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How to Apply Acrylic Floor Finish

How to Apply Acrylic Floor Finish

Acrylic Floor FInish by Hilway DIrectIn understanding how to apply an acrylic floor finish it is important to understand that each manufacturer will have their own instructions and MSDS sheets. It is important that you read and follow that information carefully. This is not meant to be a complete guide or overview on the application of acrylic floor finish products, just a brief overview.

The first thing is the floor must be clean and free of grease and release agents that may be applied at the factory. Depending on the condition of the floor you may need to use a special cleaner of stripper to prepare the floor prior to application. We offer the Hilway Direct Neutral floor cleaner and Allsafe stripper.

Once the floor is clean and it has been allowed to dry you should make sure the room has adequate ventilation and that you have taken any safety measures suggested by the manufacturer. They vary considerably from almost nothing to rubber gloves and goggles.

The next step is to decide on an application method and follow the procedures for that method. most residential applications will use a simple mop on method while many commercial and industrial locations will have specialized floor buffing and cleaning equipment that they use. Using the application method of choice, apply the first coat and allow it to dry. — Hilway Direct products often recommend 30 minutes between coats.

Once the initial coat is dry, we would recommend at least a second application and often a third application.

After all coats have been applied and ready to go, we suggest allowing to dry overnight before returning to normal use.  With products like Hilway Direct Plus you can do regular cleaning using the same product diluted at a ration of 1 oz Hilway Direct Plus to 1 Gallon Water.