How Much Waste / Overage for Garage Floor Tiles

How Much Waste / Overage for Garage Floor Tiles

How Much Waste or Overage Should I Order When I Order Garage Floor Tiles

How much waste do I need for garage floor tilesTrying to figure out how many extra garage floor tiles to order for waste and overage should not be about magic formulas. I have been in the home improvement industry for over two decades.  My experience has been that when we start throwing percentages out there –like order 10% extra– it’s because we are having trouble calculating the exact amount of product we need so we are taking an educated guess. The problem is if you are over or short, guess who is stuck with the bill! That’s right, you are!

Calculating how many garage floor tiles you need is a science not a guess. That is why our calculators and floor designers can calculate to the tile what you need to order. We make one basic assumption. Every time you make a cut, you throw the rest away.

Does that mean you should not order any extra garage floor tiles at all?

For most garages and consumers it really is not necessary. Some garages require a lot of cutting. If you are concerned about your ability to cut the tiles accurately or if you are concerned you may damage them, you are certainly welcome to order a few extra ‘Just in Case.’ The bottom line though is if your dimensions are accurate, and you follow are simple rule of thumb, we will send you exactly what you need.

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