there. Rental carpets and floors are expensive too, and they don’t add any value to your booth. G-Floor Graphics offers a better solution.

With a custom printed floor, your floor becomes part of your display. From advertising materials to stunning graphics, your floor can become as much a part of what you do as your banners and main display.

In general the material runs about $10-$15 a square foot, printed and delivered within the Contiguous United States. Obviously there are some options that can make it more expensive and eve a few that will make it less expensive but plenty of options are available to you.

If your graphics person can put it into a scalable AI file, and you have the necessary copyright and trademark licenses, your floor can look like anything you want. From before and after flood damage photographs to a visual guide or road map, your flooring becomes an integrated part of your trade show display.

Of course the use for this product goes well beyond trade-shows. We do custom printed flooring in garages, retail spaces and even museums.  Simply call us today at 800-956-4301 for more information