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Three Ways To Estimate and Design Your Garage Floor

Learn How-To Design A Garage Floor!

One thing I have learned in this industry is everybody likes to do things differently. Some people know exactly what they want their garage floor to look like, and they just need to know the cost. Within that group, you have people who prefer an online tool and others who would prefer a more in-depth spreadsheet that they can play with some options. Yet other customers are visual. They want to sit down with the computer and plan out what their garage floor is going to look like. We are excited to have a method for each of those customers.

Many of our customers just want a fast and easy way to run some quick calculations. They have no interest in plotting out their floor or running an assorted list of calculations. They simply want to know how many of a specific type of tile they need. For those customers, we have a very simple, very quick garage floor estimate. No downloads, nothing fancy, just a simple garage floor tile calculator

I’m not the type to plot out my garage floor, but I do like to look at options. I like to run various numbers and see how it is going to effect my price. I am also likely to want to do it at odd times of the day or in the airport with no internet access. I like to be able to have a tool on my computer that allows me to work the numbers on my own schedule. We have provided an Excel spreadsheet that will work for almost any brand of garage tiles. You can calculate borders and quickly see the number of tiles required for multiple brands at the same time.

A lot of our customers are visual. They want an easy way to design their garage floor, make changes, and calculate the cost.  Many will be designing a unique garage floor that they need to make some intense calculations on. Others may just want to see what a black-and-white floor with a red border looks like. For those customers, we have our garage floor design tool.

We will keep working to make sure buying tiles from Garage Flooring LLC is the BEST user experience, price, and value in the business.