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The Changing Face of Garage Flooring LLC

The Changing Face of Garage Flooring LLC

Every once in a while its fun to take a stroll down memory lane and see how far we have come. Garage Flooring LLC has changed a lot in the last few years and a look at the Garage Flooring LLC Home Page is a great example!

Garage Flooring LLC In the Beginning…

The Original Site

Our original site was a basic WordPress template with few if any modifications. In fact when we first launched the site we did not even have a shopping cart attached to it! It was simply full of good garage flooring information.



Then We Grew Up

Garage Flooring LLC take 2

Thanks to the incredible work done by Dennis our site was all grown up. We had an API that integrated the site with our Magento cart. We still use WordPress as our foundation but it was highly customized and optimized e-commerce site



An eCommerce Site Must Continue to Change

The New Garage Flooring LLC

We adapted to more current looks including a slow slider integrated into a simple visual presentation of our garage flooring products. The new site is cleaner and crisper but there are functionality improvements as well. We have a graphical garage floor designer; our cart automatically registers you and does a better job calculating shipping and our massive amounts of data and images have been optimized to create a better user experience.



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